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Jeremy Biberdorf By: Jeremy Biberdorf Jan 18, 2023
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4.2 rating based on 5 ratings


In a nutshell: FinViz is an online stock screening, research, and visualization platform that offers various trading tools on a single platform.

Supporting multiple types of filters and charts while offering real-time data (to premium members), FinViz can help traders identify potent trading opportunities and make trading decisions based on data.

This platform is well-known for its free offerings, but are the premium features worth paying for? Let’s find out in this FinViz review!

FeesService Type Promotion
$0-$39.50/monthStock screening, research, and visualizationN/A

FinViz is best for…

The investor who wants to be able to see a visualization of the entire stock market. The beginner investor can appreciate the news stream, charts, and thousands of stocks listed on this powerful tool, making it a beginner-friendly stock screening tool.

While this platform may not be the best option for active day traders, it has a lot of potential for swing traders and long-term investors who don’t require instant data. Even as a free user, it presents a plethora of data for each stock.

With a premium membership, features like backtesting, alerts, and advanced charting are unlocked, making it a convenient all-in-one resource for your daily trading needs.

Pros & Cons
  • Market visualization
  • Intraday data
  • 24-year backtesting
  • No pre-built screeners
  • Limited chart overlays & indicators
  • No auto-saving

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What is FinViz?

FinViz is a stock screener that offers individual investors a single platform to screen for stocks, view market visualizations, backtest, read financial statements, view real-time quotes, set email alerts, and more.

This platform is optimal for the long-term investor who wants to be able to find potentially profitable stocks that fit specific search criteria using technical filters, descriptive filters, and fundamental filters.

FinViz offers three different versions of its services: one that doesn’t require you to register, one that requires you to register (but not pay), and a premium subscription.


As a whole, FinViz offers a lot of different investing tools that could be useful beyond pulling simple stock quotes. Its core feature—the stock screener—allows you to scan over 8,500 stocks & ETFs using 67 different fundamental, descriptive, and technical filters (such as institutional ownership or valuation).

It offers a variety of stock charts including daily charts, bar charts, candlestick charts, and advanced charts with 17 chart indicators. Premium members have access to interactive charts.

The platform also supports heatmaps, shows insider trade information, offers news feeds for your list of stocks, is capable of running backtests, and can send you email alerts about important changes in the market (like an unusual volume of trade or large changes in stock prices).

Pricing & Plans

There are three different ways you can use FinViz. We’ll explain a bit about each option below.


Even as an unregistered user, there’s still plenty of information you’ll have access to. For starters, you’ll be able to view FinViz’s comprehensive list of stocks across the stock market., both as a whole and as individual stocks.

Clicking on—or searching up—a stock ticker will bring up a delayed chart, news feeds for that stock, stock information (such as average volume, ROI, price change, etc.), and statements that go back three years.


By registering to the site for free, users can enjoy a few more features. A registered account can track up to fifty portfolios, use fifty tickers per portfolio, and use a maximum of 50 screener presets. These accounts also have access to layout customization.

FinViz Elite

By paying $39.50 per month (or $299.50 per year with annual billing) for a FinViz Elite subscription, users can unlock the full capabilities of FinViz.

This grants them access to real-time data, intraday, fundamental, & advanced charts, technical studies, backtesting, alerts, custom screener ranges, and more.

This plan also raises their portfolio limit up to 100, ticker limit up to 100, and screener presets up to a maximum of 200.


FinViz has a few limitations that make it a poor choice for day traders (these same issues make it less attractive to an advanced trader). For starters, the “real-time data” only updates once a minute, meaning you won’t be able to watch the market live.

The interactive charting feature doesn’t allow you to save notes nor add indicators, and the backtesting reports could afford to be a bit more detailed.

Is FinViz Right for You?

If you’re a beginner or intermediate long-term trader, FinViz has a lot to offer in terms of capable convenience. The platform also has a lot of potential for the swing trader. However, for more advanced investors, the platform is a bit lacking, particularly when it comes to the “real-time data” mentioned previously in this FinViz review.

Still, as a free platform, we’d recommend it to anyone. As a paid platform, we’d recommend it to beginner and mid-level traders, as well as investors whose trading strategy doesn’t rely on market updates by the millisecond.

You can start using FinViz for free by clicking here!

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