Elite Trader Funding Discount: Unveiling the Game-Changer in Prop Trading

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September 8, 2023September 8, 2023

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Elite Trader Funding is a game-changing platform in the competitive prop trading landscape. The firm provides traders with an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their trading skills in a simulated environment, with the possibility of receiving real funding for successful performance. What sets Elite Trader Funding apart are its flexible trading conditions, minimal trading rules, and advantageous leverage options. The platform’s robust profit-split arrangement allows traders to keep 80% of their profits after the first $12,500.

In today’s trading world, where costs can quickly pile up, we are happy to offer you a remarkable discount through our “ETF4EVER” coupon code. This code allows traders to save 65%, making it easier than ever to enter the prop trading sphere without breaking the bank.

We aim to provide a comprehensive look into Elite Trader Funding’s crucial aspects, ensuring you have all the information you need about this innovative trading platform.

Save 65% on Elite Trader Funding with Coupon Code ETF4EVER

The Minds Behind Elite Trader Funding

Elite Trader Funding, established in February 2022, was founded with a clear objective: to support and empower retail traders while rewarding their discipline. Though the company may be a new entrant in the trading world, the minds behind it are far from rookies.

The trio of founding members—Clint Chaney, Kanwal, and Eric—bring a wealth of experience to the table. Together, they boast over 15 years in the banking sector, over 40 years in trading across various commodities and energy sectors, and an additional 20 years in web development and network engineering. Co-founder Clint Chaney emphasizes the importance of understanding traders’ unique challenges.

Their collective background validates their expertise and resonates with their mission to make trading accessible and rewarding for retail traders. As Clint puts it, “ETF may be new to traders, but we are not new to trading.”

Key Features of Elite Trader Funding

Evaluation Options

Elite Trader Funding offers a range of evaluation options tailored to different kinds of traders. The platform has designed multiple evaluation packages that vary in account size, duration, and profit targets. These packages aim to suit individual trading styles and financial goals, allowing traders to showcase their skills in a simulated environment before gaining access to real funds.

Flexible Trading Conditions

One of the standout features of Elite Trader Funding is its flexible trading conditions. Unlike many traditional trading platforms with rigid rules, Elite Trader Funding allows traders to engage the market during preferred hours. Whether you’re a night owl who likes the Asian markets or trade best during the U.S. market hours, the platform accommodates all. This level of flexibility provides a distinct advantage, allowing traders to operate when they are most comfortable and effective.

Profit Split

The lucrative profit-sharing scheme sets Elite Trader Funding apart from its competitors. After traders pass the evaluation phase and start trading with real funds, they can expect an 80% profit split after the first $12,500 earnings. In simple terms, this means that for every dollar you make above this threshold, 80 cents go directly to you. This attractive feature ensures that the traders are amply rewarded for their skill and hard work, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the platform and its users.

In conclusion, Elite Trader Funding offers a combination of key features designed to meet the needs of various traders. From diverse evaluation options to flexible trading conditions and a rewarding profit split, the platform sets itself apart as a top choice for serious traders.

Elite Trader Funding Discount and Pricing

Regarding cost, Elite Trader Funding offers variable fees that can adapt to different trading volumes and styles. This is in contrast to many platforms with a one-size-fits-all fee structure, which can often be limiting. Here, you pay according to what you trade, making it a more balanced financial commitment.

The variable fee structure means your costs are directly related to your trading activities. If you’re a heavy trader, you’ll naturally incur higher fees, but you’ll also have the opportunity to benefit from larger account sizes and more extensive market access. For those who trade less frequently, the costs are cheaper, enabling them to invest more capital.

One of the more enticing aspects of the platform’s pricing is our Elite Trader Funding discount through the “ETF4EVER” coupon code. This is an excellent opportunity for traders to experience the platform’s features at a reduced cost. Applying this code during your initial setup can lead to a 65% savings, whether you’re just starting or looking to switch from another service.

Overall, the pricing structure and discount options at Elite Trader Funding make it an attractive choice for traders. Not only do you get variable fees that adapt to your trading volume, but the chance to use a coupon code adds an extra layer of financial flexibility. This makes the platform affordable and accessible, aligning well with its mission to serve traders of all levels and types.


Elite Trader Funding has emerged as a robust platform in the trading industry. It caters to the needs of a diverse range of traders—from novices to seasoned professionals. The platform focuses on creating an environment where traders can flourish by offering a multitude of key features,

Its transparent practices have earned it high ratings on Trustpilot, cementing its reputation as a trustworthy trading partner. The company goes above and beyond by offering high-quality customer support 24/7 through multiple channels. Moreover, the educational resources provided are instrumental in ensuring traders are well informed and prepared for the trading world.

One of the cherry-on-tops for anyone considering the platform is the availability of our Elite Trader Funding discount. With our coupon code “ETF4EVER”, users can enjoy a 65% reduction, making it an even more affordable option.

As you contemplate the next step in your trading journey, Elite Trader Funding is a comprehensive, trustworthy, and cost-effective choice. Why not take advantage of the unique features, high trust, and generous discount? To explore what Elite Trader Funding can offer you, click here and get started on a rewarding trading adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Give Elite Trader Funding a try and elevate your trading experience to new heights.

Save 65% on Elite Trader Funding with Coupon Code ETF4EVER

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