A Comprehensive Look at Take Profit Trader: Redefining the Proprietary Trading Landscape

Jeremy BiberdorfBy: Jeremy Biberdorf

October 13, 2023October 13, 2023

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Take Profit Trader has evolved into a significant player in the proprietary trading sector. With its base in Orlando, it offers an amalgamation of features that resonate with both novice and professional prop traders. The firm is committed to not only providing capital but also to ensuring a high level of risk management and educational support. What sets Take Profit Trader apart? In this Take Profit Trader review, we’ll dissect its innovative approach and unique offerings that cater to a spectrum of trading needs. This company offers key Take Profit Trader discount codes that you can use to lower the barrier to entry while starting on your trading journey.

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Overview and Origins

The venture was founded by James Sixsmith, a former ice hockey player who transitioned into a trading enthusiast. Understanding the obstacles that new traders often face, Sixsmith set up Take Profit Trader to simplify and demystify the trading process. His focus on robust education and risk management has made the platform an invaluable asset for traders.

Key Features and Services

  • Asset Classes and Evaluation: Take Profit Trader initially targets futures traders but has announced plans to expand into stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies. Traders start by selecting their asset class and define the maximum contract size based on their skills. An evaluation phase follows, where traders must meet a profit target while adhering to a set of predetermined risk management rules. Successful traders are then classified as “funded traders” and gain access to substantial trading capital, some receiving up to $150,000 in balance and an 80% profit split.
  • Liquidity and Payouts: One distinguishing feature is the quick withdrawal of profits, emphasizing the company’s commitment to liquidity and prompt payouts. There are no waiting periods, allowing traders to engage with the market continuously.
  • Account Sizes and Fees: Take Profit Trader offers multiple account sizes to suit varying needs. A trader could start with a $25,000 trading account for a subscription fee of $150, extending up to a $150,000 account for $360. Once a trader achieves ‘Pro Trader’ status, the recurring monthly charges are waived, requiring only a one-time setup fee of $130. This setup encourages traders to continuously develop their skills.
  • Risk Management and Education: The platform’s ethos of thorough education and risk management is evident. Traders are expected to meet profit targets and follow specific risk rules, ensuring they generate consistent returns without jeopardizing the firm’s capital.

Take Profit Trader Discount Code

In an industry where every dollar counts, promotional offerings like discount codes can make a significant difference. The company periodically provides Take Profit Trader promo codes to both attract new traders and retain existing ones. These codes serve as an excellent cost-saving measure, often offsetting the initial subscription fees or reducing the one-time setup costs for attaining ‘Pro Trader’ status.

For example, a trader usually starting with a $25,000 trading account may have to pay a subscription fee of $150. However, a discount code could substantially lower this fee, enabling the trader to allocate those savings towards other important aspects of trading, such as additional educational resources or trading tools.

The promotional codes also serve another critical function: they lower the entry barriers for aspiring traders who may be hesitant due to financial constraints. By reducing the initial costs, Take Profit Trader’s discount codes make prop trading more accessible to a broader audience.

Advantages and Challenges

Unparalleled Support

Take Profit Trader is renowned for its unwavering support and educational resources, fostering a nurturing environment for traders at every stage of their journey.

Risk Protection

The firm goes beyond offering capital; it also assumes any resulting losses from trading activities, providing an additional layer of risk protection.

Financial Flexibility

With an 80% profit split and quick payouts, the firm adds an extra layer of financial flexibility that many traders find appealing.

Learning Curve

However, the platform’s complexity and rigorous evaluation process may pose a challenge for newcomers who are not yet familiar with the intricacies of prop trading.

Take Profit Trader Discount Code: Final Thoughts

Take Profit Trader has set itself apart as a revolutionary player in the proprietary trading world. It offers a balanced mix of financial flexibility, risk management, and educational support, aligning well with the needs of traders at all levels. An added advantage that enhances its allure is the availability of discount codes. These codes make it even more financially viable for traders to join the platform by reducing initial subscription or setup costs. This affordability broadens the company’s appeal, making it accessible for aspiring traders who may be operating on a tighter budget. Whether you’re a beginner looking to step into the realm of prop trading or an experienced trader seeking a more flexible and supportive platform, Take Profit Trader offers a compelling solution that’s made even more attractive with the use of discount codes. Use the code MODESTMONEY for 50% off and see how Take Profit Trader can work for you.

Get 50% Off with Take Profit Trader Discount Code ‘MODESTMONEY’

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