Expanding Mobile Video Conferencing Solutions for Business

We live in a world where boundaries are becoming more and more blurry. Every day, thousands of people communicate across distance, make friends that live in other countries and even tie relationships so strong that they eventually end up getting married.

Every day, hundreds and even thousands of online businesses are born, and thousands of offline businesses make another step towards building a visible online presence.

Under these circumstances, your business needs to move along with the “times” and it needs to adapt itself to the wonderful opportunities that are open today precisely because communication across distance has gotten so much better.

Video conferencing has been around for quite some time, and more and more businesses are acknowledging the great advantages that come with it. For instance, imagine how much money your business can save by holding video conferences with employees that are located in another state instead of flying them in every time there is something important they need to know.

Blue Jeans has created a video conferencing system that works better than ever before. It has been designed knowing very well that the world out there is constantly changing; therefore, there is a need to expand video conferencing solutions so that every single business can reap its benefits.

Which are the things that move us beyond normal video conferencing? Read on and find out more.

Extreme Caution and Safety

Unfortunately, not everyone on the Internet has good intentions. Hackers are a real threat for everyone: businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations and even to the average Internet user browsing various webpages. The fact that you and your business need to feel safe while videoconferencing. We know very well that every single bit of information can cost your business much more than some people can imagine. We know that a “third party” that “takes a peek” into your videoconference can pose a huge threat for the success of your business.

This is precisely why you need to search for a video conferencing system that is extremely safe and impenetrable. Because we use Firewall/NAT Transversal connections, your video conferences will be safer than ever. No more guests who weren’t invited to the “party”! No more fearing that someone might steal precious information! Just you and your conference partners, safety and excellent communication.

Pushing the Boundaries

You also need a system that is more than video chat software – and in fact it is not even an actual software. For example, Blue Jeans will not require you to install anything you most likely don’t have already. You simply need to log in with your account, you need some video-enabling equipment and you also need a decent Internet connection. Aside from that, there’s nothing else other than you and your ideas sent across the geographical boundaries.

Modern video conferencing solutions provide you with a set of tools that are indispensable for quality video conferences. For example, some systems will enable you to share real-time videos with your conference partners (and they will see it at the same time as you do, in the same quality as well). You will also be enabled to share other types of HD content too – so that your conference turns out as a real success and so you don’t feel limited to just a few ways of sending your message and the important information you want to share.

Mobility and Versatility

Modern video conferencing solutions (e.g. Blue Jeans) are not in any way limited. In fact, they allow you to “un-limit” yourself in ways you probably did not even think were possible just one decade ago. A modern video conferencing solution provides businesses with the opportunity to communicate regardless of what kind of devices they use: be them desktop computers, laptops, tablets or even smartphones. Even more than that, such a solution will not want you to limit yourself and your conference partners to using one operating system only – and this is why our system works on various operating systems (including Android and iOS).

Wherever you are and whatever device you have with you, a cloud-based system will enable you to start a conference that will help you send your message.

A modern business video conferencing system is easy to use and reliable – and evens someone with not very much experience in the IT/communications industry will be able to use it. From now on, your business can feel free of any kind of restrictions precisely because technology has become almost unlimited. A world full of opportunities can open before your eyes – and all it takes is creating an account with a good conferencing system). Your sales, customer support, HR and executive departments will all benefit from this choice and your business will grow bigger and stronger than ever!

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