Drinking Tap Water - Saving Money One Glass At A Time

Previously I wrote a post about Starbucks coffee prices and how coffee purchases can be brewing a hole in your wallet. Ironically I don’t even drink coffee.

Instead I mostly only drink tap water and it adds up to huge savings.

Why I Started Drinking Mostly Water

Back when I was younger I was big on soccer and several other sports. I wasn’t a standout athlete or anything, but I really enjoyed both playing and watching sports.

Some of my friends were more serious about the fitness side of things. One of them was advised that he should cut pop and other sugary drinks out of his diet. Since I was such a sugar fiend, I was reluctant to follow suit. At the time I didn’t realize that most of that sugar would just get converted into fat.

Later in college as I grew less active, I decided to try to improve my diet a bit and make a conscious effort to drink more water. Ever since then, I’ve maintained the habit. So what started as a health decision, also turned into a good way to save money.

The High Price of Beverages

Because a typical beverage only costs a dollar or two, it is easy enough to overlook the expense. When you add up those little purchases through the year, it really adds up to a decent amount of money.

If you go out to a restaurant, they often jack up the price of the drinks to sneak in some extra profit. That is one place that I am still guilty of overpaying to quench my thirst. Lately I’ve been switching to water as I just don’t feel right paying $3 for a glass of iced tea.

In grocery stores the price of beverages has increased too. I used to save some money by getting frozen juice instead of cartons, but it’s tougher to justify with the rising costs. You can still get pop for fairly cheap, but as a very unhealthy option I’ve been avoiding that.

Switching to tea is a great way to enjoy a refreshing beverage while saving money. Ordering leaves in bulk from a tea manufacturer like Buddha Teas will save you a surprisingly large amount of cash over time; you can even choose from a number of different flavors, such as red raspberry leaf as well as green tea, bark, flower, root, and much more. Tea is less expensive and healthier than most soft drinks. The health benefits of tea make it an excellent investment that will save you money while potentially adding years to your life.

The one exception I do make is pop or juice for alcoholic drinks. Since that is a treat and not a daily consumption, I don’t feel too guilty about it.


So if you are looking to cut some sugar out of your diet, look first to what you’re drinking. It can improve your health and save money. Keeping it up is just a matter of getting in the habit and acknowledging the high cost and unhealthy nature of processed drinks.

Are any of your primarily tap water drinkers? Or are there any other things that you do to save money on drinks?

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