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Options trading can be a profitable venture for those who understand how to analyze market data and make informed decisions. In recent years, platforms such as Cheddar Flow and Blackboxstocks have emerged to provide traders with powerful tools to help them navigate the complex world of options trading.

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Cheddar Flow is Better For:Blackboxstocks is Better For:
Options TradingMomentum Trading
Real-Time NewsMarket Intelligence
Retail TradersActive Traders

In this article, we will compare Cheddar Flow and Blackboxstocks, examining their features, pricing, and ease of use.

Cheddar Flow blackboxstocks
Service Type Options Trading with Real-Time News and Sentiment Data Momentum Trading and Market Intelligence with Live Trading
Fees Monthly Subscription starting at $97 per month Monthly Subscription starting at $99.97 per month
Customer Support Email and Phone Support, Learning Resources Email and Phone Support, Live Chat, and Learning Resources
Best Use Retail Traders Seeking Options Trading with News Active Traders Seeking Momentum Trading and Intelligence
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Factor 1: Features

Cheddar Flow: Real-time unusual options activity scanner

  • Blackboxstocks: Comprehensive options and stock scanner
  • Cheddar Flow: Sentiment analysis and visualization tools
  • Blackboxstocks: Stock and options education resources

Cheddar Flow website

Cheddar Flow is a platform designed specifically for options traders, providing users with real-time data on unusual options activity. The platform offers a simple and intuitive interface, allowing traders to quickly identify potentially profitable trades based on unusual options activity. Cheddar Flow also includes sentiment analysis and visualization tools, enabling users to gauge market sentiment and make informed trading decisions.

Blackboxstocks website

Blackboxstocks is a versatile platform that caters to both stock and options traders. The platform offers a comprehensive scanner that tracks unusual options activity, stock price movements, and news events. Users can customize the scanner’s settings to fit their trading strategies and preferences. Additionally, Blackboxstocks provides educational resources for stock and options traders, making it an excellent choice for beginners looking to learn the ropes.

Factor 2: Pricing

Cheddar Flow: Affordable monthly subscription

  • Blackboxstocks: Higher-priced monthly subscription
  • Cheddar Flow: No long-term commitment required
  • Blackboxstocks: Discount for annual subscription

Cheddar Flow

Cheddar Flow offers a simple pricing structure, with a single monthly subscription plan available at an affordable rate. The platform does not require a long-term commitment, allowing users to subscribe on a month-to-month basis. This flexibility makes Cheddar Flow an appealing choice for traders who are hesitant to commit to a long-term subscription.


Blackboxstocks’ pricing structure is more expensive than Cheddar Flow’s, with a higher monthly subscription fee. However, the platform does offer a discount for users who commit to an annual subscription. This pricing model may be suitable for traders who are confident in their trading strategies and are willing to commit to a longer-term subscription to take advantage of the discounted rate.

Factor 3: Ease of Use

Cheddar Flow: User-friendly interface

  • Blackboxstocks: Customizable scanner settings
  • Cheddar Flow: Streamlined navigation
  • Blackboxstocks: Suitable for beginners and experienced traders

Cheddar Flow

One of Cheddar Flow’s main strengths is its user-friendly interface, which allows traders to quickly and easily access the platform’s features. The streamlined navigation ensures that users can efficiently locate the information they need to make informed trading decisions. This ease of use makes Cheddar Flow an attractive option for both beginner and experienced options traders.


Blackboxstocks offers a customizable scanner with adjustable settings, allowing users to tailor the platform to their specific trading strategies and preferences. While this level of customization may be appealing to experienced traders, it could be overwhelming for beginners who are new to options trading. However, Blackboxstocks does provide educational resources to help users become more comfortable with the platform and the world of options trading.

Factor 4: External Customer Reviews & Ratings

External Cheddar Flow Reviews & Ratings

Facebook5 from 20 reviews
Newton Advisor4.5
Insider Finance4.4

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Summary: Cheddar Flow vs Blackboxstocks

Both Cheddar Flow and Blackboxstocks are powerful platforms that offer traders valuable tools for options trading. Cheddar Flow’s real-time unusual options activity scanner, sentiment analysis tools, and user-friendly interface make it an excellent choice for traders who want to quickly identify potentially profitable trades. On the other hand, Blackboxstocks’ comprehensive scanner, customizable settings, and educational resources cater to a broader range of traders, including those who trade stocks in addition to options.

In terms of pricing, Cheddar Flow has a more affordable monthly subscription compared to Blackboxstocks, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious traders. However, Blackboxstocks offers a discounted annual subscription, which could be appealing for traders willing to commit to a long-term plan.

When it comes to ease of use, Cheddar Flow’s user-friendly interface and streamlined navigation make it a more accessible platform for traders of all experience levels. Blackboxstocks, while offering a customizable scanner, may be more suitable for experienced traders who are comfortable with adjusting the platform’s settings to fit their trading strategies.

In summary, while both platforms provide valuable tools and resources for options traders, Cheddar Flow’s combination of real-time unusual options activity scanning, sentiment analysis tools, and an affordable monthly subscription gives it a slight edge over Blackboxstocks. Cheddar Flow’s user-friendly interface also makes it an ideal choice for both beginner and experienced traders who want a streamlined, easy-to-navigate platform for options trading.

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