Cheddar Flow Review 2023

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Jan 18, 2023
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4.4 rating based on 5 ratings


In a nutshell: Cheddar Flow is an options order flow platform designed to help retail traders track options order flow data and identify potential trading opportunities in the options market.

The platform is useful for detecting unusual options activity (particularly from institutional traders), offers real-time data, supports advanced filtering, and can even be used for technical analysis.

However, with monthly subscription costs approaching $100 for the most expensive plan, you’re probably wondering: is Cheddar Flow a trading tool worth paying for?

In this Cheddar Flow review, we aim to find out!

Service TypeFees Promotion
Options order flow platform$85/month (Standard)
$95/month (Professional)
$891/year (Professional)
7-day free trial

Cheddar Flow is best for…

Retail investors who want to track options contracts and trading activities using real-time data to formulate potential trader ideas. Cheddar Flow is designed to track options trading volume across the market for both public and privately traded options contracts.

This makes it an excellent resource for tracking, but the platform also offers a few additional features. Traders can also enjoy technical charts (courtesy of TradingView), take advantage of AI-generated signal alerts, and set watchlists.

Intelligent order tracking

Pros & Cons
  • Real-time data
  • Intelligent signal generator
  • Desktop alerts
  • Minor learning curve
  • Dark pools data may be delayed
  • Debit/credit card payments only

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What is Cheddar Flow?

Cheddar Flow is a platform that lets you track real-time data, view the historical flow, identify movement by market sector, use charting tools, and develop a trading strategy, all from the same user interface.

The primary purpose of Cheddar Flow’s services is to allow retail users to track options order data. They can accomplish this by analyzing the entire market via the overview, using the usual volume module, searching by ticker, or using one of the filtering options.

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As mentioned above, Cheddar Flow can be used to track options across the market, view data such as strike price, daily average, volume, bear/neutral/bull market sentiment, and more. “Professional” members can set custom watchlist presets to streamline their process.

The big “sell” of Cheddar Flow is dark pools data. Although only offered to “Professional” users, this data is extremely useful. Whereas many alternative services only track public data, Cheddar Flow can track the movements of institutional investors in private securities exchange (i.e., dark pools).

This offers traders a big upper hand, as—based on the hidden movements of institutional investors—they will be able to use this data to formulate their own trading strategies. That said, there is a caveat: dark pools data may be somewhat delayed.

The platform also allows traders to analyze TradingView charts (which support hundreds of technical indicators), making it useful for technical analysis as well. Traders also have access to company financial data.

Pricing & Plans

By this point, you’re probably curious how much Cheddar Flow’s services actually cost. Let’s take a quick look at each plan offered.


Unfortunately, Cheddar Flow doesn’t offer a permanently free version of its service. It does, however, offer a 7-day free trial for a “Standard” account.


A “Standard” subscription costs $85 per month and grants access to all the basic features of Cheddar Flow. This includes overview insights, usual volume data, historical data, real-time order flow, and access to advanced filters.


Cheddar Flow’s “Professional” plan gives you the option to choose between monthly or annual billing. On a per-month basis, this plan costs $99 per billing cycle. However, if you choose annual billing, you pay $891 upfront for the entire year. This averages out to $75 per month (a 25% discount!).

In addition to all the features offered in the “Standard” plan, “Professional” subscribers also gain access to alerts, custom watchlists, and dark pool data.


As a whole, the only limitation this platform has isn’t a limitation at all, but rather, a lack of functionality. Although Cheddar Flow seems to provide nearly everything else, it doesn’t have a news feed. However, that’s the only real platform-wide limitation.

The other limitations are imposed by the plan you select, rather than a lack of functionality. At only $10 more per month for access to dark pools data, watchlists, and alerts, we think it’s worth the additional expense. That said, you could also argue that the Standard plan is overpriced.

Is Cheddar Flow Right for You?

As you’ve probably determined by this Cheddar Flow review, we were pretty impressed by the platform overall. While it is lacking in a few specific areas (such as the absence of an integrated news feed), by and large, the platform met all our expectations.

If you’re searching for an options scanner that can offer both real-time and historical data, track dark pools trades, send alerts, and provide you with fundamental data charts, Cheddar Flow is definitely a tool worth checking out.

Sign up for a free 7-day trial by clicking here!

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