How Can Web Conferencing Bring Value To Your Business?

During this computer age, business owners are constantly looking for ways to upgrade their office. Upgrades can lead to a more efficient and productive environment. This type of environment can benefit the company’s profit margin as well as help to keep their staff happy and productive during their shift.

As businesses look for more advanced forms of communication and collaboration the idea of video conferencing is going from a maybe option to a must have option. However, like any other business purchase, prior to settling on a conferencing solution you need to look at its elements. To understand what elements you need for your company, think about how your company will use the program.

Cloud Services

The idea of the cloud, a virtual hub that can host any type of file or software, has taken off in recent years. This virtual space allows users to store files and programs without worrying about having them. In terms of video conferencing, many businesses can benefit from a cloud based service because it allows for collaboration to take place regardless of physical location.

Systems that run on a cloud can also free up hardware space as there is nothing to download. This can benefit both the host and the participants as software will not slow their device. It can also mean that files that were once restricted to a single system are accessible from any location, according to IT Pro Portal.

Another benefit to a cloud based service is the ability for participants to participate no matter what type of device they have, according to CIO. Typically, a video conference is held using either a desktop with an attached camera or a laptop with a built in camera. However, as the technology trend of going mobile takes off, so will the use of tablets and smartphones in video conference calls.

Make Sure Everyone Can Get In

Video conferencing can take place over a variety of platforms from reputed company like BlueJeans. If your business is going to be working with a variety of clients, look for a video conferencing system that can allow all users complete access regardless of which platform they connect over.


One downfall to the enhancements made in technology in recent years is the spike in cybercrimes that has accompanied it. When searching for a video conference solution look for one that can offer secure calling. This way if there is ever sensitive information to be discussed, participants can do so knowing they are protected.

As an extra layer of security and comfort, you can write a security policy for video conferences. If your company has hired an IT department, speak with the department to understand exactly what they want in the policy, according to Computer Weekly.

It would also be a good idea to write a policy specifically for employees that use their personal devices for professional reasons, according to HR BLR.

How Many People Can it Host

Regardless of the current size of your company, chances are it will grow in the future. Look for a conference host that can grow with you. Understand that there will be a limit to the exact amount of people that can be hosted due to the capacity of the system and determine which company has the best available system for you. Remember when looking to host a large crowd it will likely be made up of interoffice participants as well as third party participants that will be calling from remote locations to participate. Look for controls such an auto-mute feature as well as easy file sharing between all participants, according to CMS Wire.

Behind the Scenes Help

Technology can be a finicky animal at times. Although no one ever anticipates needing technical help with their systems, it is good to know that safety net exists in the event of an emergency. Look at the help your potential provider offers, determine if it will be enough and if it will work for you. This should be one of the smaller things you look for in a video conference solution. However, it is still an important element to consider.

Upgrading to video conferencing can ultimately save a business quite a bit of money, after its initial investment. However, with the number of host solutions available growing by the day, it can be difficult to determine exactly what your company needs. Consider your needs and match them up against elements of cloud services, security, and access. The one that matches the best is likely going to be the service you have been looking for.