Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program: An In-Depth Review for Seasoned Traders

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August 16, 2023August 16, 2023


Having the right resources and backing is crucial in the competitive trading world. That’s where the Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program comes into the picture. Run by Fidelcrest LLC, a successful prop firm, it offers a distinctive approach to supporting successful traders. It allows them to prove their skills and earn profit splits.

The Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program offers two programs: Micro Trader Program and the Pro Trader Program. Each program offers two types of trading challenges: Normal and Aggressive. Participants can choose the challenge that suits their style depending on their risk appetite and trading strategies. Successful traders are then eligible for attractive profit splits, creating a win-win scenario for both the company and the trader.

What sets the Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program apart is the specific features and services tailored to the needs of experienced traders. Whether you’re interested in stocks, CFDs, or cryptocurrencies, this review of Fidelcrest’s Funded Trader Program provides insights into how this program may be the right fit.

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Fidelcrest Trading Challenges

The Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program offers unique challenges for professional and beginner traders. It allows them to prove their abilities and access funded trading accounts. The program’s two primary pathways are the Pro Trader Program and the Micro Trader Program, each having two types of challenges: Normal and Aggressive.

  • Pro Trader Program: Aimed at professional-level traders, this program provides access to funded accounts ranging from $250,000 to $1,000,000. Both Normal and Aggressive challenges are available within this tier. It encompasses two phases, after which traders can become Fidelcrest Traders.
    • Pro Trader Normal: It has three starting capital traders can choose from. For a $999 fee, traders start with $250,000 in funding. For $1,899, traders start with $500,000. And for a $2,999 price, traders start with a $1,000,000 Fidelcrest-funded account. Designed for consistency and risk management, traders must obtain a 10% profit target within 60 days.
    • Pro Trader Aggressive: For $1,999, traders start with a $250,000 capital or $500,000 for a $3,499 fee. With a potential 90% profit split, it demands a 20% profit target and robust trading strategies.
  • Micro Trader Program: Catering mainly to beginner traders, this program offers accounts starting at $15,000 and going up to $60,000. Like the Pro Trader Program, it also provides a Normal and an Aggressive option.
    • Micro Trader Normal: It tests fundamental trading and risk management skills with reachable profit goals within a set timeframe.
    • Micro Trader Aggressive: For those aiming for higher rewards, these challenges require meeting a 20% profit target, offering a more significant profit split.

The process for both programs involves a three-step structure. In the Trading Challenge phase, participants must achieve the set profit goal within 60 days without breaking the rules. Success in this phase leads to the Verification stage, where their abilities will be assessed over another 60 days. Lastly, traders who prove their capabilities become Fidelcrest Traders, free to trade with the firm’s capital within set loss limits.

The company emphasizes the importance of maintaining a consistent strategy. The Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program values consistency, discipline, and a clear understanding of market dynamics. It rewards skilled traders who adhere to these principles with opportunities for growth and profit.

Through these challenges, Fidelcrest aims to overcome the common obstacle of insufficient trading capital and provides a structured path for traders at various levels to progress in their trading careers.

Features of the Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program

The Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program is not just about challenges and capital options. It also provides a robust set of features that cater to the diverse needs of traders. Here’s a look at some critical aspects of the program:

  • MT4 & MT5: The Fidelcrest platform supports both MT4 & MT5. It allows traders to execute their trades with familiar tools and interfaces seamlessly.
  • Trade Options: Traders can trade in various trading options, including Stocks, CFDs (Contracts for Difference), Cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • Flexible Trading Rules: Unlike other programs, Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program doesn’t impose mandatory stop-loss or consistency rules. This allows traders to develop strategies which aligns with the program’s emphasis on individual skills and market understanding.
  • Customer Support: The Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program prides itself on offering strong customer support. From responsive assistance to user-friendly platforms, the emphasis is on ensuring a satisfying experience for every trader.

In summary, the features of the Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program make it a comprehensive and appealing option for traders at all levels. By supporting popular platforms, providing diverse trading options, allowing flexibility in trading rules, and ensuring excellent customer support, Fidelcrest creates an environment where traders can thrive and grow.

How to Get Started with the Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program

Embarking on a trading career with the Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program is an exciting opportunity. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ease the process:

  • Visit the Official Website: The journey begins on the Fidelcrest official website, where detailed information about the funded trader programs is readily available.
  • Choose a Challenge: Depending on personal preferences, traders can choose between the Normal and Aggressive challenges, selecting the initial capital options for Pro or Micro Trader.
  • Register and Purchase: After carefully considering the options, you must register, select and purchase the chosen plan.
  • Prepare for the Challenge: Utilize the resources provided by Fidelcrest to prepare adequately. MT4 & MT5 platform support and access to trade options such as stocks, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies will be at the trader’s disposal.
  • Begin Trading: Once prepared, it’s time to start the trading challenge. Consistent strategy and adherence to the challenge rules are crucial for success.
  • Seek Support if Needed: Fidelcrest provides customer support to enhance user experience, guiding traders through any obstacles.

Joining the Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program is not just about starting a new career in trading; it’s a pathway to success. These simple steps ensure a smooth initiation into a program offering flexibility, customer service, and opportunities to grow in financial trading.


The Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program emerges as a well-rounded and promising pathway for traders looking to embark on a funded trading journey. Its key aspects cater to novice and experienced traders alike, with challenges designed to stimulate growth and evaluate the traders’ potential.

The two distinct paths within the program, namely the Pro Trader and Micro Trader Programs, allow for a tailored approach. They offer Normal and Aggressive challenges to suit various risk profiles and trading styles. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, there’s a challenge to fit your aspirations.

The Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program best suits those looking to challenge themselves and work with a company that genuinely invests in their success. By offering a comprehensive support system, opportunities for continuous learning, and the incentive of trading with significant capital, Fidelcrest builds a robust platform for financial advancement.

Are you considering a new trading challenge or accelerating your trading career? The Fidelcrest Funded Trader Program might be the perfect fit for you. Click here and take the first step toward your trading success. Don’t wait; your trading future awaits!

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