FTMO Challenge Fees and Rules: What Every Trader Should Know

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August 16, 2023August 16, 2023


The FTMO Challenge is a pivotal gateway for aspiring traders aiming to make their mark in the financial markets. This unique test, devised by FTMO, a prop trading firm, is the initial step in a two-step evaluation process designed to sift and spotlight trading talents. Participants in the challenge must demonstrate their trading prowess and discipline, abiding by set trading objectives.

In the proprietary trading landscape, the FTMO Challenge has garnered significant attention. It’s not merely a test but an opportunity. Success in this challenge opens doors to managing sizable accounts, offering traders a chance to manage funds up to $400,000. Such an avenue is invaluable, especially for those with limited capital reserves who possess the skill and discipline to succeed in trading. The challenge, thus, holds a dual role: as a vetting mechanism for FTMO and a golden ticket for talented traders worldwide.

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Overview of the FTMO Evaluation Process

Navigating the world of proprietary trading with FTMO involves undergoing a distinctive two-stage Evaluation Course. This process is comprehensive, ensuring that only the most adept traders get the opportunity to manage significant capital.

The initial phase is the FTMO Challenge. Think of it as a proving ground. Here, traders showcase their trading insight and steadfast adherence to specified trading objectives. It’s not just about making profitable trades but doing so with discipline and consistency.

Following the challenge, successful participants transition to the Verification step. This final filter ensures traders can replicate their previous success under a slightly modified set of rules. Achieving success in this phase finalizes one’s journey to becoming an FTMO Trader.

Its underlying objective is Central to the evaluation process: unearthing trading prodigies. FTMO has strategically designed this course to identify and foster trading talents. It provides them with a platform to flourish in the ever-competitive financial market.

FTMO Challenge: The Crucial First Step

The FTMO Challenge is the gateway for traders seeking to demonstrate their prowess in the proprietary trading arena. It’s about making profitable decisions with marked discipline and consistency.

FTMO Challenge fees and rules:

  • Trading Period: Traders have the luxury of an unlimited trading period, allowing them the flexibility to strategize without time constraints.
  • Minimum Trading Days: A commitment of at least four trading days is essential. It ensures participants are genuinely engaged and not just making sporadic trades.
  • Maximum Daily Loss: Traders must exhibit prudent risk management. The cap is $500 for the normal mode and $1,000 for the aggressive mode. It emphasizes the importance of limiting losses on any given day.
  • Maximum Loss: Throughout the challenge, traders cannot exceed a total loss of $1,000 in the normal mode and $2,000 in the aggressive mode.
  • Profit Target: The target is $1,000 in the normal mode and $2,000 in the aggressive mode. This metric evaluates a trader’s ability to safeguard and grow their capital.
  • Refundable Fee: An entry fee of €155 in the normal mode and €250 in the aggressive mode is levied. However, worry not. It’s refundable once you become an FTMO trader. This adds another layer of motivation for traders to excel.

The very essence of the FTMO Challenge is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Setting clear benchmarks ensures that only those with a deep understanding of market dynamics and a disciplined approach progress to the following stages.

The Verification: Seal of Authenticity

The Verification phase is more than just a continuation of the FTMO Challenge—it’s the ultimate test that authenticates a trader’s skills and discipline. While the FTMO Challenge fees and rules pave the way by filtering out potential talents, the Verification stage is where these talents are under a rigorous microscope. This solidifies their reputation and assures FTMO of their abilities.
Insight into the Verification Stage:

  • Trading Period: Again, the trading horizon is unlimited. This consistent feature allows traders to map out their strategies without being boxed in by time.
  • Minimum Trading Days: Just like in the Challenge, there’s a requisite of 4 trading days, emphasizing the importance of active and consistent participation.
  • Maximum Daily Loss: A daily loss limit of $500 for the normal mode ($1,000 for the aggressive accounts) is maintained. It reinforces the prime value of risk management.
  • Maximum Loss: Throughout the Verification stage, the loss threshold remains at $1,000 for the normal mode and $2,000 for the aggressive mode, urging traders to keep their strategies tight.
  • Profit Target: The objective is to achieve a profit of $500 for the normal mode ($1,000 for the aggressive mode). This ensures that traders consistently capitalize on their market insights.
  • Refundable Fee: There are no entry fees for the Verification stage.

By the end of this stage, traders validate their technical know-how and patience, resilience, and strategic insight.

Becoming an FTMO Trader

Entering the realm of FTMO as an official trader is an acknowledgment of one’s trading prowess. It is also the beginning of a rewarding journey within the proprietary trading world. Once past the Evaluation Process, an FTMO Trader stands at the cusp of numerous advantages.

  • High-Profit Sharing: One of the standout features of being an FTMO Trader is the lucrative profit split. Initially set at an 80:20 ratio, traders receive the lion’s share of their profit. And it doesn’t stop there. Display consistent results, and one might even see their profit share rise to an impressive 90%.
  • Account Scaling: Consistency is key in the trading world. For those who consistently churn out profits, FTMO offers a unique scaling plan. This means the trading account balance can be increased by 25% every four months, presenting an ever-growing opportunity to earn more.
  • Operational Freedom: FTMO doesn’t micromanage. Traders have complete autonomy over their trading style, instrument choice, and position sizes. The main goal is to generate profits while following the set trading rules.
  • Support and Tools: Beyond the financial aspects, FTMO provides its traders with educational resources, account analysis tools, and access to a performance coach. These resources ensure traders remain at the top of their game.

Embarking on the FTMO Trader journey is a testament to one’s skills, determination, and discipline. The right approach promises a road filled with growth, learning, and considerable financial rewards.


Navigating the world of proprietary trading can often seem like traversing a labyrinth, especially for those new to the arena. Understanding the intricacies of the FTMO challenge fees and rules is paramount for anyone aspiring to tap into the lucrative opportunities this platform presents. These guidelines set the benchmark for trading expertise and act as a roadmap. They lead skilled traders toward financial independence and trading success.

The FTMO Challenge is more than just a test of trading skills. It’s a doorway to a world where discipline, strategy, and insight can convert into tangible financial rewards. For those determined to prove their mettle and the vision to spot market opportunities, the Challenge is the first step towards realizing their trading ambitions.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Embrace the opportunity that the FTMO Challenge extends. For a deeper dive and to start the process, click here and let your trading story unfold.
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