Top Canadian Finance Blog Nominations

Last year I hosted 2 polls to rate the top Canadian personal finance blogs and the top Canadian investing blogs.

It was fun connecting with all the Canadian bloggers and seeing whose followers were most supportive. Plus I was pretty happy with the amount of participation. So I’ll be hosting the polls again this year.

If you have a Canadian finance blog and want to be included in this year’s edition of the poll, shoot me an e-mail. If you were included in last year’s poll and published a post in the last month, you will be automatically included. In that case there is no need to e-mail me for inclusion.

The poll will likely have a separate investing category to give those blogs the attention they deserve. Also if I have the time I’ll be creating some badges to display on your blogs. Hopefully that will help everyone get more votes and give bloggers more incentive to do well in the polls.

If anyone has suggestions on how to improve the format of the polls, I’m all ears. For example, how many votes do you think each person should get? Last time around people were able to select their 5 favorite posts. Do you think it would be better as a 2 stage poll with the top vote getters going on to a final vote?

Like last year this post will be concluded in time for Canada Day. I’m going to try to start the poll by the end of January so there is plenty of time to vote.

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