FinViz Heat Maps: Does this Help Your Stock Trading?

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February 6, 2023February 6, 2023


You may have heard of stock traders using various tools to make better investment decisions. One of the most useful tools out there is the heat map.

But what is a heat map exactly?

This visual representation of data uses color to represent different values. This can help traders get a quick overview of different market sectors and see how stocks perform.

But what if you were told there’s a heat map that takes this to the next level? I’m talking about FinViz heat maps.

In this article, I’ll walk you through what FinViz heat maps are and why you should consider using a stock market heat map like this one.

And the ultimate goal? Help you become a better trader.
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How Do Heat Maps Help Your Stock Trading?

Heat maps can be a valuable tool for traders because they provide a quick and easy way to see how different market sectors and individual stocks perform.

This is especially important because stocks don’t always move in the same direction.

For example, technology stocks may perform well, but energy stocks may struggle. A heat map can help you see this at a glance, making it easier to make informed trading decisions.

Let’s say you’re interested in trading tech stocks. With a heat map, you can quickly see which tech stocks are performing well and which are underperforming. This can help you decide better which stocks to buy and sell based on their current market performance.

Another way heat maps can help your trading is by giving you a visual representation of market sentiment. For example, suppose you see that most stocks in a particular sector are showing green (meaning they are performing well). In that case, you can use this information to make good decisions about investing in that sector.

On the other hand, if most of the stocks in a sector are red (meaning they are underperforming), you may want to avoid that sector altogether.

What is FinViz Heat Maps?

FinViz heat maps are an advanced version of traditional heat maps, providing more detailed information on a stock’s performance.

The heat maps on FinViz provide real-time data on different market sectors and individual stocks, including stock price, daily volume, and percentage change.

With FinViz heat maps, you can quickly identify which sectors are performing well and which stocks are making the biggest moves. What sets FinViz heat maps apart from other heat maps is their customization level.

You can easily adjust the heat map to show information relevant to your investment strategies, such as the top performers in a specific sector or the stocks with the highest daily volume. This level of customization makes FinViz heat maps a valuable tool.

By the way, you should read our FinViz review for detailed insight into this stock trading platform.

FinViz Heat Maps Screenshot

Tips for Using FinViz Heat Map

  • Keep an eye on different market sectors

One of the key benefits of heat maps is the ability to quickly see how different market sectors are performing. You must keep an eye on the relevant sectors to your investment strategy.

  • Monitor daily volume

It’s important to pay attention to the stocks with the highest daily volume, as this can indicate a stock actively traded.

  • Check the percentage change

The percentage change is a key metric to pay attention to when using a heat map. This can give you a quick overview of which stocks are making the biggest moves.

  • Customize the heat map to your needs

FinViz heat maps are highly customizable, allowing you to adjust the display to show the most relevant information to your investment strategy. Make use of this feature to get the most out of your heat map.

  • Stay up to date

Keeping track of the latest news and changes in the stock market is crucial for staying ahead of the game, especially in today’s volatile environment. You don’t want to be left behind when a big opportunity arises, do you? When you stay on top of current news specific to the stocks you’re keeping an eye on, you’ll be able to react quickly and take advantage of those juicy opportunities before they slip away.


With Finviz, you’ll have 24 of the world’s stock markets right at your fingertips! And the best part? It’s lightning fast! Just hover over a ticker symbol, and voila.

You’ll have a selection of mini-charts showing the performance of every company in the same industry sector.

Finviz is not just a heatmap service. It’s a whole lot more! It gives you first-class stock screening and fantastic stock chart pattern recognition.

And if you’re a premium member, you’ll have access to real-time data and backtesting capabilities that are just powerful!

Thousands of traders are already using this advanced visualization tool. Are you ready to see what FinViz heat maps can do for you? Sign up for FinViz today!

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