Some Digital Services to Make Your Account Safe

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Can you remember the last time you changed your password or added a new risk management tools to your online credit account? If you can’t answer, this write-up is going to help you in gaining a glimpse over some of the popular fraud monitoring tools.

A reliable risk management system protects your online business against cyber attacks. Security safeguards help to combat the risk of fraud activities in the e-commerce segment.

A security management tool uses right combination of tools in match with your products, services, operational needs and business requirements.


Given below is a list of fraud prevention tools, which can be used at the transaction level to discard the chances of being a fraud victim.

Address Verification Service

Most payment processors for high risk merchant accounts provide an automated tool that enables merchants to verify the customer billing address with the fields stored in their database. It helps to alarm merchants about customer credibility before processing their online order.

Merchants can receive a confirmation code once they make a request using this service. It is widely known as transaction authorization process. Further investigations can be made on merchant end by incorporating Google analytics (geo-location services) for matching the shipping address with IP location.

Build Internal Files

Merchants can gain access to valuable inputs by storing customer details in their database. An internal negative file helps to classify fraudulent customers by just comparing them with existing data credentials. While positive internal files help to match current transactional data of a customer having a solid track record in online purchase. If your negative internal file data matches with current transactional data, you should immediately decline the current transaction. Such screening criterion lets you avoid manual handling of low-risk transactions.


Velocity Monitoring

This tool can help high risk merchants account service providers to accurately analyze the amount of risk exposure to their ongoing transactions. An accurate prediction helps to identify and filter the high-risk transactions involved in e-commerce business. It helps to establish the right threshold limits on product orders placed from the same credit card. It also displays the frequency of orders shipped to same address by using different credit cards and the ones placed through same IP address.

Digital Content Delivery

Online merchants who charge their customers for accessing digital content at their websites must have a clear digital content policy. Customers must not be charged for services that they never used. For example, many customers think that after signing up for a free-trial they wouldn’t be charged for subscription services. By chance if the consumer forgets to cancel his website subscription and gets a message regarding charging a fee for renewing such services, think what impact should have it on your visitors. Advance transactional controls help to prevent disputed billing transactions being generated to the consumer base.

PC Fingerprinting Apps

A PC fingerprinting app is capable of providing geographical location on the basis of IP address information. It can be used to confirm billing details and avoid chargebacks.


E-mail Confirmation

Some advance risk management software tools can match a customer mail id provided in his credit card details with online shipping address. So, it saves your chances of being a fraud victim by sending the order confirmation mails to bogus mail ids. Just in case, customer may be contacted personally to validate the order status prior to delivery.