CRISPR May Cure Cancer Someday, But is Its Stock Worth It Now? ($CRSP)

It’s easy to feel like we’re living in the future. The world faces unprecedented challenges related to climate, politics, and cultural clashes. But when you look at the world of tech, it can feel like we’re on the brink of Utopia.

CRISPR is one of the hottest technologies in modern medicine. There are several companies which have been fighting over the rights to the technology for years now. But as winners and losers start to become more clear, CRISPR may turn out to be an incredible opportunity for investors.

What is CRISPR?

Basically, CRISPR edits genes. Say a mouse has Huntington’s Disease (this really happened in recent CRISPR research). CRISPR just snips off the diseased portions of the mouse’s genes, and the mouse is cured. CRISPR scientists are aggressively beginning human trials in at least three continents to try to be the first team to cure diseases like cancer in human beings. It’s exciting stuff.


However, there have been some problems in the world of gene editing. A paper published earlier this month claimed that CRISPR caused hundreds of mutations in several research mice. $CRSP and its associated stocks $NTLA and $EDIT took a plunge at the news, but have rallied somewhat as a number of academic sources have questioned or outright rebutted the findings.

There have also been patent disputes. A LOT of patent disputes. CRISPR companies have patents in the EU and were just awarded a major Chinese patent yesterday. There is still uncertainty in the United States about who owns the technology and how it can be deployed, but the outcome in China makes the future look much brighter for CRISPR in the US.

Investing in CRISPR

Ultimately, I think CRISPR technology is a smart investment. It has its competitors, but CRISPR has the momentum and name recognition. It has captured the imagination of the medical and tech worlds, and recent patent outcomes indicate a bright future.

$CRSP, $NTLA, and $EDIT are all trading at near-all-time lows. You can pick up all of these companies for about $15/share right now. No one can tell the future, but I think it’s not unreasonable to expect that human trials will reveal some impressive results. If and when these results start to catch the public eye, you’re going to see these stocks start to soar.

I’m going long on CRISPR. The stocks I’m buying in these companies I plan to hold onto for five years or more. If CRISPR proves to be the earth-shaking technology it truly appears to be, it could become a new fundamental in medicine and a cash cow for investors. Buy them up while they’re still cheap!