Commercial Mortgage Basics

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September 20, 2017September 20, 2017

Commercial Mortgage Basics

The commercial real estate market is strong in many areas of the country. Investing in commercial real estate is much different than residential real estate. Not only are there more variables to consider, but it is more difficult to get qualified for a commercial mortgage. If you are wondering how to qualify for a commercial mortgage, it all starts with the right preparation. Banks want to know that you will make the payments on time.

With the strong real estate market, now is a great time to invest in this area. Since the cost of commercial property is typically higher than residential, it is vital to make good financial decisions when investing in this sector.

General Commercial Lending Requirements

Qualifying for a commercial mortgage is more difficult than a residential mortgage. With the larger principal balance, banks want to make sure that they are lending money to individuals who will be able to pay the money back.

Lenders want to see a variety of information from borrowers. The first commercial lending requirement is a high income. In addition, banks will look at the current debt that a person or business owns. A higher debt level decreases the odds of getting approval.

Before you start applying for a loan, it is a good idea to make your finances look as good as possible for the bank.

Common Steps to Qualify for a Commercial Mortgage

The first step in qualifying for a commercial mortgage is a background check. No bank wants to lend money to someone who does not qualify based on legal issues. After the background check, the bank typically looks at the income history of the person who is applying.

A high income is required to get approval for a commercial loan. There are many markets around the country that have strict lending requirements for people who are trying to get a commercial loan. In the last housing crash, there were many commercial lending companies that went out of business because of poor lending standards. Various adjustments have taken place based on these lessons.

Finally, a bank will check to make sure that the potential borrower reported all of the debt they own. In some cases, someone has taken out a loan in your name without you knowing it. Running your credit report before applying for a loan is a great idea. This will alert you to any potential issues on your credit report.

Barriers that Prevent Borrowers from Receiving Approval

One of the most common reasons that people get denied a commercial mortgage is poor credit history. Bad credit is difficult to overcome in a short period of time. Before going through the approval process, make sure to check out your credit report.

If you have bad marks on your credit report, you may be able to get them removed. This will increase your credit score greatly. If you have some time, take out a loan and make the payments on time. This is the best way to increase a credit score over time.

Other borrowers struggle with the income requirements to get a loan. Generating alternative sources of income is a great way to deal with this issue.

How to Get Approval

If you want to get approved for a commercial mortgage, it starts with the loan application. Make sure to have all of the information correct on the application. In addition, attempt to increase both your income and credit score as much as possible before applying. This is a huge advantage in getting approved. If you are wondering how to qualify for a commercial mortgage, it starts with getting prepared for the application. Now is the time to take action in your financial life. Investing in commercial real estate can take your finances to a new level. Get started investing with a commercial loan today.

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