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Jeremy Biberdorf By: Jeremy Biberdorf Jan 30, 2023
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Carnivore Trading


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At this time we can no longer recommend Carnivore Trading. We noticed some major red flags with this company.

For example:

  • not a single real name associated with the company which is very strange in the investing industry
  • inconsistency with the alias names between what is on their site and what is on some external sites
  • misleading information on their about page which cannot even be verified due to the aliases
  • no phone number or address on their site
  • a suspicious lack of actual customer reviews
  • many people calling them out for snake oil type sales pitches in a reddit thread
  • multiple investing companies with Carnivore in their names as if none of them care about protecting their brand or trademarks (if they even have any)

The use of aliases is a major issue with trusting someone to provide investing advice or tips. I don’t know what the people behind those aliases have to hide. They must know this approach would seriously hinder their business yet they take this approach anyway.

You’d think if someone was providing great stock picking advice they would be jumping on personal branding, both for ego purposes and to gain trust. When hiding behind an alias the impression is that they’re not really providing stock picks which they are comfortable putting their names or faces behind.

For anyone looking for legit stock trading advice, I recommend you check out these reputable companies:

  • Mindful Trader – Eric Ferguson is as honest and transparent as they come. He’s the rare person providing an investing service who truly puts people first. I’ve talked to still him numerous times and I’d recommend him and his service any day. As it’s a fairly new service the price is still very reasonable.
  • Motley Fool Stock Advisor – While they won’t recommend enough stocks for an active trader you can be sure the stocks they do recommend are solid choices. They have a long history or delivering successful picks. Traders may also benefit from short term trading of their picks due to Motley Fool’s large following.
  • Earn2Trade – Many investors might not know about the rapidly growing prop trading industry. There are now many companies who will help improve your trading skills and then let you trade with their own capital. You get the bulk of the profits but you do have to follow pretty strict rules which are in place to limit their risk. Earn2Trade has the reputation as providing the best trader training while still offering a very generous profit split.

We will leave the old review intact below but proceed with caution. Do thorough research if you still want to take the risk with this suspicious company.

In a nutshell: Carnivore Trading is a trading recommendation service designed to provide retail investors with actionable, profitable active trading strategies.

For a flat monthly rate, the service offers subscribers with daily and nightly emails, market forecasts, SMS alerts, and more.

However, as a newcomer to the game, Carnivore Trading might not be a platform that you’re familiar with. Is it worth the monthly subscription cost? Find out in this Carnivore Trading Review!

Service TypeFees Promotion
Trade recommendation service$250/monthFree 14-day trial

Carnivore Trading is best for…

Retail investors who want to be guided through an actionable investment strategy. Carnivore Trading is designed with the beginner in mind, so subscribers won’t need to have a lot of experience with trading activities or even the stock market in general to make money using this service.

The service offers clear information that’s easy to understand (regardless of your prior experience), various educational tools, and live updates of real-time trades to its subscribers.

Pros & Cons
  • Daily stock market updates
  • Flat rate fee
  • Works with any trading platform
  • Ran by anonymous traders
  • No trading strategy details offered

What is Carnivore Trading?

Carnivore Trading is a trading recommendation service that primarily focuses on short-term momentum trades. Although the exact trading strategy being used is never explained in the moment, this service will nonetheless guide subscribers step-by-step, providing trader alerts and recommendations throughout the trading day.

Since the platform only offers recommendations, it can be used with any trading service (although Carnivore Trading itself recommends opting for a commission-free brokerage).

Unlike many other similar recommendation services—which often claim to be run by a legendary trader or guru—Carnivore Trading is actually run by three traders who use the nicknames Trader Z, Swamp Donkey, and Dutch.

Based on the available information, Dutch claims to be an investor with two decades of experience on Wall Street. Trader Z appears to be the leader of Carnivore Trading who learned how to trade successfully from Dutch.

Swamp Donkey is the person who’s responsible for coordinating any and all trading efforts made by Carnivore Trading.

External Carnivore Trading Review & Ratings

Day Trade Review4.1


Upon signing up for the service, you will receive daily educational emails for the first twenty days. These emails will teach you about various trading strategies often used by the professional trader in actual trades.

You’ll also start receiving text alerts, which inform you of the market movements of Carnivore Trading’s stock trades. As these are sent out within seconds of an order being finalized, you’ll be able to quickly act (or not act) upon these.

At the end of every day, you’ll receive the “Daily Wrap,” which is a long-form article that covers the company’s strategies for that day (as well as the anticipated strategies for the following day).

The Daily Wrap includes a number of different sections, including:

  • Strategy Recommendation
  • Daily Market Insights
  • Visuals/charts
  • Market Outlook Forecast
  • Carnivore Trading Performance,
  • And more!

Pricing & Plans

Whether you’re anticipating only using the service for a couple of months or you’re a long-term investor searching for an ongoing recommendation service, it’s important to know how much you’ll be expected to pay before you commit.

Here are the pricing plans currently offered by Carnivore Trading.


Carnivore Trading doesn’t offer any extended versions of their product for free, but they do offer a free 14-day trial. You are required to enter your credit card information to redeem this trial, although you will not be charged until the trial period is up.

We thought the two-week trial was especially beneficial since—as a relative newcomer to the scene—very few people have heard of Carnivore Trading before. By allowing traders to test out the service themselves, it enables potential customers to preview the experience before they pay for it.


There is only one premium version of Carnivore Trading, but you’ll have two billing options to choose from. If you opt for monthly billing, you can expect to pay $250 per month. However, if you opt for the 12-month plan instead, you’ll receive two months for free.

As such, the annual plan comes out to a total cost of $2,500 per year.


As a relatively new service, the main downfall of Carnivore Trading is its lack of a strong track record. The platform hasn’t been covered extensively by the general public; as such, available information about the service is limited.

The regular version of Carnivore Trading isn’t sufficient for institutional traders. However, the company has solved this issue with its recent offering of a top-tier program called “Apex Predator.”

Costing $1,500/month, this offering is aimed at mutual fund managers, hedge fund managers, financial advisors, RIAs, and other types of institutional investors.

Is Carnivore Trading Right for You?

If you’re less concerned with the “why” you need to do something and only about “what” you should do, then Carnivore Trading is a great option. As clarified in this Carnivore Trading Review, the service offers you clear daily recommendations that you can choose to either act upon or ignore.

This service is great for people who like the idea of a service like the Motley Fool but want actionable recommendations more often.

Click here to learn more about the service & take advantage of their free 14-day trial offer!

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