Fintel vs FinViz 2023

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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In the ever-evolving landscape of the stock market, investors need reliable tools to navigate the complex world of trading. Fintel and FinViz are two formidable platforms – each offering a slew of features to help both individual and institutional investors make informed decisions.

With extensive options for stock analysis, screening, and real-time data, the question becomes: Which platform should you choose? This article aims to offer a detailed comparison to help you find the right fit.

Fintel is Better for:FinViz is Better for:
Ideal for institutional investors seeking in-depth financial modelsPerfect for active traders looking for real-time news
Excellent for long-term investors needing detailed analyst reportsExcellent for individuals seeking powerful screeners
Best for those who require real-time stock quotesGood choice for those needing heat maps for quick market analysis
Great for advanced users looking for customizable filtersIdeal for swing traders interested in technical indicators

Introducing the Platforms


Fintel specializes in providing comprehensive financial analytics and data to both individual and institutional investors. It offers real-time stock quotes, detailed analyst reports, and sophisticated financial models. To gain more insights on Fintel, you can read our detailed review.


FinViz, short for Financial Visualization, offers an intuitive platform equipped with powerful stock screeners, real-time news, and advanced charting tools. It’s a one-stop toolbox for investors who require immediate updates and visuals. Check out our in-depth review for more information on FinViz.

Fintel Logo Finviz
Type of Service Financial Analytics Financial Visualization
Best Use Institutional Investors Institutional Investors
Customer Support Business Hours 24/7 Support
Real-Time Quotes Yes Yes
Custom Dashboards Yes Limited

More Info

More Info

Modest Money Overall Rating
4.5 rating based on 5 ratings
4.2 rating based on 5 ratings

Factor 1: Real-Time Data and Quotes

Fintel offers real-time stock quotes along with real-time data

  • FinViz also provides real-time quotes but emphasizes real-time news.
  • Fintel is preferred for its comprehensive real-time stock quotes.

Fintel shines in delivering real-time stock quotes and extensive real-time data. This makes it a reliable platform for institutional investors and anyone requiring up-to-the-minute information for detailed analysis.

FinViz, on the other hand, excels in offering real-time news updates. While it does provide real-time quotes, the platform leans more towards keeping traders updated on market events – making it ideal for active traders.

Factor 2: Stock Screening and Analysis

Fintel provides detailed financial models and analyst reports

  • FinViz offers powerful screeners with both technical and fundamental criteria.
  • Finviz takes this round for its versatile stock screening tools.

Fintel offers sophisticated financial models and comprehensive analyst reports, making it a go-to for in-depth stock analysis. The platform allows investors to delve deep into financial ratios, earnings, and analyst forecasts.

FinViz shines in providing versatile stock screening tools. It enables users to filter stocks based on a wide range of technical and fundamental criteria. With its intuitive interface, you can easily identify potential trading opportunities.

Factor 3: User Interface and Customization

Fintel offers customizable filters and a detailed dashboard

  • FinViz provides a user-friendly interface with limited customization options.
  • Fintel takes the win for its advanced customization features.

Fintel’s user interface is designed for those who love to tweak settings to their liking. Customizable filters allow investors to sort data based on their specific needs, and the platform’s detailed dashboards offer a personalized experience.

FinViz, although user-friendly, offers limited customization options. It does, however, provide heat maps and other visual aids to help traders quickly assess the stock market. The platform is more geared towards investors who appreciate quick, visual data.

Factor 4: Charting and Technical Tools

FinViz excels in offering advanced charting tools and technical indicators

  • Fintel provides fundamental analysis tools but lacks advanced charting.
  • FinViz wins this round for its robust charting capabilities.

FinViz is a paradise for traders interested in technical analysis. The platform offers advanced charting tools equipped with a variety of technical indicators, perfect for the active trader or swing trader. This makes it ideal for investors interested in detailed analysis of stock performance.

Fintel, on the other hand, leans more toward fundamental analysis. It doesn’t offer the same range of advanced charting tools as Finviz, but it makes up for it with its robust financial models and analyst reports.

Factor 5: Customer Support

Fintel offers customer support during business hours

  • FinViz provides 24/7 customer support for its users.
  • Fintel is the go-to for its reliable, though limited, customer support.

Fintel offers a robust customer support service, but it’s limited to business hours. This could be a downside for traders who need assistance outside of the standard office timeframe. Nonetheless, the quality of customer service offered by Fintel is reliable and thorough.

FinViz takes a different approach by offering 24/7 customer support, catering to the varied schedules of its user base. The anytime availability makes it a handy choice for traders who might require assistance at unconventional hours.

The Verdict

Both Fintel and FinViz have carved out their niches in the investing world, serving a myriad of users with their unique strengths. Fintel stands out for its comprehensive real-time stock quotes, advanced customization options, and reliable customer support. Finviz, however, shines in the realms of stock screening and technical charting.

When all is said and done, Fintel takes the win for its all-around comprehensive offering. While FinViz is a strong contender, especially for active traders, Fintel’s advanced features and real-time data make it a slightly more versatile choice for a broader range of investors.

Ready to make your investment journey more insightful? Click here to get started with Fintel today or explore what FinViz has to offer by going here. Both platforms have unique strengths that could align well with your investment goals.

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