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By: Jeremy Biberdorf


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The stock market offers countless opportunities, but it can be a labyrinth to navigate. Whether you’re a day trader, swing trader, or long-term investor, the right tools can make a huge difference.

Today, we’ll be comparing Finviz and Stocks to Trade, two leading platforms that offer a wealth of tools for traders.

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Finviz is Better for:Stocks to Trade is Better for:
Ideal for swing traders and long-term investors.Great for day traders focusing on penny stocks.
Advanced charting tools with real-time data.Customizable stock screener for individual stocks.
Comprehensive technical and fundamental analysis for informed decisions.Real-time quotes and premium features for active traders.
Wide range of stock screeners for different trading styles.Key features tailored for quick trading decisions.

Introducing the Platforms


Finviz is more than just a stock screening tool. As its name suggests, Financial visualizations offer a vast array of interactive charts, detailed financial metrics, and a customizable stock screener.

For those who want to get in-depth with their research, Finviz offers a treasure trove of data, from earnings per share to market capitalization. More information can be found in this Finviz review.

Stocks to Trade

On the other hand, Stocks to Trade is a trading platform designed for those looking for quick, informed trading decisions. It is particularly favored by day traders, especially those focusing on penny stocks. The platform provides real-time quotes, advanced features, and tools tailored for active trading.

Finviz Logo Stocks to Trade Logo
Type of Service Stock Screening & Analysis Trading Platform with Stock Screening
Best Use Swing Traders & Long-term Investors Day Traders & Penny Stock Enthusiasts
Customer Support Email Support with Premium Plan Email, Phone, and Chat Support
Additional Features Analyst Ratings, Futures Market Crypto Trading, Custom Screens
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Modest Money Overall Rating
4.2 rating based on 5 ratings
3.8 rating based on 5 ratings

Factor 1: Comprehensive Analysis Tools

Finviz excels in offering a comprehensive suite of analysis tools

  • Stocks to Trade caters to quick decisions with focused features.
  • Finviz is favored for its depth and breadth of analysis.

With Finviz, traders have access to a robust suite of analysis tools. Whether you’re searching for undervalued stocks, looking at international stocks, or dissecting the financial markets, Finviz has you covered.

The platform offers a wide range of stock screeners, both technical and fundamental, to fit any trading strategy. Plus, with its advanced charting capabilities, you can delve deep into individual stock metrics.

Stocks to Trade emphasizes quick, informed decisions, especially for day traders. It offers customizable stock screeners, real-time quotes, and a focus on penny stocks. While it might not have the depth that Finviz offers, it provides the essential tools for a trader on the move.

Factor 2: User-Friendliness and Customization

Finviz is renowned for its interactive charts and customizable features

  • Stocks to Trade provides a straightforward interface, prioritizing quick trading decisions.
  • Given the scope of customization, Finviz stands out.

When it comes to customizable charts and user-friendly interfaces, Finviz shines. The platform allows traders to create their custom screens based on multiple screening criteria. Whether you’re filtering based on earnings per share, market capitalization, or any other financial metrics, the options are vast. Plus, the interactive charts offer a visual treat, making stock analysis a breeze for both novice and seasoned traders.

Stocks to Trade offers a streamlined interface. While it might lack the depth of customization that Finviz boasts, its layout is intuitive. The platform caters to those who want to make quick, informed trading decisions, especially day traders. Its focus on penny stocks and real-time quotes means traders can act promptly, especially in fast-moving markets.

Factor 3: Data Accuracy and Real-time Information

Finviz provides real-time data with its premium plan, essential for active traders

  • Stocks to Trade emphasizes real-time quotes and stock prices for day trading.
  • For comprehensive and up-to-date data, Finviz takes the lead.

One of the standout features of Finviz is its commitment to data accuracy. With the premium plan, traders can access real-time data, ensuring they’re always up-to-date with market movements. This real-time information is crucial for swing traders and active traders looking to capitalize on short-term market fluctuations.

Stocks to Trade understands the importance of timely data, especially for day traders. It offers real-time stock prices, ensuring traders can jump on trading opportunities the moment they arise. However, when it comes to a broader range of real-time data and charting tools, it doesn’t quite match Finviz’s offerings.

Factor 4: Pricing and Premium Features

Finviz offers a free version and an Elite premium plan with advanced features

  • Stocks to Trade has a set of premium features tailored for day traders.
  • Considering value for money and feature richness, Finviz has the edge.

Finviz provides traders with a lot of value, even in its free version. From stock screeners to technical analysis tools, users get a plethora of features. For those willing to invest in the Elite premium plan, the offering expands to include real-time data, advanced charting tools, and no advertisements, ensuring an uninterrupted trading experience.

Stocks to Trade has its set of premium features that cater specifically to its target audience: day traders. While Stocks to Trade’s offerings are robust, the pricing can be a tad steeper compared to the comprehensive suite of tools and data that Finviz Elite provides.

Factor 5: Stock Analysis and Research Tools

Finviz is known for its in-depth stock analysis, including Financial Visualizations and technical indicator options

  • Stocks to Trade focuses on immediate trading signals and price alerts for day traders.
  • For thorough stock research and visualization, Finviz is the more comprehensive choice.

One of Finviz’s standout features is its Financial visualization, providing traders with a holistic view of the market at a glance. These interactive charts allow traders to easily spot trends, potential trading opportunities, and gain insights into the stock markets.

Additionally, the platform offers a myriad of technical indicator options, from charting capabilities to technical criteria, ensuring traders have all they need to make informed decisions. Whether you’re into fundamental analysis or technical analysis, Finviz has got you covered.

While Stocks to Trade offers robust stock scanners and real-time alerts, its primary focus is on helping day traders spot immediate trading opportunities. The platform provides powerful alerts for stock price movements, especially beneficial for those trading penny stocks.

While it excels in its niche, it might not be as comprehensive as Finviz when it comes to deep stock analysis and research.

The Verdict

Both Finviz and Stocks to Trade cater to different types of traders with their unique sets of tools and features. While Stocks to Trade might be the go-to platform for day traders, especially those focusing on penny stocks, Finviz stands out with its comprehensive offerings, advanced features, and value for money, especially for swing traders and long-term investors.

For those looking to dive deep into the stock market, analyzing thousands of stocks, and customizing their stock screeners, Finviz is a platform worth considering. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trader, its tools will undoubtedly enhance your trading strategies and decision-making processes.

Ready to embark on a well-informed trading journey? Click here to sign up for Finviz and leverage its robust tools for an enriched trading experience.

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