Funder Trading Review 2023

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Oct 04, 2023
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In a Nutshell: Funder Trading is the only prop firm that offers stock and options funding without needing any certification or upfront capital. Unlike other prop firms, Funder Trading also combines live coaching when any member signs up to try and get funded so that every trader has a real shot at getting funded.

With many options in the prop trading space, Funder Trading sets itself apart by focusing on the needs of the average everyday trader. Most prop firms tend to only offer funding in riskier asset classes like forex, futures or crypto whereas Funder Trading only offers asset classes most traders are familiar with: stocks or options, along with an 80/20 profit sharing model where 80% of the profits go to the trader.

So could this be the right prop trading firm for you? Keep reading our review on Funder Trading and find out.

Unique OfferEducation Focused
Only prop firm offering options funding without certification or upfront capitalEach member that signs up gets access to a live trading coach to help them pass the trading challenge
Pros & Cons
  • The Only Prop Firm To Offer Options Funding Without Needing Licensing Or Upfront Capital
  • Live Trading Coaching Room With Professional Prop Trader Michael Patton To Help You Get Funded
  • Access To State-Of-The-Art, Proprietary TrueEdge Trading Platform
  • Access To Full Trading Analytics Suite & Dashboard
  • Personal Risk Manager & Risk-Analysis Platform To Prevent Emotional Or Impulsive Trading Decisions.
  • Extensive Educational Library With Premium Trading Content Catered To Both Beginner And Advanced Traders To Ensure Continued Learning
  • Supportive And Approachable Vip Chicago-Based Help Desk
  • Straightforward application process (you can start your trading challenge as soon as tomorrow)
  • Program fees might lean towards the pricier side.
  • Must pass the TrueEdge trading challenge to get funded
  • Time constraints for TrueEdge Trading Challenge
  • Selective acceptance rate, with only 3%-4% of applicants being approved.

What Is Funder Trading?

Funder Trading is a proprietary trading firm that has a focus on two distinctive trading services: Stocks and Options Trading. Funder is a bit different from other prop firms we have reviewed because they do not offer Forex or Futures trading.

Funder Trading isn’t just trying to find people to trade their money, they’re into educating and nurturing traders into the best they can be. They serve as mentors and educators, equipping traders with proprietary trading software, straightforward trading strategies, and carefully curated rules-based methodologies, with the goal of teaching traders how to manage risk and   reach consistent profit potential.

But here’s the intriguing part: Funder Trading offers more than just tools and comprehensive education. They provide a live trading room, where traders can sit in and learn from professional prop trader: Michael Patton as he goes through strategies, trades and lessons every single day.

From novices who don’t have the capital to reach their desired goals, to advanced traders who don’t want to risk their own money in these markets, Funder Trading offers a hospitable home. Their strong 80% capital-sharing aligns trader and firm interests, and cultivates the feeling of shared success.

And the best part about a funded stock or options account with Funder Trading? Capital access for this proprietary firm starts at an impressive $100,000 for stocks and options accounts. This facet allows traders to hit the ground running when they get funded.

Funder Trading History

Funder Trading was established in 2022, but the company and its founders have had roots in trading education for a long time.

Funder Trading was founded by Michael Patton. As a professional proprietary trader himself, Patton brings a unique perspective to his teaching style. Patton still operates as a prop trader, and trades more than $1 million between him and his partners. Patton is also the former Head of Day Trading at Prosper Trading Academy – a trading education firm that teaches people how to trade stocks and options.

When Patton first found prop trading, there were little-to-no options for someone like him. He either had to pay outrageous fees to get access to high-end tools and substantial funding, or he could save on the fees and have lackluster tools and limited funding.

So after trial-and-erroring a few firms, Patton found one that worked for him. But the process was hard, and Patton knew that if he was having a difficult time, he couldn’t imagine what the process was like for a retail trader who didn’t have connections, experience or the knowledge to find a prop firm. Let alone one that would fund a regular retail trader.

So, Patton set out to create a revolutionary prop firm – one that focused on teaching traders how to get funded and ensured traders were set up for success on their first live trading session. As an experienced day trader, Patton also knew the undeniable power of trading options. He was adamant that Funder Trading offered funded options accounts, in addition to stocks, and he made that dream into a reality.

Features of Funder Trading

Next, we’ll dive into the exciting features that Funder Trading offers and see what all the buzz is about. Whether you’re a successful trader looking for more capital to generate higher returns or a beginner trader who is eager to capitalize on potential profit opportunities in the market, Funder Trading presents an exciting venture for you.

When you choose Funder Trading, you get:

State of the Art TrueEdge Trading Platform: Professional trading technology to gain your edge in the financial markets. With Funder, you’ll get real-time charting, customizable indicators and watchlists PLUS Level I, Level II and Open Book Market Data.

Full Analytics Suite & Dashboard: Fast-track your funding with performance metrics to smash your targets. Track your daily trading stats and find out your custom ‘TrueEdge Score’.

Personal Risk Manager & Risk-Analysis Platform: Funder’s traders gain access to personalized reports to analyze and optimize their trading performance.

Library of Premium Trading Educational Videos: Unlock an entire online campus that contains countless hours of premium trading education.

VIP Chicago-Based Help Desk: To ensure your questions are answered and there are no hurdles in between you and getting funded.

Personalized, Professional Prop Coaching with Mike Patton: Equip yourself with LIVE Trading education and assistance from a Professional Proprietary Equities Trader and Former Head of Day Trading Education at Prosper Trading Academy.

Funder Trading Review on Pricing

Let’s break down the pricing of Funder Trading’s platform and usage:

Funded traders keep 100% of the profits up until subscription and starting fees are recouped. Once you are paid back 100%, we enter into an 80-20% profit split (you keep 80% of the profits you make).

6-Month Membership

  • 6 Months of TrueEdge Challenge Attempts
  • 6 Months Access To Live Professional Trading Coach
  • 1 TrueEdge Challenge Reset
  • Unlimited Access To Funder Education Campus
  • Unlimited Access To VIP Chicago-Based Funder Help Desk

Full Year Membership

  • 1 Full Year of TrueEdge Challenge Attempts
  • 1 Full Year Access To Live Professional Trading Coach
  • 3 TrueEdge Challenge Resets
  • Unlimited Access To Funder Education Campus
  • Unlimited Access Exclusive Premium Educational Content
  • Unlimited Access To VIP Chicago-Based Funder Help Desk

How Does Funder Trading Work?

Get Started

  • Funder Trading receives applications from prospective traders online
  • If an application is accepted, prospective traders then work with one of our Senior Advisors to choose a plan that best suits your individual needs and income goals
  • Once a plan is chosen, the trader unlocks access to all educational material to start learning the platform, potential strategies, and tips for success once the challenge month begins

Enroll In The Funder Trading Challenge

  • Traders will work with Advisors to select a Start Date for their TrueEdge trading challenge.
  • Traders will have unlimited access to educational materials and support resources leading up to the Start Date.
  • Traders start their TrueEdge Trading Challenge on the specified Start Date

Put Your Skills to the Test

  • Start trading and track your performance with customizable and proprietary metrics so you can reach your targets
  • Pass the challenge = get funded
    • Generate a 5% return in your challenge month
    • Every 22 trading days starts a new ‘month’ to beat the challenge
    • Within those 22 trading days your goal is to beat the challenge requirements
    • Can’t take any major losses

Conquer the Challenge and Get Funded

  • Once you beat the challenge, you become a funded trader
  • Once you’re funded, you unlock access to a $100,000 stock or options trading account (or both!) 

How is Funder Trading Different Than Other Prop Firms

In a market flooded with prop trading options, Funder Trading’s unique approach and emphasis on trader education make it a top contender for the title of the best prop trading company.

With access to top-of-the-line software and tools (normally reserved for the most advanced prop firms), as well as live access to a professional prop trader every single day, Funder has truly created an environment that empowers any type of trader to build a long-term sustainable trading career.

Unlike several prop firms that set up new traders for failure from the start by having unrealistic profit targets, minimal support, or that exclusively offer access to risky products like Forex or Futures, Funder Trader takes a different route:

Funded Stocks Account: Like many of the top prop firms out there, Funder Trading offers the ability for traders to get a funded stocks trading account. What sets Funder Trading apart with their stocks program is funding starts at $100,000 and only goes up from there.

Funded Options (+Stocks) Account: One of the major features that sets Funder Trading apart from other prop trading firms is the ability for traders to get a $100,000+ funded options trading account without needing any certification or upfront capital. But what if you want to trade stocks AND options? Well the answer to that question exemplifies Funder’s impressive funding potential – if accepted, traders are able to unlock up to $200,000 of funding to trade stocks AND Options.

Emphasis on Education: Funder Trading places a significant focus on education. From the moment traders sign up, they unlock access to countless hours of educational video content, a live trading room with a professional trading coach, trading software that helps them understand where they need to improve, as well as a support staff that can help whenever needed.

Application & Advisor Session: Every trader at Funder, irrespective of their prior trading experience, starts by submitting an application. This application helps Funder understand your experience, your goals, and where you might need more support. The application is also used to match you with an advisor who will work with you to get setup and answer any questions you have when getting started.

Supportive Environment: Funder Trading doesn’t merely enroll traders into the challenge and leave them to it. They offer sustained support and ongoing coaching to their community of traders, ensuring even the most beginner traders have all they need to succeed. This nurturing environment helps traders build real, sustainable stock market expertise, while growing their potential income.

Who Is Funder Trading For?

Beginner Traders: If you’re new to trading and want access more capital to trade with OR don’t want to risk your hard earned money in the markets quite yet, Funder Trader has your back. No matter your knowledge level, they’re all about educating traders an setting you up for success, so you can reach your financial goals.

Experienced Traders: For our readers who consider themselves advanced traders, Funder Trading is not just another platform; it’s an environment where you can elevate your skills and truly understand how you can take your profit potential to the next level. With Funder, you will get the support, strategies, and community that can amplify your trading game.

Remote Traders: Want the experience of a professional trader without the obligation of sitting at a trading desk all day? With Funder Trading, you can trade right from your home computer – all you need is an internet connection.

Serious about Growth: Funder isn’t just about beating the challenge and getting $100,000. They are serious about helping their traders grow and get better over time.

Is Funder Trading Legit?

Funder Trading is undeniably a legitimate firm. With their principal focus being on funding stock and options traders, Funder is able to avoid the risk and confusion that may come with Forex or Futures trading. This leads to an exciting, educational experience for all of their traders, with no unwanted surprises.

Funder Trading stands as a genuine proprietary trading firm, poised to provide traders an avenue to not only refine their skills but also increase their profit potential by gaining access to increased funding.

Funder Trading Review – Final Thought

Funder Trading is the real deal when it comes to prop trading firms. It’s a solid opportunity for beginners who want to boost their skills and be able to trade with more capital; as well as advanced traders who want to elevate their game without risking their own money. Funder has a fanbase funded traders that is growing rapidly. But here’s the thing: not everyone is accepted into the Funder Trading program.

Funder makes money when their traders make money, so it is in their best interest to find traders that can actually make money! You must apply and meet with a Funder Trading Advisor to determine your eligibility. While this process is not time consuming, it is thorough enough to help them make the right decision.

So, if you are interested, click here to learn more about Funder Trading!

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