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Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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Navigating the world of personal finance apps can be overwhelming, with each offering unique features and benefits. In this detailed comparison, we examine two leading apps: Copilot and Rocket Money.

We will dive into each platform in order to showcase the strengths of both platforms. This should help you make an informed decision. Whether managing budgets, tracking spending, or achieving financial goals, understanding which app best suits your needs is crucial.

Copilot is Better for:Rocket Money is Better for:
Suitable for users seeking detailed budget customization.Ideal for automated tracking of bills and subscriptions.
Excellent for comprehensive tracking of multiple financial accounts.Great for users focusing on cutting unnecessary expenses.
Ideal for in-depth analysis of spending habits.Perfect for a hands-off approach to budget management.
Great for those who prefer manual control over their budgets.Best for real-time alerts on spending and bill payments.

Introducing the Platforms


Copilot offers a more hands-on approach to budgeting and finance management. It stands out for its customizable features, allowing users to tailor the app to their specific financial situations. Users can link multiple bank and credit card accounts for a comprehensive view of their finances.

Copilot’s standout feature is its detailed categorization and analysis of spending, which helps users make more informed decisions about their financial habits. The app’s focus on detailed budgeting and manual control makes it a strong option for those who enjoy actively managing their money.

Rocket Money

Rocket Money (formerly known as Truebill) is renowned for its ability to help users effortlessly manage their financial life, particularly in tracking bills and subscriptions. It automates the process of identifying and managing recurring expenses, making it easy to cancel unwanted subscriptions and lower bills.

Rocket Money’s user-friendly interface and real-time alerts make it a top choice for those who want to streamline their budgeting process and focus on saving money. The app also provides additional services like negotiating better rates for bills and offering personal loans.

Read our detailed review of Rocket Money for a deeper dive into the platform’s pros and cons.

Copilot Logo Rocket Money Logo
Type of Service Detailed budgeting, account integration Bill tracking, subscription management
Best Use Customizable budgeting, financial analysis Managing subscriptions, reducing expenses
Customer Support Good support with customization help Responsive and helpful
Budget Customization Highly customizable and detailed Automated budget tools
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Factor 1: Ease of Budget Management

Rocket Money simplifies the budgeting process with automated tools

  • Copilot provides more control with customizable budgeting features.
  • Rocket Money is preferred for its straightforward and automated budgeting approach.

Rocket Money excels in offering a simplified budgeting experience. Its automated tools help users easily track their spending and manage their bills. The app’s ability to identify and categorize spending automatically makes budget management effortless.

This simplicity is especially beneficial for users who prefer a more hands-off approach to their finances, focusing on saving time and reducing unnecessary expenses.

Copilot, in contrast, offers users the ability to deeply customize their budgeting experience. It allows for detailed categorization and tracking, appealing to those who like to have more control over their financial management.

While Copilot’s customizable features are powerful, they require more user input and management compared to Rocket Money’s automated approach. For users seeking an easy and efficient way to manage their budget, Rocket Money is the more suitable option.

Factor 2: Bill and Subscription Management

Rocket Money specializes in tracking and managing bills and subscriptions

  • Copilot focuses more on overall budgeting and account tracking.
  • Rocket Money stands out for its ability to help users reduce recurring expenses.

Rocket Money’s standout feature is its automated bill and subscription tracking. It not only identifies recurring charges but also offers tools to help users cancel unwanted subscriptions and negotiate lower rates on bills.

This feature is particularly useful in today’s subscription-heavy economy, where it’s easy to lose track of recurring expenses. Rocket Money’s proactive approach in managing and reducing bills makes it an invaluable tool for users looking to streamline their monthly expenses and save money.

Copilot, while offering comprehensive budgeting and account tracking, does not specifically focus on bill and subscription management. Its strengths lie in providing a detailed overview of all financial transactions and allowing users to set up custom budget categories.

While useful for overall budget management, Copilot may not offer the same level of specialized support in identifying and reducing recurring expenses as Rocket Money does.

Factor 3: User Interface and Experience

Rocket Money offers a user-friendly interface focused on simplicity

  • Copilot provides a more detailed and customizable interface.
  • Rocket Money wins for its ease of use and engaging user experience.

Rocket Money’s interface is designed with simplicity and user engagement in mind. The app’s layout is intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and understand their financial situation at a glance.

Its focus on providing a hassle-free user experience makes it ideal for those who want quick insights into their finances without getting overwhelmed by too much detail.

Copilot’s interface, while robust and feature-rich, caters to users who prefer a more hands-on approach to their finances. It offers more customization options and detailed views, which are great for users who enjoy digging into their financial data.

However, for those who value simplicity and a more streamlined experience, Rocket Money’s interface is more appealing.

Factor 4: Financial Insights and Analysis

Rocket Money provides practical insights to help users save money

  • Copilot offers in-depth financial analysis and detailed reporting.
  • Rocket Money is favored for its actionable insights and focus on saving.

Rocket Money excels in providing users with practical and actionable financial insights. Its focus is on helping users identify areas where they can cut costs and save money.

The app analyzes spending patterns and offers suggestions on how to reduce expenses, making it an excellent tool for users looking to improve their financial health in tangible ways.

Copilot, on the other hand, offers detailed financial analysis and reporting. It provides users with a comprehensive view of their spending, savings, and overall financial trends.

While Copilot’s detailed analysis is beneficial for users who want an in-depth understanding of their finances, Rocket Money’s focus on actionable insights and cost-saving recommendations is more aligned with the needs of users looking to make immediate improvements to their financial situation.

The Verdict

In this thorough comparison between Rocket Money and Copilot, each app demonstrates unique strengths tailored to different aspects of personal finance management.

Rocket Money emerges as a particularly strong contender with its user-friendly interface, practical financial insights, effective bill and subscription management, and a focus on helping users save money. Its straightforward, automated approach to budgeting and expense tracking makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a hassle-free and efficient way to manage their finances.

Copilot, with its detailed budget customization, comprehensive account tracking, and in-depth financial analysis, appeals to users who desire more control and a hands-on approach in managing their money.

While it offers robust features for detailed financial management, Rocket Money’s simplicity, combined with its practical tools for reducing expenses, provides a more accessible and immediate impact for the average user looking to optimize their financial life. Click here to get started with Rocket Money.
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