Comparing SurgeTrader and FTMO – Which is Better for Proprietary Trading?

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November 13, 2023November 13, 2023

Proprietary trading firms have reshaped the finance landscape by enabling traders to leverage the firm’s capital for potential profits. As the allure of trading with more substantial funds grows, so does the curiosity of traders to identify the best platform to amplify their trading strategies. In the quest for superior trading conditions, the debate often boils down to “Comparing SurgeTrader and FTMO – Which is Better?”

Both SurgeTrader and FTMO are leading contenders in the proprietary trading firm arena, each offering distinct opportunities and challenges. SurgeTrader boasts a simplified audition process and appealing profit shares, while FTMO attracts traders with its robust trading infrastructure and reputation for competitive scaling plans.

The forthcoming analysis will weigh the features and services of SurgeTrader and FTMO. Still, it will also consider user experience, cost implications, and the success potential offered by each. Therefore, understanding the nuances of each firm can be the key to unlocking trading aspirations.

An Overview of SurgeTrader

SurgeTrader is a dynamic player in the proprietary trading firm industry. It caters to the aspirations of traders seeking to capitalize on increased buying power without risking personal capital. This platform operates on a straightforward business model that eschews continuous assessments in favor of a single audition phase. This simplifies the process of acquiring a funded trading account.

The hallmark of SurgeTrader lies in its transparent fee structure. Candidates must pay a one-time audition fee, which varies depending on the account size they aim for. This fee structure is pivotal to SurgeTrader’s business model as it eliminates recurring costs. This allows traders to focus on the markets rather than overheads.

Key features of SurgeTrader include:

  • One-time audition fee: Streamlining the entry process, SurgeTrader charges a one-time fee to access the trading evaluation, devoid of hidden or recurring charges.
  • Scaled account options: SurgeTrader accommodates a diverse range of trading appetites. It offers account sizes that begin at $25,000 and extend to $1 million.
  • Consistent trading rules: SurgeTrader stands out for its uniformity in trading rules. Regardless of the account size chosen by the trader, the conditions, such as drawdown limits and profit targets, remain constant. This ensures simplicity and scalability.

By providing these features, SurgeTrader crafts an environment where traders can escalate their trading ventures with clarity and confidence.

Getting To Know FTMO

FTMO distinguishes itself in the proprietary trading firm landscape with a comprehensive approach beyond just funding traders. Renowned for its rigorous multi-step evaluation process, FTMO challenges aspiring traders to prove their proficiency before granting access to substantial trading capital.

The firm prides itself on nurturing traders through a wealth of educational resources. These tools assist traders in refining their strategies and enhancing their market understanding.

Key attributes of FTMO include:

  • Multi-step evaluation process: FTMO’s meticulous evaluation ensures only skilled traders manage their funds. This maintains high standards of trading discipline and risk management.
  • Educational support: An extensive array of educational materials and trading resources are available. It offers traders ongoing learning opportunities to further their trading education.
  • Diverse account options: Catering to individual trader needs, FTMO provides various account types, each with a unique scaling plan. It allows traders to expand their financial leverage based on performance.

FTMO’s distinct structure and support systems position it as a formidable presence for those who seek a comprehensive trading partnership, complete with educational enrichment and growth potential.

Key Comparisons – Account Types and Sizes

Regarding proprietary trading, one of the most critical considerations is the range of account sizes available. This directly influences a trader’s capacity to generate profits. SurgeTrader and FTMO offer a spectrum of account sizes, albeit with different structures and growth potential.

SurgeTrader simplifies the process with a straightforward range of account sizes, allowing traders to choose an option that best fits their needs and goals:

  • Account sizes: From a modest $25,000 to a substantial $1 million.
  • Flexibility: SurgeTrader’s fixed rates for drawdown and loss limits remain consistent across all account sizes, providing uniformity and predictability.
  • Limitations: While offering larger accounts, the increments in account sizes are predefined, limiting customizability.
  • Withdrawals: Traders can withdraw their profits once every 30 days, which requires planning for those reliant on consistent cash flow.
  • Profit Split: The default share is 75%, but for an additional fee, traders can increase their take-home to 90%. This option, however, implies upfront costs to unlock higher earnings potential.

FTMO, on the other hand, adopts a scaling plan that introduces dynamic growth potential:

  • Account sizes: Initial account offerings start at $10,000 and go up to $200,000.
  • Flexibility: The scaling plan allows account growth to $2,000,000, rewarding successful traders with increased capital.
  • Limitations: The requirement to pass multiple evaluation phases before reaching higher account levels can be more time-consuming and rigorous.
  • Withdrawals: The firm allows frequent withdrawals, which could benefit traders needing regular income.
  • Profit Split: FTMO also provides a high-profit split, possibly up to 90%, without additional charges.

This comparison highlights a fundamental difference between SurgeTrader’s immediate access to a wide range of predefined accounts and FTMO’s performance-based scaling approach that potentially offers growth over time.

Pricing and Fees

When delving into proprietary trading, the costs involved are a critical consideration for prospective traders. Comparing SurgeTrader and FTMO regarding pricing and fees can help clarify which may offer better value for an individual’s trading strategy and budget.

SurgeTrader has a straightforward pricing model:

  • Audition Fee: This one-time fee ranges from $250 for a $25k account to $6,500 for a $1 million account.
  • Profit Split Add-Ons: To boost the default profit share from 75% to 90%, an additional fee applies—$50 for the $25k account and up to $360 for the $250k account.

For those looking to save on costs, SurgeTrader’s coupon code offers a 10% discount on the audition fee.

FTMO, conversely, implements a detailed fee structure:

  • Evaluation Fee: The fee starts at €155 for the $10,000 account and reaches €1,080 for the $200,000 account.
  • Educational Resources: Access to proprietary educational tools does not incur additional fees.

Traders must weigh these fees against potential earnings and consider how the profit split might affect their bottom line. The SurgeTrader coupon code is a beneficial perk for those leaning toward their platform.


In concluding our analysis on “Comparing SurgeTrader and FTMO – Which is Better?”, it’s clear that both platforms have distinctive advantages tailored to different types of traders. SurgeTrader stands out with its one-time audition fee, a broad spectrum of account sizes, and a uniform set of trading rules. This makes it an excellent choice for traders who appreciate simplicity and consistency. Conversely, FTMO appeals with its educational resources, scaling plan, and multi-step evaluation process. It targets traders who prefer a more guided trading experience.

Prospective traders should weigh these contrasts against their trading style and goals. If you value a straightforward, singular audition and larger account options, SurgeTrader might be your preferred route. Visit SurgeTrader here for more information.

On the other hand, if a structured growth path with educational support aligns more with your aspirations, FTMO could be the firm for you. For an in-depth understanding of their services, explore FTMO here.

Ultimately, the decision hinges on which firm’s features best complement your trading strategies and financial goals. Take the time to assess your requirements, consider the details shared here, and conduct further research to make an informed choice that could elevate your trading career to new heights.

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