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September 24, 2023September 24, 2023

Day trading platforms are the tools of the trade, providing real-time data, interactive charts, alerts, and stock market analysis software to help you make split-second decisions. With a wide array of options and an even wider range of investments, finding the right online trading platform for your needs is key.

We’ve reviewed and rated the top day trading platforms to find the ones that deliver the best experience for active traders across different market segments. These options are also a great platform for beginners.

Whether you prefer an all-in-one brokerage, direct access to exchanges, or a customizable interface, there’s something here for every trader and online broker. Let’s dive in and get you started on becoming a successful day trader.

Top Day Trading Platforms

When it comes to day trading platforms, you have options. Here are some of the top contenders:

  • Trade Ideas
  • TrendSpider
  • Humbled Trader
  • Jigsaw Trading
  • TradeStation
  • TradingView
  • Edgewonk

Trade Ideas

 Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is an innovative day trading platform designed for experienced traders. It offers pre-formatted scans, real-time scanning, and real-time tracking to uncover profitable opportunities. This flexible platform can be customized to your needs. An artificial intelligence engine analyzes millions of scenarios.

In addition to stock scanning and support for trading styles, Trade Ideas provides guides to use the platform since a wide range of traders found it challenging to learn. New users can learn through TI University.

Trade Ideas Ratings

  • StockScreenerTips 5
  • Capterra 4.7 from 24 reviews
  • Day Trade Review 4.4
  • Liberated Stock Trader 4.5
  • Benzinga 4.5
  • DayTradingz 4.5
“Mike Manson – May 01, 2023
“Their customer service is 100% awesome! Prompt and so helpful.”

Trade Ideas receives good reviews and ratings from majority of day traders and industry experts. While this day trading software has a learning curve, the company provides a wide range of video tutorials, guides, and a virtual trading simulator to help new users get up to speed.
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TrendSpider is a powerful charting and stock scanner aimed at active day traders. TrendSpider’s powerful tools make analysis simple. Its real-time charts display real-time stock alerts and price action in an easy-to-interpret format, while TrendSpider’s volume pattern recognition engine enhances traditional indicators like moving averages for options trades, forex trading, and crypto trading.

TrendSpider Ratings

  • Warrior Trading 4.6
  • DayTradingz 4.5
  • Liberated Stock Trader 4.5
  • CaptainAltcoin 4.5
  • Google Play 4.4 from 160 reviews
  • Day Trade Review 4.3

Mighty Soldiers Trades LLC – January 16, 2020
“TrendSpider is changing the game with AlphaTrends anchored VWAP, anchored volume by price indicator, raindrop charts™, and so much more! The staff couldn’t care more about their customers and product! Within a year, they have grown the platform at a pace unheard of! Get in now and be part of all that’s to come!”

External reviews praise TrendSpider for its innovative features, reasonable pricing, and educational resources for new traders. Experienced traders also value the platform’s advanced tools and customization options traders.
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Humbled Trader

 Humbled Trader Logo

Humbled Trader is an educational platform for day traders and experienced day traders looking to boost their skills and make real money. Unlike many “get rich quick” day trading broker courses, Humbled Trader focuses on realistic strategies for consistent profits. This includes trades in penny stocks and paper trading.

Humble Trader Ratings

  • DayTradingz 4.5
  • Benzinga 4.5
  • Trustpilot 4.2 from 8 reviews

“Sean Q.
“I loved the HT Academy course! Shay delivers the information in a friendly, logical, and easy to follow format. I learned so much, and I feel it has given me the knowledge I need to become a successful day trader.”

While Humbled Trader isn’t free, it has a cheap subscription cost, plus its proven track record suggests it can pay for itself if you apply what you learn.
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Jigsaw Trading

 Jigsaw Trading Logo

Jigsaw Trading is geared toward experienced traders looking for a desktop platform for book order trading day. The platform offers a demo mode that lets you practice spotting and capitalizing on trading opportunities using live data without risk.

Jigsaw Trading Ratings

  • Investimonials 5 from 114 reviews
  • Sourcefourge 5
  • Slashdot 5
  • Onlineproptrading 4.7
  • Trustpilot 4.2 from 31 reviews
Richard Janowicz – December 23, 2021
“This man works very hard to make as many people as happy as possible. So, hopefully, if you get bent over something, you can just be polite and as patient as possible. He is very honest!!! I hope and wish you the best with the product. It is not for everyone. So do your homework on it before buying.”

Before committing to any platform, understand the pros and cons. Jigsaw Trading focuses solely on book order trading, so see if that matches your goals. If you want to become a book trader, Jigsaw Trading offers helpful resources.
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 TradeStation Logo

TradeStation is tailored for serious traders looking for a robust platform. It was originally only for professionals, but now casual investors can use its tools for free. TS GO has $0 minimums and commissions, providing access to trading tools and 2,000 funds.

TradeStation Ratings and Reviews

  • SA Shares 4.8
  • NerdWallet 4.6
  • Tradingview 4.5 from 9660 reviews
  • Apple App Store 4.5 from 17,333 reviews
  • Business Insider 4.5
  • Benzinga 4.5
Divya Kapoor – August 03, 2023
“A great company. Great platform and the best for algo trading futures contracts. I wish they had more accessible customer service, but overall good stuff!”

While TradeStation has a learning curve, its tools help serious investors research, test, optimize, automate, and monitor actual trades. For beginner traders, casual pattern day traders, professional traders, or even online brokers dealing in options trading, TS GO provides an easy, low trading cost way to use TradeStation’s knowledge and experience.
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TradingView is one of the most unique charting platforms for traders. It provides an array of trading tools, access to data nearly anywhere and connects you with a huge network of fellow traders. TradingView enables traders to make data-driven choices using multiple technical indicators for each chart, historical data, and input from other traders.

TradingView Ratings and Reviews

  • Apple App Store 4.9 from 69,480 reviews
  • Google Play 4.8 from 406,909 votes
  • G2 4.6 from 48 reviews
  • WallStreetZen 4.5
  • TrustRadius 4.5
  • DayTradingz 4.2
Jochem W – July 03, 2023
“Great software, great tools, and community. But automatic payments were ON. After 2 years, they billed me 190$. I opened a support ticket, and they refunded me within a few hours. Excellent support team and software!”

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 Edgewonk Logo

Edgewonk is a comprehensive software for active traders looking to improve their performance. With advanced statistics and customization, you can identify weaknesses in your trading strategies and make changes.

This day trading software includes a trading journal to track your progress, a trade simulator to practice, and equity option graphs for pattern recognition features to see your success over time. This allows you to execute trades with precision. These trades include options and crypto trades.

Edgewonk Ratings and Reviews

  • DayTradingz: 4.5/5 stars
  • Trustpilot: 4/5 stars
  • Day Trade Review: 4/5 stars
Simonas – September 04, 2023
“I’ve been using Edgewonk for the last 4 years, and I love it. Trading session imports from IB work flawlessly. I highly recommend it.”

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Final Thoughts on Day Trading Platforms

The right platform for traders depends on their needs, priorities, and trading style. Before signing up, traders need to consider their budget, the technical analysis tools they want access to, how experienced they are, and if they’ll be trading on desktop, mobile day trading apps, or both.

Some popular trader platforms charge a minimum deposit in monthly subscription fees. Just be aware that some free platforms charge higher commissions in fees per trade or have fewer features. If cost is a concern, look for a platform with low or no monthly fees and commission-free trading.

More advanced traders will want access to ample tools like level 2 data, advanced charting software, customizable layouts, and hotkeys for quick order execution. Consider the types of securities you want to trade and if the platform supports them.

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