My Decision To Live In An Expensive City

As I prepare for my move at the end of the month, I’ve been thinking more and more about my decision to stay close to Vancouver.

It is one of the very expensive cities to live in, but I feel at home here.

Am I a fool for staying here when I can’t really afford it? Maybe, but I just can’t see myself living anywhere else in the world at this point in my life.

What Makes This City Expensive?

You could blame all those years of being ranked as one of the top cities to live in. Obviously there’s a reason this city gets those rankings though.

Technically they make those lists based on the following criteria: stability, health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. So it’s got those kinds things going for it. Generally it’s just a beautiful city with plenty to see and do. Plus it’s one of the few areas in Canada that gets very little snow.

As a result of those benefits, rent prices and housing prices are very steep. With all the great restaurants here, dining out can really add up too. Also I’m a sucker for wasting money on things like concerts and sporting events, especially my favorite team the Vancouver Canucks. I used to go skiing a fair, but have cut back on that mostly due to the high price. All of those things add up to a high cost of living.

Career Opportunities

Originally I moved from a small town in northern BC to the Vancouver area to go to college. Since I was taking an IT related program, I knew I would likely have to stay in a big city for the large number of job opportunities.

Since I was already growing emotionally attached to the Vancouver area, I had no problem sticking around for work. So here I started my career, first as a programmer/webmaster and then later transitioned into website marketing.

These days I’ve been working from home on my own projects, including this blog. Still, I know if those projects don’t work out, I will need to be in a big city to have a chance of getting an actual job.

Friends and Family

The other big reason for choosing to stay here is to be close to friends and family. Since I’ve always lived in BC, most of my family and friends are here too. Moving to another big city would mean living further away from them and really starting fresh.


While I probably won’t live near Vancouver long term, it does look like I will be here for the foreseeable future. Eventually I’ll smarten up and move somewhere that will allow me to save for retirement easier.

Now I’ll hand things over to the readers. Have you ever chosen to live somewhere expensive? How big a factor is price for you when deciding on where to live?

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