Credit Suisse Group and UBS Group Have a Message for Their Wealthy Clients

“it’s not too late to buy equities”

Political uncertainty and geopolitical risks have kept wealthy investors out of the stock market’s rally of new highs. “Now’s the time for them to jump back in and take advantage of the gains still to be made”, say the people looking after their cash.

Mr. Burkhard Varnholt, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of Credit Suisse, saidWhenever it feels really difficult and challenging to put money at work, ultimately those are often the better investments.  That sense of skepticism, that wall of worry, which is still there, to me is not a discouragement.”  Zurich Insurance Group, Switzerland’s biggest insurer, saidUnderneath that, we have a pretty benign macro environment that shows a recovery, good consumer and business confidence. There are a lot of other positive economic trends.”

The private clients of U.B.S. and Credit Suisse are now listening.  Their high net worth retail investors are now buying the market.  Institutional money skipped the “Trump Rally” and have been net sellers for the past 12 months. Hedge funds are now net sellers over the last few weeks.




Stocks Dangerously Overvalued After 8-Year Bull Market?

So, who is now considered the Smart Money?

This bull market, which started on March 9th, 2009, is currently the second-longest and fourth-strongest for the SPX. It has pushed up the index by about 250%. The longest bull run was from October 1990 to March 2000. The SPX surged 417%, followed by a 49% correction.


In the 1932 to 1937 bull market, it pushed the SPX up 325%.   In the 1949 to 1956 bull market, the SPX elevated 266% higher.

The markets are rallying and the “Trump trade” is still on.

Be Wise: Invest for the short term:

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