Earn2Trade Funded Account: What it is & How to Qualify

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January 30, 2023January 30, 2023

If you’ve been thinking of advancing your trading career with funded trading, chances are, you’ve considered funded trading accounts from multiple prop trading firms. Traders these days have plenty of options to choose from, making it hard to choose between prop trading firms.

Many articles (such as this one here) have compared multiple trader programs before, but that’s not what we’ll be doing today. Instead, we’ll be looking solely at Earn2Trade, a service that allows you to expand your trading knowledge while working your way through one of their trading knowledge on the way to an earn2trade funded account.

Even if you’re confident you can overcome the market conditions and hit nearly any profit goal without issue, is Earn2Trade a good option for you? Keep reading to find out!

What is Earn2Trade?


Earn2Trade markets itself as a trading education platform. The platform teaches various fundamental and technical trading techniques that can be applied to your personal trading (outside of the platform), as well as in the trader programs themselves.

That said, most people using Earn2Trade will sign up for the service with the intention of passing one of its evaluation programs. Upon completion of a trading plan, Earn2Trade will connect traders with one of the proprietary trading firms it works with.

Earn2Trade doesn’t support forex trading; the platform focuses on futures trading, making its trader programs less appealing to those who want to gain experience trading different asset types.
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The Benefits of Becoming a Funded Trader

Funded accounts are different from other types of trading accounts because they’re not reliant on your own capital. Instead, you’re able to navigate the financial markets using company funds, which often greatly exceed your own funds!

Let’s assume you make a 10% gain on a trade. If your initial investment had been $1,000, your profit would be $100. However, if you’d invested $100,000 instead, your profit would have been $10,000! This is the main benefit of funded trading: it allows one to make large profits despite not having a lot of their own capital.

For a trader who can meet the profit goal and qualify for an earn2trade funded account, becoming a funded trader is an excellent way to become a professional trader.

The Path to Funding

At the end of the day, Earn2Trade is a trading business. The prop firm clients they work with rely on Earn2Trade to put all traders through various trials to ensure they’re worthy of becoming funded traders. That’s where the trading account programs come in.

Regardless of whether you choose to go for the Trader Career Path (the more beginner-friendly option) or the Gauntlet Mini™ (essentially a futures trading exam program), you’ll be required to follow the specific rules of the trader programs.

Trading accounts are required to abide by a number of different limitations, such as the daily loss limit or the drawdown limit. They’ll also need to meet the designated profit goal and follow the consistency rule (which states that a single trading day can’t account for more than 30% of your total gains/losses).

Since this stage is a test, no “real funds” are used. Instead, traders are given access to a virtual trade simulator (complete with one-click trading). They also have access to a number of additional resources including Journalytix (a journal for tracking trades), news feeds, economic calendar, charting tools, webinars, the “Beginner Crash Course,” and more!

Once you earn a funded trading account, you’ll be connected with one of Earn2Trade’s partners—Helios Trading Partners or Appius Trading Limited—to begin your funded trading journey with real funds.

Expenses to Anticipate

Earn2Trade charges subscription fees, rather than a flat fee, so the costs to become a funded trader are ultimately in your hands. The process could be very cheap or fairly expensive, depending on how long it takes you to qualify.

If you opt for the:

  • Trading Career Path then your simulated trading account will cost $150 per month for a $25,000 account, or $190 per month for a $50,000 account. You are granted one free reset each billing period.
  • Gauntlet Mini then you can anticipate a monthly cost of anywhere from $170 to $550 per month. Simulated funds vary from as little as $50,000 up to $200,000 for the most expensive plans.

Both of these challenges can theoretically be completed in as little as 15 days.

earn2trade funded account: Are You Ready to Attempt the Challenge?

If you’re not interested in trading futures then an earn2trade funded account isn’t for you. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer—nor does it appear to be interested in offering—support for any additional asset classes at this time.

However, if the idea of receiving a funded account to trade futures does sound appealing to you, then earn2trade is a great option! Offering plenty of educational resources, trading tools, and straightforward challenge requirements, earn2trade is easily one of the best ways to secure a future for your trading career.

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