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4.5 rating based on 5 ratings


In a nutshell: FTMO is an exciting top-notch proprietary trading firm loved by thousands of seasoned traders. Funded traders can begin trading with up to $400,000 with leverage of 1:100 and keep up to 90% of profits made. In this FTMO review, we discuss FTMO’s features, pros & cons, and costs.

FeesMinimum Investment
Range from €155 to €1080N/A
Pros & Cons
  • A large selection of tradeable cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
  • Share 90% Of profits with revenue share.
  • Trade for a prop enterprises company without risking your own capital.
  • A refundable fee after the evaluation stage Is over.
  • Investors must complete two verification stages.
  • Not appropriate for investing in stocks and derivatives.

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FeesFees range from €155 for the 10k Challenge to €1080 for the 200k Challenge
Minimum Account RequirementsN/A
Investment Options Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, Stocks, Bonds.
Redemption Options Traditional bank wire transfers, Skrill, or digital currencies are all options for receiving your profits. By design, the prop firm conducts a Profit Split every month.
Transparency On their website, they provide links to their social media accounts.

What Is FTMO?

FTMO is a proprietary trading company. The platform attracts experienced traders onto their platform and after traders successfully pass a two-step testing regime, FTMO will allow them to trade a funded account up to $400,000.

All transactions are monitored by FTMO and if a trader makes a profitable trade then they will share in a revenue split of 80-90% of 80%.

FTMO positions itself as a provider of money management services for investors using a subsidiary structure’s software. According to the website, FTMO is not a brokerage in the traditional term definition.

Its job is to identify experienced traders and send investors’ money to them so they may utilize it during controlled trading of Forex commodities rather than their own.

If you are on the fence about competing in the FTMO Challenge, you have the option to try the process completely for free. The Free Trial account is a shortened version of the FTMO Challenge with the same trading conditions.

So, what are you waiting for?

How FTMO Started

FTMO started as an idea back in 2014 when three traders working from a Prague office decided to join forces. Initially, FTMO was known as Ziskejucet.cz but as the company grew it managed to secure funding and in 2017 and is now known as FTMO.

Each one of those three traders (founders) contributed to developing a trading system suited to them along with new ideas on risk management. Through constant innovation, FTMO Is the Best Proprietary Trading Firm.

FTMO Investment Options

Investors have a wide variety of resources that they can trade with various investment options:

(Step One)
(Step Two)
(Step Three)
Trading Period30 days60 daysIndefinite
Minimum Trading Days1010N/A
Maximum Daily Loss$500$500$500
Maximum Loss$1000$1000$1000
Profit Target$1000$500N/A
Refundable Fee€155FreeRefund

There are no restrictions on your trading strategy or plan as long as it is legal, complies with current market circumstances, and FTMO can replicate it on existing business accounts.

In terms of investing platforms, FTMO offers the well-known MT4, MT5, and even cTrader giving investors many opportunities to make profits.

FTMO Pricing

FTMO has a scaled pricing structure that starts at €155 EUR and eventually scales up to €1080 EUR. Trading capital ranges from €10,000 to €160,000 EUR depending on the FTMO challenge you are competing in.

Below is an example of the pricing structure:

€155 FTMO Challenge

After paying the €155 to compete in the FTMO Challenge you will be given an initial trading capital of €10,000 EUR (or the equivalent in USD, AUD, GBP, CHF, CAD).

€250 FTMO Challenge

After paying the €250 to compete in the FTMO Challenge you will be given an initial trading capital of €10,000 EUR (or the equivalent in USD, AUD, GBP, CHF, CAD).

Compete in the FTMO Challenge Swing you will be given an initial trading capital of €20,000 EUR (or the equivalent in USD $25,000. GBP 20,000 and CHF 20,000. CAD 30,000 and AUD 30,000).

FTMO Features

FTMO has a stack of cool features. Below we will take a closer look at the best features FTMO has to offer.

The Account MetriX

FTMO Prop Traders can keep track of their progress with the Account MetriX, a unique and cutting-edge web program.

Equity Simulator

You can enhance your risk management skills by estimating your odds and opportunities based on your existing trade experience.

Statistical Application

Market behavior can be predicted using the Statistical Application’s relevant and numerical probabilities.

Mentor Application

By encouraging traders to stay committed, the Mentor Application helps traders improve their performance.

FTMO Performance

Every month, FTMO initiates nearly 6 million trades, and with an average payout process time of just 8 hours, $70 million has been paid out thus far in 2022. FTMO shares profits from profitable traders ranging from 80% to 90%.

Over 180 nations have now been listed as investors on the FTMO platform.

FTMO has earned the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award three times as of 2022. And with Forbes highlighting FTMO, the future of this firm looks promising.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of FTMO’s strengths is always offering the best trading conditions. A variety of assets are available through FTMO Solutions, with low commissions and super-raw spreads.

There are no hidden fees or recurrent charges with FTMO which is very refreshing. Instead, just pay a One-time and when you have your first profit split with FTMO, they will reimburse you your initial fee!

The only drawback that seems to deter some traders is the two-step evaluation process. The two-step process takes more time than some other trading firms.

That said, it’s very straightforward and once you become a funded trader, the lost time will be forgotten with the profits you make!

FTMO Review Final Thoughts

FTMO is an excellent trading firm for skilled traders with substantial trading experience. It provides challenging testing environments with rewarding trading payouts.

The FTMO Challenge is designed to improve you as a trader and build consistency. Best of all, once you make your first profit share, you get your one-time fee back.

As with any investment, make sure you are managing your risk and be careful not to blow up your account with the 1:100 leverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

FTMO accepts users from all across the globe.

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