Donald Trump V Hillary Clinton: I'm Scared... Financially!

This year is an incredibly interesting one on the political side of the fence. While I don’t normally discuss politics in my writing, in this particular case, I think it’s important that I do. The truth is that this is the first time in the history of the United States that Americans have been forced to vote between two incredibly poor candidates for the office of President. However, there is still a very small amount of time and a chance that we can stop this from happening. Today, we’ll talk about why I’m scared, why neither candidate is a good fit, and what it would take to change things.

Why This Election Scares Me

Before we get into this, it’s important that you know that I am an American. While I know that this blog is based in Canada, this is something that affects all of us… GLOBALLY. I’ll explain why later.

In the United States, you often hear “The president doesn’t do anything… the office is nothing more than a figure head.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. The sad thing is that there has been such a disconnect between the people and the government that people are starting to not even care. As a result, no one stepped up in the beginning when Clinton and Trump won the primaries to nip this in the bud.

Now, we’re facing a situation where we are stuck with two candidates that are highly untrusted, highly volatile, and incredibly economically ignorant. Both of these candidates have blatantly lied in the faces of Americans, while Clinton is better at hiding her temper, they both have incredibly volatile personalities, and we’ve seen that before. On top of all of this, both candidates have issued policies that would all, but bankrupt the United States.

Allow Me To Make A Couple Of Predictions

Based on what I’ve seen, below is what would likely happen if either candidate was to actually enter the office…

  • Donald Trump – If Donald Trump gets into office, it would be a dark day for the United States. I would expect that his volatile personality will likely ruin relations with several other nations. This, of course, would cause trade issues, leading to an economic collapse.
  • Hillary Clinton – If Hillary Clinton gets into office, chances are that her tax breaks combined with an increased minimum wage and increasingly socialized medical system would likely break down economic growth as well. Ultimately leading to an economic collapse. Yet another dark day for the United States

As you can see, while Clinton and Trump seem to be very different, the truth is that the end result with either candidate is largely the same. Because the United States is the world’s largest economy, if the US crashes, chances are that Canada, Europe, the UK, China, Japan, and more will likely feel the economic devastation.

What We Can Do To Stop This From Happening

The good news is that we’re not dead in the water here. The truth is that the figurative fat lady has not yet sung. For either of these two candidates to be elected, they need to have 270 electoral votes. There is a massive amount of people who are refusing to vote because of the choices. However, instead of refusing to vote, or voting for one of these volatile options, it would be better to go to the voting stations and write in “I refuse to vote for either of these candidates.” In doing so, we would starve the candidates of the electoral votes needed, forcing Congress to make a decision, and hopefully a big change.

With that said, if you live in the United States. I beg you… go vote, but vote for no one! We can’t afford to have a president like this and we have very little time to cause a change. Nonetheless, it is possible and it’s something that you have the ability to help do!

If you are outside of the United States, you may have friends or colleagues in the United States. If so, contact them. Tell them about this article and explain their options to them. Something can still be done, and even if you’re not in the states, you can help!

What Do You Think?

How do you think this year’s election will shape the global economy ahead? Join the discussion in the comments below!