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Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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In the burgeoning world of real estate crowdfunding platforms, two names often pop up – Elevate Money and Fundrise. Both platforms have crafted a niche for themselves, enabling individual investors to dive into the lucrative real estate market without the need for vast capital.
But which one should you choose? This detailed comparison will help you navigate through the features, benefits, and potential returns of both platforms, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Elevate Money is Better for:Fundrise is Better for:
Tailored for new real estate investors seeking hands-off experience.Investors seeking diversified portfolios in real estate.
Those looking for varied property type investments.Non-accredited investors aiming for a slice of the real estate pie.
Investors desiring rental income from individual properties.Individuals looking for passive income streams with minimum fuss.

Introducing the Platforms

Elevate Money: An intriguing platform, Elevate Money makes real estate investing accessible to both the average investor and the seasoned pro. Their model lets you choose individual property deals, offering both equity investments and rental income opportunities. This direct approach enables retail investors to have a say in their investment choices. Check out their platform here.

Fundrise: As one of the pioneering real estate crowdfunding platforms, Fundrise has a strong track record in making the real estate market accessible to accredited and non-accredited investors alike. From commercial properties to multifamily residences, their investment options are vast.

Their platform provides an immersive experience, complete with insights, statistics, and straightforward investment plans. For a comprehensive look at what Fundrise offers, read our detailed review.

Elevate Money Logo Fundrise Logo
Type of Service Real Estate Crowdfunding Real Estate Investment Trusts
Best Use Individual Deals Diversified Portfolios
Customer Support Good Excellent
Target Audience New and Experienced Investors Non-accredited Investors
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Factor 1: Accessibility and Investment Minimum

Fundrise stands out with its low minimum investment requirements

  • Elevate Money offers direct access to individual real estate deals.
  • Fundrise is preferred due to its accessibility for nonaccredited investors.

Fundrise prides itself on democratizing real estate investing. With a relatively low initial investment, even nonaccredited investors can start building their real estate portfolio. This inclusivity, paired with the platform’s vast array of investment options, makes it a favorite for those eager to venture into the realm of real estate without a hefty bank balance.

While Elevate Money offers an array of real estate deals, it requires a slightly higher investment minimum. Their platform is unique in allowing investors direct access to individual properties, letting them have a say in their investment decisions. This model might appeal to those who wish to be more hands-on with their real estate ventures.

Factor 2: Diversification Opportunities

Fundrise offers a diverse array of real estate portfolios

  • Elevate Money leans towards individual property deals.
  • Fundrise is the top choice for those seeking portfolio diversification.

With Fundrise, investors can diversify their investments across different types of properties, ranging from commercial properties to multifamily residences. This strategy offers more protection against potential market downturns. Moreover, their Growth REIT and other investment plans ensure that one’s financial goals align with their chosen assets.

Elevate Money, on the other hand, focuses more on individual real estate deals. While this approach offers investors the chance to handpick their investments, it lacks the broad diversification available with Fundrise. For those looking to heavily invest in specific property types or keen on managing individual properties, Elevate might be the go-to choice.

Factor 3: Passive Income Potential

Fundrise has an edge with its passive income streams through REITs

  • Elevate Money provides rental income from individual property deals.
  • Fundrise is ideal for investors prioritizing steady passive income.

One of Fundrise’s major selling points is its potential to generate passive income for investors. Their real estate investment trusts (REITs) often distribute quarterly dividends, offering a steady cash flow. This is particularly enticing for those wanting a hands-off investment that regularly adds to their income without the need for active management.

While Elevate Money focuses on individual real estate property, there is potential for rental income, especially with their residential properties. However, this might require more active involvement in property management compared to Fundrise’s REIT model. Those who have experience in real estate and enjoy the intricacies of property management might find Elevate Money more appealing.

Factor 4: Track Record and Stability

Fundrise boasts a strong track record in the real estate crowdfunding domain

  • Elevate Money is newer but offers unique individual deals.
  • Due to its proven record of success, Fundrise is preferred.

Having been in the business for a significant period, Fundrise has established itself as a reliable real estate investing platform. Their consistent returns and transparent approach have garnered trust from both accredited and non-accredited investors. Their platform’s stability and vast experience in managing diversified portfolios make them a safer bet for many.

Being a newer entrant, Elevate Money doesn’t have the extensive history that Fundrise can boast. However, they have introduced a fresh perspective to the real estate crowdfunding platforms, offering unique individual property deals. For investors looking for new opportunities and willing to experiment, Elevate Money can be an interesting choice.

Factor 5: User Experience and Platform Features

Fundrise provides an immersive experience with comprehensive investment insights

  • Elevate Money’s platform is intuitive with direct access to individual deals.
  • Despite Elevate’s impressive platform, Fundrise’s holistic approach wins here.

Fundrise’s online platform is user-friendly and offers a plethora of information. Investors can access detailed insights about properties, historical returns, and potential risks. Their platform also allows users to align investments with their financial goals —making the investment journey smoother and more personalized.

Elevate Money has done a commendable job with its platform, making it intuitive and easy to navigate. Their direct access feature to individual deals provides transparency. However, when compared to Fundrise’s extensive insights and investment alignment features, it falls just a bit short.

The Verdict

Both Elevate Money and Fundrise bring valuable offerings to the table. Elevate Money, with its individual property deals, caters to investors who crave a more hands-on experience. On the other hand, Fundrise, with its diversified portfolios, passive income streams, and strong track record, emerges as a more holistic platform — especially for those new to the world of real estate.

For the seasoned investor, Elevate Money might offer some exciting opportunities. But for the majority, especially non-accredited investors seeking consistent returns and a diversified approach, Fundrise seems to be the superior choice.

Ready to dive into the world of real estate investing? Click here to get started with Fundrise and explore the vast opportunities it has to offer.
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