Finviz Option Screener: More Opportunities for Technical Traders?

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February 13, 2023February 13, 2023

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The world of trading is constantly evolving, and technology has greatly impacted how traders approach their investments.

With the rise of digital trading tools, traders can now access a wealth of information and analyze data in real time, helping them make informed decisions.

One tool that has gained popularity among technical traders is the Finviz option screener.

In today’s post, we will explore the Finviz option screener and how it can provide traders with more opportunities in the options trading market.

What is an Options Screener?

An options screener is a tool that helps traders find potential trading opportunities based on specific criteria. In finance, options give the owner or holder the right to buy or sell assets at a predetermined time and price.

The use of an options screener is essential for traders who aim to maximize profits and limit risk.

The main objective of an options screener is to simplify the process of dealing with options and provide technical traders with clear and concise ideas for potential trades.

With its help, traders can reduce ambiguity and focus on achieving their goals of profitable technical trading.
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The Benefits of Using the Finviz Option Screener

The Finviz option screener is an excellent tool for traders looking to generate trading ideas and limit their risk. Highlighted below are some of the key benefits of using the Finviz option screener:

  • Available for Free

Unlike many other platforms, the Finviz option screener is free and provides access to all its features without charge.

  • Outstanding Trading Features

The screener provides useful technical analysis and trading features that can assist in making informed trading decisions. Technical indicators, real-time data, and an easy-to-use interface are just some of the standout features.

  • Real-Time and Daily Data

The Finviz option screener provides real-time data that is crucial for technical trading. This data can be used to make informed predictions and improve trading plans.

  • Full Trading Experience

The screener provides access to premium content and allows traders to test their ideas and learn from their failures. The screener helps traders make informed decisions based on facts and data instead of relying on emotions or gut feelings.

How to Use the Finviz Option Screener

Now that you know the benefits of the Finviz option screener, here is how you can use the tool for maximum profits.

  • Launch Finviz option screener

Finviz is easy to use because you can access all the options on the screener page. By default, the screener shows “empty and filled data/variables.” Sometimes, it displays activities or data input you have run previously.

So, you need to clear previous data (if necessary) or open a new dashboard/page to enter new criteria.

  • Focus on your metrics and criteria.

You can screen stocks based on sector, capital, or necessary criteria.

  • Validate your changes

Finviz option screener reduces “trading noise and ambiguity.” Any criteria you input displays as data, and this data is what you will use in trading, so the load is more on your side as a trader.

That is, your criteria/input values must be accurate. You’re good to go in the absence of additional changes.


The Finviz option screener is a valuable tool for technical traders. It offers a range of benefits, such as providing real-time and daily data, access to a full-trading experience, and helping traders eliminate emotions.

The tool is user-friendly and can be used to screen stocks based on specific criteria, making it easier for active traders to make informed decisions.

The ability to validate changes and eliminate trading noise and ambiguity makes the Finviz option screener a must-have tool for traders.

Overall, the Finviz option screener provides traders with more opportunities to excel in the competitive world of technical trading.

If you’re looking for a reliable tool to help with your trading decisions, the Finviz option screener is worth considering.

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