Debating Buying the Entertainment Book This Year

First of all, I’m sure some of you might be wondering what this ‘entertainment book’ is all about. As far as books go, it’s not all that entertaining a read. It does help you save money on all kinds of expenses including entertainment. The book is packed full of great coupons.

I assume the Entertainment Book was originally focused on entertainment coupons, but that is just scratching the surface….

  • Restaurants – The bulk of the coupons are for restaurants, ranging from fast food up to 5 star dining and everything in between. Usually the coupons will get you a free entree when another entree is purchased. At $10-20+ per pop those add up quick.
  • Grocery Stores – For the grocery stores here there are coupons to use for each month. I assume it is the same deal for other areas. The problem for me is that it happens to be the grocery stores I don’t normally shop at.
  • Fun Activities – I guess this is where the entertainment part comes in. Think stuff like tourist hotspots, sports, movies, etc. With the number of golf courses included, golfers must ove these books.
  • Services and Shopping – Ok the shopping section is pretty weak, at least it is for my area. Then again I’m not big on shopping anyway. In the services section though, I’m able to save on all my oil changes.

Rather than exclusively targeting national companies, the books each focus on a specific city or area. That way you can be sure that all the coupons are for companies with nearby locations.

By now you’re probably wondering why this post title is about debating buying the Entertainment Book. Truth be told, writing this post really was me debating whether I should buy it or not. I’ve been buying the book for the last 3 or 4 years now and have had a ton of savings from it. Something is holding me back though.

So I’ve pretty much covered most of the pros of the debate inside my head. Now for the cons affecting my decision:

  • Increased Spending – Although the coupons save a decent amount of money, they also encourage spending. For example if I’m trying to avoid going to restaurants, the coupons could be a tempting excuse.
  • Pricing – It is very easy to recover the cost of the book by using 3 or 4 coupons. The catch is that if you can wait a bit the books eventually go on drastic sales. For the 2014 books you can currently buy them for $10 or less. That’s how I ended up with 2 books in my drawer…just too tempting.
  • Limited Options – Maybe it’s just me but I found that I was limiting my options too much based on what I had coupons for. On the bright side I’d be saving money on lots of outings and purchases, but it makes me wonder what I was missing out on.

Verdict on Buying the Entertainment Book

Despite their reminders to update my credit card to receive my coupon book right away, I’m going to hold off for now. Most likely I’ll order a book before long, but a lot will depend on whether I’m dining out at all for the next while. Then again, the oil change savings might be enough. Sigh, but the longer I wait the less chance I have to use the other coupons. Screw it, I’m busting out the credit card 🙂