How Child Like Fights Over Budgets Are Affecting And Will Continue To Affect The World Economy If Not Stopped

Hey everyone, as always, thanks for swinging by! I’m , the guy behind Monday Money! Now, I’ve given you all some tips on things you can do to help your financial situation over several articles here, but today, we’re going to do things a little bit differently. Today, I might piss a few people off, but there are some things that have to be said about what is going on. So, without further ado, here goes nothing!

First off, I want to say I am a proud U.S. Citizen. I love my country, the people in it, and the general feeling of safety I have here. Now, that you know how I feel on that front, I’ve gotta say that I’m losing faith that this great country will continue to thrive as it has for so long. This government shutdown, could be the beginning the end financially for the U.S., our allies, and our foes. It has already started to affect us and will continue to do so if we as a whole don’t do something to fix it!

Why Is The U.S. Government Shutdown Happening?

The United States Government is built up of two primary parties, republicans and democrats. The United States President is a democrat and the majority leaders of Congress are republican. Republican and Democratic views have always been different, but over the past few decades, their views have become further and further apart.

Congress is charged with paying bills, but they don’t agree with how the president is running the country. When it comes time to create a budget and make changes to the debt ceiling, congress must do so and send the results to the President to sign off on. Of course this is a very short explanation of their incredibly detailed jobs.

Because the vast majority of those in Congress don’t like what the President is doing, they are not submitting budget propositions to fund our country until he changes the way he is running the country. Thus leads to the political dogfight the entire world is watching today.

The bottom line is this. Congress and the President don’t agree. So, instead of sitting down to talk it out like civil leaders of a country, they decide to hash it out like 12 year old boys on a political play ground. Instead of getting things done through negotiations, they are meeting in separate rooms and trying to come up with a way to harm the other party. The sad part is, it is obvious that neither party actually cares about working class U.S. citizens.

How Stupid Arguments In Congress Are Slowing Down Progress During The Shutdown!

It’s sickening to even write this, but we should all know. We had an argument on Congress about shutting down the house gym. Are you freaking kidding me? It’s OK to shut down the parts of the government that do things like subsidize nutritious meals for children and families, but heaven forbid we shut down the gym! This is legitimately how stupid these Congress cat fights are in the midst of a Government Shutdown!

How The Government Shutdown Affects Working Class U.S. Citizens Financially

I want to start this one out by saying to the 800,000 government employees that are laid off as a result of this political pissing match that I’m sorry! I’m sorry that the government that I and my fellow Americans voted into office are so stupid they can’t keep you employed. I didn’t vote for all of them, but I voted for some and they are all to blame. So, I am personally sorry!

Now, 800,000 people being laid off is a big deal. This means that close to a million people will be getting unemployment. Aside from what this idiotic move will cost the United States, these laid off government employees will only be receiving a small percentage of what they earned until the problem is solved or they find work. That’s a lot of money not making it into our economy folks!

How The Government Shutdown Affects Working Class Citizens Of U.S. Allies

Our country trades quite a bit of merchandise to bring money into it’s economy and that requires friends. However, this government shutdown isn’t going to help us keep any of the friends we’ve made, even on a working class citizen level. As a matter of fact, it’s going to really piss off Asian consumers that rely on our seafood for an important holiday season.

One of the branches of the government that was shut down is a branch that controls fishing for crab in the Bering Sea. They control things like the amount of crabs fishermen are allowed to take out of the ocean. Without knowing how many they can take, they can’t fish at all. Aside from several more laid off consumers, we now have no product to export. This is perfect timing too, crab is at it’s peak season and will be in it’s highest demand during an Asian holiday season that is coming next month! That means higher prices for our Asian friends for their holiday festivities!

Thinking about how small things like this affect masses of working class citizens throughout the world, how many of our friends in other countries being affected? Well, we will only find that out after the Congress catfight is over!

How This Affects Investments And The Market

The United States dollar is the dollar that the world market is based on. Now, I’m no financial advisor, but I’m not stupid. If the U.S. dollar for some reason couldn’t be printed, it would lead to incredible amounts of defaulted investments. This is a big deal. The sad part is, this is how serious of a matter we have people fighting over gym during a shutdown!

That being said, investments are based on trust. If trust in the U.S. Government is lost, investments slow down, markets tumble, and we end up in the new age Great Depression! As smart investors, you already know this. If our elected government was as smart as they portrayed themselves to be during campaign season, they would know it too! That being said, investors are losing trust in our government as the clock ticks. If this doesn’t get worked out, it can lead to investors pulling money out of them market and not wanting to put it back in!

We Need To Pull Together To Stop All Of This

For those of you in the U.S., you should be calling, writing or tweeting Congress and telling them that they will all be looking for new jobs come election time if they can’t grow up and do their jobs. We should all write the President and tell him how disgusting this entire thing is, how his lack of leadership is affecting not only you, but your fellow citizens worldwide! Those of you in other countries should contact the same people to let them know how disgusted you are by their choices and how sorry you are for the embarrassed Americans watching them fight. If they are not smart enough to make the right decisions, we need to force them to!

My Final Thoughts On The Government Shutdown

This shutdown is stupid. The bottom line is, it’s not a “Budget Reform” hat we need! It’s a “Government Reform”. Look I’m not republican, I’m not democrat, I’m Josh! Why are we voting based on the color and type of animal depicted in the background of slogans? A bi-partisan government doesn’t work, and we’re watching as the problems unfold! I’m a proud U.S. citizen. Like I said, I am proud of the land and it’s people. That being said, I am sickened by it’s government.

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