How To Calculate Your Net Worth Easily – Plus Top Net Worth Tools

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February 7, 2024February 7, 2024

Understanding and calculating your net worth is a key step in assessing your financial health. It involves subtracting what you owe (liabilities) from what you own (assets). A positive net worth indicates assets exceeding liabilities, reflecting good financial standing. Conversely, a negative net worth can signal that you’re off track with your financial goals.

To help you with this, I will explore the best net worth trackers, ranging from basic to advanced tools, including those that integrate with Google Sheets. These resources simplify the process of calculating your net worth easily, offering a clear snapshot of your financial situation to aid in setting and achieving personal finance goals.

How to Calculate Your Net Worth Easily

To easily calculate your net worth, begin by adding up all your assets, which include the current market value of your real estate, vehicles, valuable items like artwork and jewelry, and your bank and investment account balances. Don’t forget to include your retirement accounts and any other personal property like rental properties or even intellectual property.

Next, sum up your liabilities, including debts like student loans, credit card debt, auto loans, medical bills, and real estate mortgages.

Subtracting your total liabilities from your total assets gives you an accurate picture of your net worth. Remember to use the current market values for your assets for an accurate calculation. This process helps you understand where you are at on your financial journey and gives you a baseline to track financial progress.

Why Use A Net Worth Calculator?

Periodically calculating your net worth is like getting a financial report card, giving you a clear picture of where you currently stand financially. This insight is crucial for planning how to achieve your financial goals. For those who prefer convenience, a good net worth calculator can be extremely helpful.

It streamlines the process by automatically updating the values of certain assets like stock portfolios and liabilities such as mortgages or car loans, saving you both time and effort in the calculation process. This method of easily calculating your net worth is efficient and effective in maintaining an up-to-date financial overview.

Even if you check your personal balance sheet on a regular basis, being able to effortlessly check your net worth at that exact moment in time, is a huge benefit. Only by understanding your complete financial picture can you create a financial plan to help you reach your goals.

The Best Net Worth Trackers

If you don’t want to devote time to manually updating all of your assets and liabilities in order to calculate your net worth yourself, I suggest using a high-quality net worth tracker. Most of these tools go well beyond just calculating net worth and offer a complete financial tool to help you reach your financial goals. The following are some of the most trusted and respected financial tools available:


Quicken logo

Quicken, a long-standing financial management software, has a rich history in providing tools for managing personal finances. It offers comprehensive features for tracking and calculating net worth, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to understand their financial situation better.

Users appreciate its ability to consolidate all financial data, from bank accounts to investments, providing an accurate and up-to-date net worth calculation. Its effectiveness in handling various financial aspects makes it a popular tool for those looking to monitor and grow their financial health.

Plus, with a track record of over 40 years, the Quicken name has stood the test of time, which speaks to their ability to adapt with the times and user needs.

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Monarch Money

Monarch Money Logo

Monarch Money, created by Val Agostino and his team in 2019 in the Greater Los Angeles Area, is more than just a financial tracking tool; it’s a holistic platform for financial growth. It excels in offering users a comprehensive view of their finances, assisting in the creation of personalized budgets, and guiding them towards their financial objectives.

The platform’s standout features include an integrated budget planning calendar and insightful real-time budget analyses. These tools not only aid users in monitoring their spending patterns but also in making well-informed financial decisions.

Monarch Money’s capability to connect with multiple bank accounts and its effectiveness as a net worth tracker make it particularly useful for those looking to understand and enhance their financial standing, especially in calculating net worth easily.

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Tiller Money

Tiller Logo

Tiller Money, established by Peter Polson in 2014 in Seattle, is a game-changer in personal finance management, particularly for those that prefer using spreadsheets. Its initial alignment with Google Sheets and subsequent expansion to Microsoft Excel showcases its versatility.

This platform transforms how individuals track and manage their finances by leveraging the power of spreadsheet customization. With features like Tiller Money Feeds, users receive up-to-date financial data directly in their spreadsheets.

The platform excels in offering a range of tools, from automated bank feeds to sophisticated financial reports, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a hands-on, customizable approach to managing their finances, including the easy calculation of net worth.
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A net worth tracker is a financial tool designed to provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s financial situation. It calculates net worth by subtracting liabilities from assets, offering a clear picture of financial standing. Using a net worth tracker is beneficial for anyone looking to understand their financial health and progress toward goals.

For those seeking the best net worth tracker, tools like Quicken, Monarch Money, and Tiller Money offer robust solutions. Quicken provides a comprehensive feature set for net worth calculation and financial data consolidation.

Monarch Money offers a holistic approach to financial growth, with features like integrated budget planning and real-time analysis. Tiller Money, with its spreadsheet customization and up-to-date financial data feeds, is ideal for hands-on financial management.

Although you can easily calculate your own net worth with a little time and effort, the modern convenience of net worth trackers can’t be overlooked. Each of these trackers simplifies calculating net worth and helps in achieving personal financial goals. You can’t go wrong with any of the net worth trackers mentioned in this article.

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