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Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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In the personal finance management industry, EveryDollar and Quicken are two popular financial tools, each offering unique features to help users manage their money effectively.

EveryDollar, associated with financial guru Dave Ramsey, is known for its simplicity and zero-based budgeting approach. Quicken, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive financial management experience with features ranging from budgeting to investment tracking and rental property management.

This comparison aims to dissect the functionalities, user experience, and overall value of each platform to guide users in selecting the tool that best suits their financial planning needs.

EveryDollar is Better for:Quicken is Better for:
Fans of Dave Ramsey and his zero-based budgeting method.Users seeking an all-encompassing financial overview with automated tracking.
Users seeking a straightforward budgeting tool without complex features.Individual investors looking for advanced investment tracking features.
Individuals who want to set and track custom savings goals.Individuals who own or manage rental properties.
Users who prefer manually tracking their expenses.Users who desire insights into spending habits with detailed reports.
Those who enjoy setting up and managing a detailed budget.Those who prefer a mobile-friendly, comprehensive budgeting experience.

Introducing the Platforms


EveryDollar, a part of Ramsey Solutions, focuses on zero-based budgeting, encouraging users to allocate every dollar they earn towards expenses, savings, or debt. The platform is simple yet effective, allowing users to manually enter their transactions or connect to their bank for automatic updates with its premium version. EveryDollar promotes a disciplined approach to budgeting, aligning with Dave Ramsey’s financial principles.

Check out EveryDollar’s main page for more information.


Quicken provides a dynamic and intuitive approach to personal finance. It offers a range of features, from budgeting and savings goals to spending analysis and upcoming bill alerts. Quicken’s strength lies in its ability to give users a comprehensive view of their financial health by syncing with various financial institutions, encompassing bank accounts, credit cards, and investments. Quicken also offers a budgeting app, Simplifi by Quicken – check out my full review of the platform.

Learn More About Quicken

EveryDollar logo Quicken
Type of Service Zero-based budgeting Comprehensive financial management
Best Use Manual budgeting and expense tracking Automated budgeting and financial overview
Customer Support Basic support with financial coaching options Extensive support with educational resources
Additional Features Budget reports, goal-setting Investment tracking, customizable categories
Integration with Financial Institutions Limited account synchronization Seamless integration with various institutions
User Interface Simple and straightforward Intuitive and user-friendly
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Factor 1: Budgeting and Expense Tracking

Quicken provides advanced budgeting with automation

  • EveryDollar offers simple zero-based budgeting.
  • Quicken is favored for its advanced budgeting features, making it superior for comprehensive expense tracking.

EveryDollar’s approach is centered around straightforward zero-based budgeting, appealing to manual budgeters. In contrast, Quicken stands out with advanced budgeting tools, including automation, which enhances expense tracking and customization options.

Quicken’s advanced budgeting capabilities set it apart in this category, offering users a more comprehensive solution for managing their finances effectively.

Factor 2: Savings Goals and Financial Planning

Quicken offers dynamic savings goal tracking with progress visualization

  • EveryDollar allows users to set and track savings goals within their budget.
  • Quicken is preferred for its versatile savings goal tracking, making it superior for financial planning.

EveryDollar integrates savings goals into its budgeting platform, promoting proactive savings within the budget. Quicken, on the other hand, provides dynamic savings goal tracking with progress visualization, offering a more versatile tool for comprehensive financial planning.

Quicken’s robust savings goal-tracking functionality makes it the preferred choice for users looking to plan and achieve their financial goals effectively.

Factor 3: Integration and Synchronization with Financial Accounts

Quicken excels with seamless integration across numerous financial institutions

  • EveryDollar offers basic account synchronization in its premium version.
  • Quicken is the winner for its robust account synchronization capabilities.

While EveryDollar provides basic account synchronization in its premium version, it primarily focuses on manual budgeting. In contrast, Quicken shines in this area with seamless integration across various financial institutions, offering users a holistic view of their finances, including bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments.

Quicken’s advanced account synchronization capabilities make it the preferred choice for users seeking comprehensive financial account integration.

Factor 4: User Experience and Accessibility

Quicken offers a dynamic and engaging user experience with a mobile app

  • EveryDollar has a straightforward interface, suitable for manual budgeters who prefer simplicity.
  • Quicken wins for its superior user experience and accessibility.

EveryDollar’s simple interface is well-suited for manual budgeters who prefer a no-frills approach. In contrast, Quicken provides a dynamic and engaging user experience with both a mobile app and a web platform, catering to both novice and experienced users. Quicken’s interface enhances the overall user experience, offering a range of tools and features for effective financial management.

Quicken’s superior user experience and accessibility make it the preferred choice for individuals looking for an intuitive and feature-rich budgeting tool.

Factor 5: Customer Support and Educational Resources

Quicken provides extensive customer support with a wide range of educational resources

  • EveryDollar offers basic customer support with financial coaching options.
  • Quicken is favored for its comprehensive customer support and educational offerings.

EveryDollar offers basic customer support and the option for users to access financial coaching. However, it falls short in terms of comprehensive educational resources. In contrast, Quicken excels in providing extensive customer support, including a wide range of educational materials, tutorials, and resources to help users maximize their financial management experience.

Quicken’s commitment to customer support and educational resources makes it the preferred choice for users who value access to assistance and learning materials to enhance their financial knowledge and skills.

The Verdict

In the comparison between EveryDollar and Quicken, Quicken emerges as the more robust and versatile personal finance tool. Its comprehensive feature set, including advanced budgeting tools, savings goal tracking, seamless account integration, and a superior user experience, make it an excellent choice for a wide range of users.

EveryDollar, with its focus on zero-based budgeting, offers a solid platform for users who prefer a more hands-on approach to budgeting. However, for those seeking a more dynamic and automated personal finance tool, Quicken provides a more comprehensive solution.

For individuals looking to take control of their financial lives with an intuitive and feature-rich budgeting app, Quicken is a standout choice – click here to explore further.

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