On the Town: Financially Managing Your Social Life

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If you work hard you probably want to play hard too and rightfully so. After a hard week at work, relaxing with friends is something to look forward to.

However, a night out with friends or even having hobbies which enhance your social life all cost money.

In short, if you take a look at what you’ve spent on your social life at the end of the month, you’ll probably be surprised at how it all adds up.

Never fear; there are ways of having fun while balancing the books and here are just a few to get you going.

Budget, budget, budget

Budgeting is one of the most basic aspects of managing money but how many people pay serious attention to what is coming in and what is going out?

Take a good look at what you can afford to spend on socializing each month and stick to it. At more expensive times of the year like Christmas or a busy month for birthdays, allow yourself a little more.

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Who knows, you might get lucky and win money to put towards your social life!

Be a bargain hunter

Alongside making a budget is putting on your bargain hunter’s cap.

Instead of always going out for a night on the town, have friends over for dinner and a DVD. This works out cheaper and is more relaxing and cozy than going into town.

Also, keep your ear to the ground for deals at your usual haunts like Happy Hours and ticket offers. Plenty of restaurants bars and cinemas promote offers on a routine basis. Researching this takes effort but it will be worth it in the end.

Responsible spending

The culture of spending what you don’t have through use of credit cards has numbed millions of people to the risk of living on the ‘never-never’. Credit cards are great when used sensibly but often they are not. If you are worried you will overspend on a night out, it might be worth leaving the credit card at home and sticking to a set amount of cash.

Likewise, if you are heading to a casino on a night out with friends or for a special occasion, be strict and remember to set yourself rules on how long you play for so that you stay in control.

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