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May 5, 2023May 5, 2023

City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium is a popular prop firm with a stellar reputation that has been growing rapidly in recent years.

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This article will provide you with both a coupon code for City Traders Imperium as well as a thorough overview of what to expect from this leading prop firm.

City Traders Imperium Coupon Code 2023

City Traders Imperium gives skilled traders the opportunity to trade with a funded account. Since they offer an extensive amount of capital to eligible traders, this isn’t the kind of service you can expect for free.

Fortunately, you can use our code CTI10% right now to save 10%.

Keep on reading to learn more about City Traders Imperium and why it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in trading with a top prop firm.

Learn More About City Traders Imperium

What Is City Traders Imperium?

City Traders Imperium is a popular prop firm based out of London that was started in 2018. Although a relatively new company, City Traders Imperium has quickly gained a large user base and a strong reputation online.

City Traders Imperium focuses specifically on forex and allows for both evaluation programs and direct funding. It’s also a comprehensive platform with educational resources for all levels of traders. Traders can learn about everything from the basics of different trading styles (e.g. day or swing trading) to higher-level trading strategies such as options and short selling.

On the surface, City Traders Imperium is a prop firm worth considering. Now we’ll take a deeper look now to see if it’s really worth your time and money.

How Does City Traders Imperium Work?

So, how exactly does City Traders Imperium work? If you’re familiar with the way prop firms work, then you’ll find City Traders Imperium pretty straightforward.

Like many prop firms, City Traders Imperium requires traders to prove their trading skills before receiving a funded account. There’s a Day Trading Challenge and two types of Evaluation (Classic or Standard). These require a one-time refundable payment and must be successfully completed to receive your funded account.

City Traders Imperium also offers direct funding, which is great for experienced traders who are confident in their profit-making abilities and have more capital to invest in the one-time fee.

The requirements for the different accounts vary, but they need to be closely adhered to in order to obtain your funded account. (More on pricing below!)

Now let’s get into some of City Traders Imperium’s key features.

City Traders Imperium Features

As mentioned, many prop firms follow similar procedures. Nonetheless, City Traders Imperium stands out in a few ways, particularly due to some of its top features.

  • Asset flexibility – While City Traders Imperium focuses on forex, it’s not the only asset available to trade. You can also trade indices and commodities.
  • Strategy flexibility – It’s great to have asset flexibility and strategy flexibility, and you can count on both with CTI. You can trade from anywhere with any style that works for you, whether that’s trading the news, after-hours and pre-market trading, or leaving trades open over the weekend. This flexibility is especially welcome for traders who may already have a full-time job.
  • Grow quickly – Each time you hit the 10% profit target, you’re eligible to double your funded account. This allows you to grow exponentially in no time, all the way up to a $4 million account!
  • Weekly withdrawals – Access to profits should be open and unrestrained, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case with many prop firms out there. Fortunately, with CTI you can get paid every single week. Your profits also compound towards your final profit target without affecting your account’s growth.
  • Instant funding – One downside with many prop firms is their complex, two-step or even three-step processes to get funded. Traders with CTI, however, can get immediate funding if they pay a larger one-time fee.

City Traders Imperium Pricing & Plans

Like many prop trading firms, City Traders Imperium offers various account sizes, from just $5,000 all the way to $4 million.

For instant funding, the one-time fee varies based on the size of the account you are seeking. Here’s a breakdown:

  • $5k | $49 one-time payment
  • $10k | $99 one-time payment
  • $25k | $299 one-time payment
  • $50k | $559 one-time payment
  • $75k | $799 one-time payment
  • $100k | $949 one-time payment

And don’t forget that you can save 10% with our code CTI10%!

If you want to do the two-step process, which involves completing a challenge, you must pay a fee that is refundable upon successful completion of the challenge. Like the instant funding option, the fee increases with the size of the funded account.

Is City Traders Imperium Right for You?

City Traders Imperium is a top prop firm that provides a comprehensive platform for traders of all levels. It also offers great flexibility, given that you can opt for instant funding or complete the two-step challenge process.

To check out City Traders Imperium for yourself, click here so you can see if it aligns with your trading needs and goals. And don’t forget that you can save an instant 10% by using the code CTI10%!

Get Started With City Traders Imperium

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