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September 19, 2023September 19, 2023

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If you’re into the stock market and want a robust tool to up your game, Chartmill could be just the thing for you! This awesome chart analysis tool can make your life easier when it comes to dissecting stocks, ETFs, and all things investment.

In order to help you decide If this is the right tool for you we will take a close examination of what ChartMill has to offer. From how user-friendly it is, what it costs, and any quirks you should be aware of before diving into what people say about it, we will take a deep dive into everything you need to know.

Get ready because there’s a lot to uncover and this tool just might be the game-changer you’re seeking to help your stock market adventures be more successful!
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Pros & Cons


  • Outfitted with a powerful scanner
  • Unique chart indicators and overlaps
  • Free watch lists
  • Customizable charts and lists
  • Great customer support


  • Quotes may be delayed
  • Some features are not great for major traders

What Is Chartmill?

Chartmill is an online stock research platform that stands out thanks to its comprehensive features. Unlike many similar tools, Chartmill takes the initiative to offer daily trading options based on pre-built filters, covering everything from pattern breakouts to undervalued stocks.

Even though it is so comprehensive it’s user-friendly from the get-go. Even better, you can customize it as you become more familiar with the market and the tool. With technical and fundamental analysis for over 6,000 stocks, along with handy trading tools and ChartMill ratings, it simplifies the entire process.

Features of Chartmill

Chartmill is a versatile stock research platform that offers a wide array of tools and features for traders and investors. From charting and technical indicators to scanners and alerts, this platform equips users with essential resources to make informed decisions in the world of finance.

Let’s dive into some of the standout features that make Chartmill a valuable tool in the realm of stock analysis and trading.


  • Chartmill offers candlestick, bar, and line charts with various timeframes.
  • It provides overlays like Chandelier Exit, Moving VWAP, and more.

Technical Indicators

  • Chartmill includes basic indicators (moving averages, MACD) and custom ones (CMMB AAII Bullish/Bearish).


  • Flexible scanner combines technical and fundamental scans.
  • Filters include candlestick patterns and fundamental metrics.


  • Precise alerts can be set for price triggers and conditions.
  • Options for pop-ups, sounds, and email notifications.

Drawing Tools

  • Trend lines, Fibonacci plots, and more for chart annotations.

Watch Lists

  • Create watch lists with alerts, indicators, and drawings.
  • Pre-built watch lists are available for quick insights.


  • In-depth stock analysis with technical, fundamental, and proprietary ratings.
  • Note: Generating reports consumes credits (500 per report).

How Much Does It Cost?

To unlock the full potential of Chartmill’s stock-related services, users need to create an account and choose from various pricing plans. Upon registration, users receive a generous 600 free credits every month.

All features are accessible until these credits are used up. For more extensive use, additional credits can be purchased. The good news is that Chartmill credits never expire.

Available Pricing Plans:

Monthly Subscription

  • Price: $34.97 per month
  • Unlimited access to Technical and Fundamental reports
  • Unlimited access to Screener
  • Unlimited access to EPS, Revenue, EBIT, and EBITDA long-term estimates
  • Unlimited watchlists, saved settings, custom views
  • Intraday charts, export data, and more
  • Ad-free, no pop-ups
  • Monthly payments

Yearly Subscription

  • Price: $299.97 per year (equivalent to $25.00 per month, saving % compared to monthly)
  • Unlimited access to Technical and Fundamental reports
  • Unlimited access to Screener
  • Unlimited access to EPS, Revenue, EBIT, and EBITDA long-term estimates
  • Unlimited watchlists, saved settings, custom views
  • Intraday charts, export data, and more
  • Ad-free, no pop-ups
  • Yearly payments

Buy Credits

  • Price: $15.00 for 10,000 credits
  • Access to Technical and Fundamental reports
  • Access to Screener
  • Watchlists and saved settings
  • Intraday charts and more
  • One-time payment grants full access to the mentioned features based on credits purchased

Who is Chartmill For?

ChartMill provides a plethora of powerful trading tools that can cater to a wide range of traders. Here’s a breakdown of who might benefit the most from this platform:

Swing Traders

  • Abundant technical and fundamental analysis tools to aid swing trading.
  • The ChartMill Trend Indicator is your go-to for planning entry and exit points.

Beginners or Traders on a Budget

  • Free credits and budget-friendly subscriptions make ChartMill an attractive option.
  • Consider a monthly subscription to explore the platform without depleting your credits.

Day Traders

  • Ideal for day traders with charting, watch lists, screeners, and more.
  • There’s a 15-minute data delay, so it may not be suitable for lightning-fast intraday trading.
  • Some competitors offer real-time data but at a higher cost.

What People Say…

Overall Rating: 4.0

“By far the best filter from my experience. I have compared barcharts, finviz and other tools with subscriptions. But Chart mill is the best. The consistency in the filter and its probability of winning stocks is amazing. I recommend anyone to try their free version and decide for themselves. you will not regret. Thank you ChartMill team for building such an awesome filter tool for traders. 3 cheers.” – ransomevm
“Chartmill is a great research tool for swing traders. If you can think of a technical or fundamental indicator to study stocks by then Chartmill will almost certainly support it. The ability to backtest screening criteria is especially helpful.” – Vaclav Havel
“Great tool, with some really helpful applications and different criteria, that, in my opinion, could be a little more customizable. For example the market cap, it would be great if one could input a number, and it was filtered by this number, instead of the dropdown list.” – Henrik
“Great site and I hope to add another payment method, not just Paypal , analyzer is a perfect tool” – Abdullah Almuhanna

Chartmill – Final Thought

ChartMill proves to be a potent ally for stock market enthusiasts and investors alike. Its robust chart analysis features, user-friendly interface, customizable indicators, and alert system make it a promising choice, especially for those seeking to elevate their decision-making in the market.

Whether one identifies as a day trader, swing trader, or long-term investor, ChartMill’s range of free and paid plans caters to various needs. Each plan has access to a treasure trove of financial data and analysis tools, providing valuable support for making informed and successful investments.

Our goal – to help you make the most informed decision! So click here to find out more (and sign up).
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