FinViz vs TradingView 2024

By: Jeremy Biberdorf


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As a trader or investor, having access to real-time financial data is crucial in making informed investment decisions. With so many platforms available, choosing which one to use can be difficult.

FinViz offers a range of features, including a stock screener, heatmaps, news, and more, providing users with comprehensive market insights.

On the other hand, TradingView is a social platform that allows users to share ideas and strategies with other traders. It also offers advanced charting and technical analysis tools, making it a popular choice among traders.

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What is FinViz? website


FinViz is a comprehensive financial portal offering a plethora of features, including a stock screener, heatmaps, news, and more. FinViz aims to cater to traders and investors who are seeking a straightforward platform with quick access to market insights.

FinViz is short for Financial Visualization.

While it does offer essential charting capabilities and research tools, it stands out for its visually appealing heatmaps and simple news feed. Their services are particularly suitable for swing traders looking for quick overviews and actionable market information. The platform also has a premium version, FinViz Elite, which offers more advanced features and tools.

What is TradingView? website

TradingView is a multifaceted financial platform that combines advanced charting tools with a social networking aspect. This allows traders and investors to share trading ideas, strategies, and insights with a vast community. One of TradingView’s standout features is its intuitive and interactive charting system, which caters to both beginners and experienced traders.

Moreover, users can create and share custom indicators and scripts, and the platform’s compatibility with numerous brokers makes it a popular choice for active trading. With its offering of robo-portfolios, dedicated wealth management, and vibrant trading community, TradingView is geared toward those who want an all-in-one solution for their trading needs.

Both platforms have their unique strengths, but which one is better?

                          FinViz is Better For:              TradingView is Better For:
   Easier learning curveAdvanced charting features
   Simple market news feedCustomizable stock screener
   Lower subscription costVibrant trading community

When deciding between FinViz and TradingView, it’s essential to consider each platform’s specific features and tools. While both platforms provide charting capabilities and stock screener tools, some differences may make one more appealing than the other for your specific needs.

Depending on your trading style and investment goals, one of these features may be more important to you than the other.

Finviz TradingView
Service type Stock screening, research, and visualization Charting, research and analysis, stock alerts, and stock screeners
Fees $0-$39.50/month $0 - $59.95/month
Best Use Swing Trading Active trading
Modest Money Review FinViz Review TradingView Review
Current promotion Learn More Learn More Receive $15 welcome bonus
Modest Money Overall Rating
4.2 rating based on 5 ratings
4.5 rating based on 5 ratings
Service type Stock screening, research, and visualization
Fees $0-$39.50/month
Best Use Swing Trading
Modest Money Review FinViz Review
Current promotion Learn More
Modest Money Overall Rating
4.2 rating based on 5 ratings
Service type Charting, research and analysis, stock alerts, and stock screeners
Fees $0 - $59.95/month
Best Use Active trading
Modest Money Review TradingView Review
Current promotion Learn More Receive $15 welcome bonus
Modest Money Overall Rating
4.5 rating based on 5 ratings

FinViz vs TradingView Video

Factor 1: Free Features

TradingView Offers Better Free Features

  • TradingView supports 43 different brokers
  • FinViz offer basic native news feeds
  • TradingView allows free users to make custom indicators


FinViz doesn’t have a community like TradingView. There’s no forum for FinViz users to share ideas about the best ways to use the platform. If you value community and the ability to share ideas, TradingView should be your pick.

On the other hand, TradingView doesn’t have a native news feed, although it does offer a news aggregator. It pulls news from several sources, including Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, and Benzinga. Additionally, you can use TradingView’s “Economic Calendar” to get an overview of upcoming economic news and events.


What sets TradingView apart is that anyone on the platform can build custom indicators, write up trade ideas, and share them publicly. The platform categorizes ideas and scripts by asset class and offers a feed of “Editors’ Picks,” making it easy to find relevant content for your trading needs. As a result, you’ll find a series of feeds with trade ideas, detailed chart annotations, trading strategies and indicators that you can use on your charts, and in-depth discussions about the market.

Also, as you’re evaluating different trading platforms, it’s worth considering the available news feed options. FinViz is a platform that stands out for its basic news feed feature. It’s a simple list of headlines that link to the original stories. FinViz doesn’t provide an audio squawk, but it allows you to set news-based alerts.

Factor 2: Paid Features

FinViz is Relatively Easier to Learn

  • FinViz provides a decent collection of indicators
  • TradingView offers up to 25 indicators per chart
  • FinViz allows you to screen stocks


With more than 65 filter parameters for technical and fundamental analysis, FinViz offers a robust screening tool that allows you to create custom screens without limit on how many filters you can combine. You can save up to 100 screens for future use as a paid user. They don’t offer screeners for forex and cryptocurrency. You’re only allowed to screen stocks.

When it comes to charting, FinViz pales in comparison to TradingView. FinViz has a decent collection of indicators, but its charts are less interactive compared to TradingView, and it has seen only minor updates since its launch. While you can compare multiple symbols, the drawing tools are limited, and you cannot create custom indicators.

Between, you could skim through more of our tailored reviews to see how FinViz option screener performs with other investing stock news platforms.

Trading View

TradingView’s screener offers more filter parameters and a search function, making it easier to find filters for specific technical indicators or financial metrics. You can customize many parameters using sliders or number entry boxes, while in FinViz, you have to select from pre-populated values in drop-down menus for each parameter. Moreover, TradingView offers screeners for forex and cryptocurrency in addition to stocks.

When it comes to charting, TradingView outshines FinViz by a long shot. It has exceptional charting software that is so good that it is the default charting platform used by various brokers, such as

TradingView offers 120 pre-built indicators and automated identification tools for over 30 famous candlestick patterns. Besides, you can build custom indicators using the built-in script editor or import indicators created by other TradingView users.

By the way, you can learn more about TradingView paper trading to see what it brings to the table.

Factor 3: Subscription Costs

TradingView Cost Slightly Higher

  • TradingView cost as high as $59.95 monthly
  • Finviz highest plan can get you 200 screener presets
  • TradingView doesn’t support options

Alright, we’ve reviewed both platforms’ free and paid features. Let’s look at the pricing for TradingView and FinViz.


By signing up for free, you can track up to fifty portfolios, use fifty tickers per portfolio, and up to fifty screeners presets. Customizing your layout is also an option.

For those willing to pay for a more extensive suite of features, FinViz Elite subscription costs $39.50 per month or $299.50 per year with annual billing. This plan also raises the limit of portfolios to 100, tickers per portfolio to 100, and screener presets to a maximum of 200.


FinViz has a free plan which allows access to global data and the community, but with limitations. With the free plan, users can only get one chart per layout and one server-side alert with three indicators on one device. Unfortunately, free users are not allowed to access customer support.

TradingView pricing plan starts at $14.95 per month or $155 per year. For those who need more than 2 charts per window or more than 5 indicators on a single chart, there is the Pro+ plan for $29.95 per month or $299 per year. The Premium plan costs $59.95 per month or $599 per year and provides second-based chart intervals.

Factor 4: External Customer Reviews & Ratings

External Finviz Reviews & Ratings

Stock Screener Tips4.5
Liberated Stock Trader4.3

External Tradingview Reviews & Ratings

Apple App Store4.9 from 69,480 reviews
Google Play4.8 from 406,909 votes
G24.6 from 48 reviews

TradingView vs FinViz: Our Summary

When choosing between TradingView and FinViz, TradingView might be the better option for most traders. With a greater depth of charting features and a more customizable stock screener, TradingView offers an excellent range of tools traders can use to make informed trading decisions. Additionally, the platform’s vibrant trading community is another significant advantage that gives access to trade ideas and custom indicators that you can incorporate into your analysis.

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On the other hand, FinViz is relatively easy to learn because of the fewer tools to worry about. It also has a market news feed alongside its charting and screening tools, but it is not as comprehensive as TradingView. However, it is not enough to outweigh TradingView’s other benefits.

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Overall, both platforms offer comprehensive tools to help traders make informed decisions.