Copilot vs YNAB 2023: Which budget app will give you best value?

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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Are you seeking a budgeting application to put your financial wellness in check? Copilot and YNAB are two of the most popular programs on the market. Let’s take a look into both to figure out which will be most beneficial for you, and dive deeper into their features.

Copilot is Better for: YNAB is Better for:
People who prefer an AI-driven approach to budgetingIndividuals who want an active and hands-on approach to budgeting
Users who want visual and detailed reports on their spending habitsUsers who need guidance on budgeting rules and principles
Those who prefer automatic categorization of expensesPeople who prefer to manually categorize their expenses

Introducing the Platforms

Copilot: AI-Driven Financial Management

Copilot is a personal finance app that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help users understand their spending patterns and improve their financial management. The platform provides detailed reports and a visual overview of your finances, making it easier to monitor and control your expenses. However, it doesn’t offer the same level of hands-on budgeting guidance as some other apps, such as YNAB.

YNAB: Hands-on Financial Management

With YNAB, budgeting isn’t just a passive undertaking. The platform encourages users to take an active role in managing their income and be more responsible about their finances. YNAB guides participants through its four rules of budgeting, that when combined, strengthen the user’s economic footing.

Users are urged to live within their means, with an emphasis on goal-focused saving and avoiding debt. Furthermore, YNAB permits manual customization of expenses for a more tailored and personal budgeting experience.

For a more comprehensive look at YNAB’s platform, check out our full review.

CopilotLogo YNAB Logo
Type of Service Online budgeting platform or app Online budgeting platform or app
Best Use Detailed financial reports Active budgeting
Customer Support Email Email, live chat, extensive resources
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More Info

Modest Money Overall Rating
3.6 rating based on 5 ratings
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Factor 1: Ease of Use

YNAB has a user-friendly design and in-app guidance

  • Copilot offers an intuitive and visually pleasing interface
  • YNAB provides a simple but functional interface and in-app guidance

Copilot: Visually Pleasing Interface

Copilot boasts a modern and visually pleasing design that makes navigation easy. However, it can take some time for users to familiarize themselves with the features and reports.

YNAB: Functional Interface and In-app Guidance

YNAB offers a functional and easy-to-use interface. Its in-app guidance and tutorials make it even more user-friendly, particularly for those new to budgeting.

Factor 2: Budgeting Features

YNAB has an active approach to budgeting

  • Copilot offers automated expense categorization and predictive budgeting
  • YNAB supports manual expense categorization and offers goal tracking features

Copilot: Automated Expense Categorization

Copilot offers automated expense categorization and predictive budgeting features. While these features can make budgeting easier, they may not suit users who prefer a more active role in managing their finances.

YNAB: Active Budgeting and Goal Tracking

With YNAB, users who prefer a hands-on approach to managing their finances can totally customize their budgeting experience. They can actively participate in categorizing expenses and setting realistic savings goals. This personalized experience allows for more efficient budget tracking and improved financial planning.

Factor 3: Customer Support

YNAB provides a more comprehensive support package

  • Copilot offers customer support via email
  • YNAB offers customer support via email and live chat, along with extensive online resources

Copilot: Email Support

Copilot provides customer support via email. However, it lacks live chat support and does not offer as many online resources as YNAB.

YNAB: Comprehensive Support

YNAB offers customer support via email and live chat. The platform also provides an extensive range of online resources, including tutorials and guides, ensuring users can get the most out of their YNAB experience.

Factor 4: Learning and Educational Resources

YNAB is committed to financial education

  • Copilot offers insights and recommendations based on your financial data
  • YNAB provides educational resources and workshops to help you better manage your finances

Copilot: AI-driven Insights

Copilot uses AI to analyze your financial data and provide insights and recommendations. These features can help you understand your spending habits and make smarter financial decisions.

YNAB: Rich Educational Resources

YNAB goes beyond just providing a budgeting tool. It offers a variety of educational resources and workshops to help users learn more about personal finance and budgeting. This commitment to financial education sets YNAB apart from many of its competitors.

Factor 5: Pricing

YNAB offers a more flexible pricing model with a free trial

  • Copilot has a straightforward pricing model
  • YNAB is more affordable and offers more value for the price

Copilot: Straightforward Pricing

Copilot has a straightforward pricing model, with a single monthly subscription fee that grants access to all its features. However, it may not be the most affordable choice for all users.

YNAB: Flexible Pricing with Free Trial

YNAB offers a more flexible pricing model, with options for both monthly and annual subscriptions. They also offer a free 34-day trial, allowing users to try out the platform before committing to a subscription. Given its pricing flexibility and the value it offers –– YNAB provides more value for its cost.

The Final Verdict

For those looking for effortless management of their personal finances –– Copilot and YNAB are two of the top platforms to consider. Copilot takes an automated approach to budgeting with its AI-driven platform providing comprehensive financial analysis together with categorizing your expenses for you. That can be ideal for the user who wants to sit back and let the technology do the work.

With that said, if you are someone who prefers a more hands-on and personalized budgeting experience, YNAB is the better choice. YNAB’s focus on teaching users about financial management and its four simple yet effective budgeting rules sets them apart.

Furthermore, with its affordable and flexible pricing options, extensive customer support, and rich educational resources –– YNAB provides a more comprehensive budgeting solution.

Whether you’re new to budgeting or looking to take control of your financial health, click here to get started with YNAB today.

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