My Favorite Aspects of the Mint App

Have you heard of Mint? If not, chances are you’re living in the dark ages when it comes to financial management. Reading on just about any personal finance blog, you’ll eventually come across Mint.

Why? Everyone talks about it because it’s one of the most versatile apps for money management. It doesn’t just help with budgeting, or investments, or managing debts; Mint helps with all of that and more. For in depth details about the app, click here to read our review. Today, I’ll be going over what I see as the most important aspects of the app.

Account Linking

This is my favorite part of the app. I’m a busy guy. So, it’s almost impossible for me to sit down for a couple of hours a week manage all of my accounts. I’ve got to remember websites, passwords, and other data. Once I get into the accounts, the pen and paper method of tracking just doesn’t work for me. With Mint, it’s possible to link all of my accounts. Therefore, all I need to do is log into my Mint dashboard and everything is there on display for me. I can access everything I need in one place!

Budgeting/Spending Insights

It’s kind of funny that I talk about budgeting so much because it’s something I absolutely hate doing. As a matter of fact, I’ve spent the last couple of years researching and coming up with methods that make budgeting easier and more fun. Let’s face it; if it wasn’t such a boring process, more of us would do it.

Mint takes the pain out of budgeting. Of course, having all of your accounts in one place makes budgeting easy enough, but they go far beyond that. In the user dashboard, you’ll receive budget and spending insights. Mint will take a look at your spending, your income, and your bills; then return tips on how to get and keep your budget under control!

Ads That Actually Help

Any free money management app, website, or other piece of online technology is going to have some sort of ads. It’s how they can afford to operate a free service. However, often times, the systems are convoluted with ads that just don’t make sense. With Mint, even the ads they show are money management tools. Based on the information they’ve been able to gather from your personal financial portfolio, Mint will show you ads for products that will help you.

For instance, if you’ve got bad credit scores and are in the process of trying to improve your credit, they may show an ad for a secured credit card. If you’re investing and not getting returns that they know one of their partners can send you, they’ll show ads for investment platforms that may be better. The bottom line is most of the time I look at ads as a headache placed improperly on an app. In this case, the ads really are tools!

Final Thoughts

Mint really is an amazing app. If you’ve read our review, you already know that. However, if you are using Mint, it’s important to pay attention to the 3 tools I mentioned above. I mean, what’s the point of using the app if you don’t connect your accounts and use the tools?

Reader Question

What’s your favorite part of the Mint app?