Modest Money Freelance Service Testimonials

Any online freelancer would appreciate the importance of providing quality service. Customer testimonials are the greatest reflection of the kind of service you provide. Here are what some of the people who have hired me for contract SEO work have been saying…

“Jeremy produced a quick, thorough, professional report for PT Money that gave me confidence in much of what we were already doing. His recommendations were solid and I picked up several new ideas for improving the SEO both on and off my site.”

-Philip @ PT Money

“Thank you for your expertise in helping to solve our SEO problems. We have been working with a “template site” that promises top notch SEO, but feel we keep coming up short. Your thorough analysis of our site helped us see our errors and how we can fix them. We appreciate the outline of quick hits that we can fix ourselves, as well as the suggestions on what would be worth spending our money on to fix and what may not be worth it in the end. Thank you, again. We look forward to watching our site traffic grow as we implement your suggestions.

Anyone looking for a detailed plan to improve their site reach should spend the money it takes to get a professional opinion. Jeremy’s is one such professional opinion.”

-John @ Debt Free Guys

“I was blown away at how in depth the analysis report was that Jeremy provided me. Not only did it cover just about everything, it included areas that I didn’t know could have a negative impact on my blog. What I liked best besides the incredible value is that Jeremy is available for follow up. I am no means an expert at HTML, but he made it clear that he is there to help me implement any of the changes he suggests. I highly recommend the service.”

-Don @ Money Smart Guides

“Jeremy has been instrumental in the success of my website. Without his expertise and experience, I would still be trying to figure out issues with my site. His customer service is second to none and will go above and beyond to answer my requests. Jeremy has become my go to when I need marketing and SEO services.”

-Grayson @ Debt Roundup

“Jeremy truly took my blog to the next level. With expert tools and knowledge, Jeremy was able to suggest specific keywords that I should target and the price I paid for the service turned out to be a no-brainer.”

-Jason @ Work Save Live

“Jeremy has been an immense help as I have been dealing with SEO issues related to my site. Without Jeremy’s help I would still be figuring things out and thus he has saved me a considerable amount of time. The customer service Jeremy provides is above and beyond what I could ask for and is always one to offer assistance. If you’re looking for someone to help you with you SEO needs then Jeremy will not let you down.”

-John @ Frugal Rules

“Your SEO report far surpassed my expectations. From specific back end recommendations to handy SEO techniques, I was impressed with the depth of your report. I look forward to implementing your suggestions. I would recommend your services without reservation.”

-Barbara Friedberg @ Barbara Friedberg Personal

“In the world of SEO services you tend to develop low expectations. However, Jeremy not only bucks the trend but sets the golden standard. He doesn’t waste your time with insignificant details but gets right to the meat of your problems. Backed up with well reputed reports and documentation he details specific issues that have a real impact and provides you with clear measurable steps to help resolve them. I will continue to use Jeremy for all my SEO needs!”

-Andrew @ Listen Money Matters

“I’m a huge fan of Jeremy’s services–he was extremely prompt, professional and thorough. He also is a great communicator who has continued to follow-up with my questions even after payment was submitted. I’m excited to see the results of my SEO analysis implemented, and I would absolutely recommend Jeremy to anyone looking for assistance in taking their blog to the next level.”

-Jen @ The Happy Homeowner

“From day 0 Jeremy has offered invaluable SEO and blogging insight for myself and my business partner. It’s been a year now and both our sites are taking off like we didn’t expect. Without Jeremy’s expertise and prompt assistance we would not be where we’re at. If you’d like to ask specific questions about his services feel free to contact me.”

-John @ Fearless Men

“Jeremy’s service and product were top-notch; however, what truly set him apart was his promptness and customer service. His willingness to answer all of my questions took the value of my package through the roof. I will definitely be contacting Jeremy again in the future. He is simply a great business associate and service provider to have in the world of SEO and keyword research.”

-Kyle at My University Money

If you’ve hired me in the past and want to submit a testimonial, contact me and I’ll get it posted for you. Thanks.

Consider outsourcing some of these other tasks:

  • Search Engine Optimization Analysis – get professional opinion about any potential SEO problems and tips on how to better market your blog or website.
  • SEO Link Building – contract out your link building to get your website climbing up the search engine rankings and watch your traffic gradually increase.
  • Keyword Research – receive help choosing the best keywords to target for your blog or website to get more quality traffic that converts well.
  • Writing Services – fulfill your writing needs by hiring an experienced blogger, whether it is for ghost writing, staff writing, article writing or something else.
  • Design Services – outsource any design work including blog themes, website design, logos or avatars. Or get wordpress technical help with any issues you can’t figure out.

Contact me for more details.

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