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Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf


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The property management landscape is experiencing a digital revolution. Landlords, real estate investors, and property managers are increasingly looking for efficient, online-centric tools. In this arena, two platforms stand out: DoorLoop and AppFolio.

Both promise efficiency, modernity, and advanced features, but which one is superior? In our in-depth comparison, we’ll dissect their offerings to identify the champion.

DoorLoop is Better for:AppFolio is Better for:
Ideal for new property managers seeking an intuitive platform.Suitable for large-scale property management companies.
Prioritizes customizable templates for various rental applications.Offers a robust online portal integration system.
Stands out for affordable pricing with comprehensive features.Strong emphasis on student housing and commercial properties.
All-in-one solution for a wide range of property types.Streamlines the leasing process with integrated tools.

Introducing the Platforms

DoorLoop website

A rising star in the property management software realm, DoorLoop offers a streamlined, simple platform. Built with a focus on user satisfaction and ease, it’s rapidly becoming the choice for property managers. Its standout features, such as customizable reports, maintenance tracking, and electronic lease management, have earned acclaim.

This platform ensures that managing rental properties, be it commercial or residential, becomes a breeze. Dive deeper into its features in our detailed DoorLoop review.


AppFolio website

A household name in the property management world, AppFolio Property is a seasoned player. Serving large-scale property management teams, it offers a suite of tools tailored for robust property portfolios. With specialized modules for student housing, commercial properties, and more, it caters to diverse needs. You can explore more about their offerings here.

DoorLoop Logo AppFolio Logo
Type of Service Cloud-based software Property management system
Best Use All-in-one property solution Large-scale property companies
Customer Support Chat feature available Business days customer service
API Access Yes Limited
Current Promotion

More Info

More Info

Modest Money Overall Rating
4.5 rating based on 5 ratings
4.1 rating based on 5 ratings

Factor 1: Property Management Features

DoorLoop excels with its all-in-one solution and customizable templates

  • AppFolio specializes in property marketing and lease management.
  • Given its expansive toolkit, DoorLoop takes the lead.

DoorLoop’s strength lies in its comprehensive property management solution. From lease tracking to electronic payments, it covers a broad spectrum of needs. Its customizable templates make rental applications and lease agreements a breeze. Furthermore, its maintenance tracking ensures every property is in top-notch condition.

While AppFolio shines in specific areas, like property marketing and managing large-scale residential properties, it falls slightly short in offering an all-inclusive platform. Their system is adept at lease management, and the property management tools are robust, but the offering feels a tad segmented.

Factor 2: Pricing and Affordability

DoorLoop offers transparent, affordable pricing structures for all

  • AppFolio has a custom pricing model, which may be a barrier for smaller entities.
  • For straightforward, budget-friendly options, DoorLoop is the top choice.

One of DoorLoop’s standout features is its clear and affordable pricing. It understands that not every property manager or real estate investor has the budget of a large-scale company.

Hence, its tiered pricing plans cater to a variety of needs, from those managing a few units to those overseeing vast portfolios. Its value for money is evident, especially considering the comprehensive features provided at every pricing level.

AppFolio’s custom pricing structure can be a double-edged sword. While it provides a personalized experience for large property management companies, smaller entities might find it challenging to gauge their expenses upfront.

Furthermore, its emphasis on larger portfolios might deter individual landlords or small leasing agencies.

Factor 3: User Interface and Experience

DoorLoop focuses on a simple, intuitive platform suitable for all

  • AppFolio offers a more complex interface tailored for seasoned professionals.
  • DoorLoop is preferred for its ease of use and quick learning curve.

Emphasizing user satisfaction, DoorLoop offers an intuitive platform that even new property managers can navigate with ease. The design is sleek, functions are easily accessible, and the learning curve is minimal. This focus on simplicity without compromising on features is a major win for DoorLoop.

While AppFolio’s interface is robust and comprehensive, it caters more to those familiar with property management systems. It packs a multitude of features, but this can sometimes make the platform feel overwhelming, especially for newcomers.

Factor 4: Online Payments and Financials

DoorLoop streamlines online payments, including rent and maintenance bills

  • AppFolio is known for its online rent payments and financial reports.
  • DoorLoop edges out with its expansive online payment processing system.

Recognizing the importance of seamless online transactions in today’s digital age, DoorLoop offers a plethora of online payment options. Be it rent collection, maintenance bills, or other property-related charges, every transaction is a click away.

The addition of payment reminders, electronic payments, and a vast array of payment methods make it a winner.

While AppFolio does shine with its online rent payments and detailed financial reports, its payment spectrum feels somewhat limited compared to DoorLoop. The focus predominantly rests on rent collection, and while this is vital, a more extensive range of online payment features would enhance its appeal.

Factor 5: Customer Support and Community

DoorLoop is easily accessible with its chat feature and responsive support

  • AppFolio provides support predominantly during business days.
  • With round-the-clock assistance, DoorLoop reigns supreme.

Understanding that property management queries can arise anytime, DoorLoop prioritizes customer service. Their chat feature ensures that users receive timely assistance. Furthermore, the community around DoorLoop is thriving, with user reviews often highlighting the excellence of their support team.

AppFolio offers decent customer support, but it’s primarily limited to business days. This limitation can be a deterrent for property managers who might face issues during weekends or off-hours. The support quality is commendable, but the accessibility scope needs enhancement.

The Verdict

Both DoorLoop and AppFolio bring valuable offerings to the property management table. AppFolio, with its expertise in property marketing and focus on large-scale properties, is undoubtedly a heavyweight. However, DoorLoop’s all-in-one solution, transparent pricing, user-friendly interface, and stellar customer support make it an excellent alternative, especially for newcomers and mid-sized property managers.

If you’re keen on diving into a platform that is intuitive, budget-friendly, and comprehensive, DoorLoop is your go-to. Click here to seize the opportunity to elevate your property management game.

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