5 Wacky Ways To Earn Side Income During The Summer

With Summer around the corner, it’s time to think of wacky ways to earn money on the side to make your financial life better. For some this has become a sport in where they try outdo themselves with each passing year. Whether you do this to add additional money into your emergency fund, to pay for home upgrades and repairs or simply for the Annual family vacation – ways to earn extra are what we touch on in this article.

We highlight five different and unique ideas on ways to make money this Summer. Anyone can try these and anyone can make a little extra cash if you put your creative cap on, think outside the box and know how to market yourself.

1. Sell on Etsy

The old standby is always eBay. However there’s a new kid in town and her name is Etsy. This is a US based marketplace of handmade items, and the offerings rival that of any major online retailer including eBay and Amazon. You can pretty much sell anything on here so long as you made it, it has to be handmade. This can include graphic design services, blog installs, content and even SEO services. But if you make physical products such as jewelry, knitted clothing, candles, soaps and even furniture – you can sell it via Etsy. They take a small commission per sale, but provide you with many tools for selling including a big, active and highly promoted marketplace. Etsy has been featured on all the major magazines and newspapers and is well known and established in the online retail industry.

2. Offer A (Local Delivery) Service

If you happen to live in a small town without food delivery service. Start one. Contact the most prominent restaurants in town, and let them know you will take delivery orders online and then deliver the product to customers. For a monthly delivery fee – of course. Set up a cool website that allows for online ordering, make it look good but make sure it’s also easy to use. Then take to the streets and sell your delivery service to restaurants. Charge an appropriate fee to make it worth your while and the key here is to get the restaurants to sign up in advance at a monthly fee based subscription.

3. Sell Water

You’ve seen this before, some enterprising individual with a large cooler full of ice cold bottles of water selling to the hot masses while trapped in traffic. Do one better and see if you can do the same at local ball games, festivals and or swap meets. Basically anywhere that lots of people congregate in and someplace where it’s hot. The beach, high school ball games, etc. You might need the permission of event organizers as some will not allow this, while some will. So the trick is to find the events that WILL allow you to set up your water selling booth.

4. Clean Headlights

This idea I recently spotted on Facebook via my social network. A young family member of mine was advertising his new headlight cleaning business where he mentioned that he would clean, dry and shine your car headlights for twenty bucks a pop. I don’t know about you, but this is the first I’ve heard of this idea. Well guess what? Several individuals took him up on his offer and he made an easy $100 or so bucks with that simple and quick status update.

5. Take Woodworking 101, Then Sell Furniture

This is my new personal favorite as it is an idea I myself am pursuing this Summer. In my home city there’s a new upcyled material center and they want people to use their gently used items. So what do they do? They’re offering a Woodworking 101 workshop. Brilliant. These are not shabby 1 hour classes, but full fledged 4 week workshops where by the end, you walk away with a side table and a shelf – made by yours truly. The items for use are recycled wood, metal and other construction building materials. Once you learn how to make stuff from wood, you can then turn around sell it. And guess where? Yes, on Etsy.

So to recap, above we have five good ways to make extra cash this Summer for whatever purpose you would want the money for. Pick one (or two) of the ideas and enjoy a beautiful, active and profitable Summertime.

Guest post by: Missy who owns and writes on Frugal Quack, a fun frugal living blog about living more with less. When Missy is not hustling making a buck online, she loves to run by the Chicago lakefront, run nature trails, hike anywhere and everywhere she can and her favorite – jog on a local beach.

Editor’s Note: Thank you for this awesome guest post Missy! Do any of you do stuff like this to earn extra money during the summer? Or is summer primarily your time to relax?

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