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In the world of forex trading, the importance of solid trading strategies and a supportive platform is paramount. E8 Funding and FTMO, two prominent names in the industry, offer traders a platform to amplify their trading careers. 

Both provide a structured path for budding and experienced traders to access substantial trading capital, while also presenting challenges to test and refine trading skills. This comparison aims to shed light on how these two behemoths stack up against each other and which might be the best fit for various trading needs.

E8 Funding is Better for:FTMO is Better for:
Ideal for those valuing a streamlined two-step evaluation process.Perfect for traders who seek a community-driven experience.
Great fit for traders seeking flexibility in trading styles.Suitable for traders keen on more structured trading challenges.
Preferred for those prioritizing news trading opportunities.Best choice for those who want a blend of day trading and forex trading.
Best for those who want more variety in trading instruments.Ideal for active traders seeking biweekly payouts.

Introducing the Platforms

E8 Funding

E8 Funding, a beacon in the world of proprietary trading firms, focuses on nurturing talented traders. With an emphasis on flexibility, E8 Funding encourages traders to exploit a wide range of trading instruments.

By offering a two-step evaluation process comprising the Evaluation and Verification phases, they ensure that traders are given adequate opportunities to showcase their prowess. Our in-depth review of E8 Funding delves deeper into the offerings and the intricacies of their model.


On the other hand, FTMO stands as a community-centric prop firm, offering traders a cohesive environment to refine their skills. Their structured approach, known as the FTMO Challenge, ensures that traders are well-versed in the dynamics of financial markets.

The platform, renowned for its valuable insights and a supportive trading community, has successfully nurtured thousands of traders. For a more comprehensive understanding, our FTMO Review provides a detailed look at their services and offerings.

E8 Funding Logo FTMO
Type of Service Proprietary Trading Firm Proprietary Trading Firm
Best Use News Trading & Diverse Instruments Structured Trading Challenges
Profit Split Up to 80% for the trader Up to 90% for the trader
Customer Support 24/7 Email Support Live Chat & Email Support
Trading Platforms MT4, cTrader MT4, MT5, NinjaTrader
Evaluation Fees $200 - $600 $155 - $540
Current Promotion

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Modest Money Overall Rating
4.8 rating based on 5 ratings
4.5 rating based on 5 ratings
E8 Funding Logo
Type of Service Proprietary Trading Firm
Best Use News Trading & Diverse Instruments
Profit Split Up to 80% for the trader
Customer Support 24/7 Email Support
Trading Platforms MT4, cTrader
Evaluation Fees $200 - $600
Current Promotion

More Info

Use Coupon Code ‘ELLIOTE8’ and Get 10% off on E8 Funding
Modest Money Overall Rating
4.8 rating based on 5 ratings
Type of Service Proprietary Trading Firm
Best Use Structured Trading Challenges
Profit Split Up to 90% for the trader
Customer Support Live Chat & Email Support
Trading Platforms MT4, MT5, NinjaTrader
Evaluation Fees $155 - $540
Current Promotion

More Info

Modest Money Overall Rating
4.5 rating based on 5 ratings

Factor 1: Evaluation Process

E8 Funding boasts a user-friendly two-step evaluation process

  • FTMO presents a structured and comprehensive evaluation system.
  • E8 Funding edges ahead with its streamlined approach.

E8 Funding proprietary firm emphasizes a straightforward two-step evaluation process. The Evaluation phase challenges traders with a specific profit target while ensuring they adhere to maximum drawdown and daily loss limits.

Successful traders then proceed to the Verification phase, where they’re given a more extended period to achieve similar objectives. The clarity and simplicity of E8 Funding’s evaluation stages have garnered appreciation from many in the forex industry.

By contrast, FTMO’s evaluation, popularly known as the FTMO Challenge, offers a meticulous approach to testing trading skills. It not only assesses a trader’s ability to achieve profit goals but also emphasizes consistent performance over a set number of trading days.

While its evaluation fees might seem higher, the structured guidance and support through the evaluation models ensure traders are well-prepared for real-time data and market conditions.

Factor 2: Profit Split & Payouts

FTMO’s generous profit split stands out

  • E8 Funding offers an attractive 80-20 profit-sharing model.
  • FTMO provides biweekly payouts, a highlight for active traders, as well as a potential 90% profit split.

One of E8 Funding’s most attractive offerings is its profit-sharing model. Successful traders get to keep a whopping 80% of the profits they make, which is a tad higher than the industry standard. This generous split, combined with the opportunity for traders to scale their accounts, translates into significant income potential for committed and talented traders.

While FTMO offers a 70-30 profit split, they compensate with their biweekly payouts. This means that traders can access their share of profits every two weeks, providing consistent cash flow. For many active traders, this regularity in payouts proves to be a boon, ensuring they have a steady income from their trading activities.

Factor 3: Trading Flexibility

E8 Funding provides more leeway with news trading and diverse instruments

  • FTMO stands out with its comprehensive range of trading platforms.
  • E8 Funding’s flexibility in trading styles offers an edge.

E8 Funding: Traders with a penchant for news trading often gravitate towards E8 Funding. The firm’s flexibility extends beyond just trading styles; it offers a broad range of trading instruments, allowing traders to diversify and hedge their positions effectively. This adaptability ensures traders can maximize opportunities irrespective of market conditions.

FTMO: FTMO, while offering flexibility, emphasizes a community-driven approach, guiding traders to follow strategies that have historically worked well within their community. They also offer a wide variety of platforms like MT4, MT5, and NinjaTrader, ensuring that traders can pick a platform they’re most comfortable with.

Factor 4: Support & Community

FTMO’s community-driven platform provides invaluable insights and camaraderie

  • E8 Funding offers round-the-clock email support.
  • FTMO shines with its supportive community and diverse resources.

E8 Funding: E8’s 24/7 email support ensures that traders can seek assistance anytime. This constant availability is especially crucial in the forex industry, where markets operate round the clock. However, their community features aren’t as pronounced as FTMO’s.

FTMO: The firm has intricately woven community interactions into its platform. From forums to webinars, traders get valuable insights from seasoned traders and can discuss strategies, market conditions, or even share their trading experiences. This sense of community often accelerates learning and fosters long-term success.

Factor 5: Fees & Funding Levels

E8 Funding offers a competitive initial deposit for its evaluation process

  • FTMO provides instant funding upon successful completion of challenges.
  • E8 Funding’s attractive initial deposit and profit potential make it enticing.

E8 Funding: With evaluation fees ranging from $200-$600, depending on account size, E8 Funding ensures that traders can start their journey without breaking the bank. Their tiered structure means traders can choose an account that aligns with their risk tolerance and profit goals.

FTMO: While FTMO’s fees are in a similar ballpark, their highlight is the instant funding offered to traders who clear their challenges. This rapid transition from demo money to real trading capital ensures that momentum is maintained, and traders can capitalize on their strategies immediately.

The Verdict

Both E8 Funding and FTMO bring valuable propositions to the table. E8 Funding, with its generous profit splits, streamlined evaluation process, and flexibility, is an excellent opportunity for traders seeking a straightforward path to prop trading. FTMO, with its structured challenges, community-centric platform, and variety of trading platforms, offers a comprehensive ecosystem for traders to thrive.

Ultimately, while both firms have their strengths, E8 Funding takes the win for its sheer simplicity and trader-friendly profit-sharing models. However, traders are encouraged to explore both platforms to determine which aligns best with their personal trading preferences.

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