Top 10 Tips on How to Explore Rome on a Budget

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to spend a small fortune while on vacation in Rome. However, there are ways to save cash when exploring Italy’s capital. If you want to keep your spending in check, take a look at these 10 money-saving tips.

1) Expand your search for accommodation

When you’re booking holidays to Rome, keep an eye out for accommodation located away from the city center. Bear in mind that the metro system is easy to navigate and it’s inexpensive, meaning there’s no need to restrict yourself to hotels or apartments right in the heart of the action.

2) Dine like a local

Seek out cheap local restaurants too. One great example is Enoteca Corsi. Attached to a wine shop, this family-run eatery may be no-frills, but it serves up delicious dishes at low prices.

3) Fill up in the fountains

Rome can be sweltering during the summer, and it’s easy to get dehydrated. To keep your fluids topped up, take a water bottle wherever you go. You can fill this up for free in the public drinking fountains.

4) Learn to say ‘no’ to salesmen

Just like many major tourist hubs, Rome has its fair share of street salesmen. Learn to say ‘no’ early to avoid unwanted purchases.

5) Check out the free art

You can pay to see fabulous art in the city, but there is plenty on offer for free too. For example, most churches boast impressive works of art that you can see without spending a cent.

6) Explore the markets

Rome’s markets are always a hive of activity, and it’s easy to spend hours wandering through the stalls.

7) Catch a film

To see some cinema for free, make your way to the Casa Del Cinema. The City of Rome subsidises screenings each afternoon and evening.

8) Listen to the blues

If you enjoy live music, check out Big Mama. This free entry blues club is one of the best venues in the whole of Rome.

9) Enjoy the views

For impressive views over the city, make your way up Gianicolo hill. Enjoying these vistas costs you nothing.

10) People watch in the piazzas

Soaking up the atmosphere in the city’s squares is a must too. From the Piazza della Republica to the Piazza Navona, these are great places to people watch.

As long as you’re savvy, and keep in mind some of these top tips, it’s possible to enjoy the beautiful city of Rome on a budget.

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