Five Great Resources to Find New Content for Your Blog

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No matter what type of blog you manage, at some point it may be hard for you to continually keep the site updated with new content or even new ideas and topics for you to write about. In times like these you may want to start looking at some outside options for new content and maybe even bring aboard some new writers.

There are lots of different ways to generate new content for your site, but the focus should always be on creating quality content. In the end, you want to keep your readers coming back for more. Don’t sacrifice your blog with poor quality content just so you have a new update every day.

Since I currently run my own network of blogs, I’m always looking at new ways to come up with creative ideas to write about and also looking to bring in my writers to join my team. You can do the same by using any of my recommended resources below.

Content Generation Sites

In previous years, if you wanted to hire a new writer or someone to create content for your sites, you would have to ask friends if they know anyone or usually find some high priced writers through their web sites. Now there are plenty of content generation sites online that allow you to post jobs and find thousands of writers who are ready to start creating original content for you. Most of these sites are free to join, then you would post the type of content you would like written. The cost is usually a few pennies per word based on writer quality, but you get to approve the article before accepting and paying for it. A couple examples of these sites are and

Accepting Guest Blog Posts

There is a massive influx of guest blogging requests coming through my network of blogs lately, which means you can start getting free content for your site as well. The important thing about guest blogging it to always check the articles for originality and quality. While the guest posts are written free for you, in most cases the writer will want a link back to their site in the footer area. Since Google is now against many unethical link building methods, many guest bloggers are actually selling their services of link building… which is why you need to check all articles for quality and that it’s not just trash to get a link back on your site to their clients.

Using Freelance Job Sites

No matter if you are looking for writers, designers, programmers or anything else… freelance jobs sites have always been huge online. Since we are focused on finding quality content and writers, you definitely shouldn’t forget to add sites like, and to your list of resources. All you need to do is sign up for a free account, post you job listing and you will get a ton of responses from people looking for work. Best of all you can view their resumes, work examples and portfolio of previous jobs.

Browsing the Blogger Job Boards

Just like there are freelance jobs sites, there are also blogger job boards which are focused solely on writing jobs on blogs. The most popular job board out there is the one on Problogger, but there are also many other free and premium alternatives for you to choose from. When you post a job on blogger job boards, you are looking for part time or full time bloggers that would like to write for your site. Include as much information as possible and always look for previous work from people who are going to send you your resumes. The best writers for your sites are ones that are truly interested in your blog topic and know what they are writing about. At the end of the job listing you can post your email or direct interested writers to a form on your site to fill out.

Updating Your Best Old Blog Posts

The last resource is using your own blog. How many times have you written a killer post on your site, only for it to get lost over the years? An excellent way to create new content for your site is to look at your previous posts you’ve written over the years, and update them with new information or spin them in different directions. This can be done for nearly any niche or blog topic. Find the posts that your readers like the most and try to create new and different angles with the same twist. Just doing this for one or two different posts per month can add an additional 15-30 new posts to your blog per year.

Quality is Still Key

As mentioned earlier, no matter what the direction is you take for generating content for your site, you will want to make sure the quality is still there. Some sites and writers will offer extremely low prices and they may also include extremely low quality content. Try each of the recommended methods above and see which works best for you and your blog.

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Does anyone use the content generation methods discussed by Zac? Obviously I’ve been hosting guest posts since I didn’t write this post, but I haven’t looked into those other options.

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