Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
July 19, 2023

FundYourFX Review 2024

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
July 19, 2023


Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
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4.3 rating based on 5 ratings


FundYourFX is a UK-based proprietary trading firm that stands out in the prop trading landscape. Offering an exciting, profit-driven, educational environment, it enables traders to hone their trading strategies and maximize returns. It offers unique trading conditions such as a profit share model of up to 70%, transparent service fees, and no Minimum Trading Days.

From cross-currency pairs to commodities, FundYourFX provides traders with numerous trading opportunities. The firm also offers strict risk management guidelines, access to real capital, and no upfront fees on commissions. However, stringent rules and limited flexibility may pose challenges for some traders. Uniquely, it gives back to society by donating 10% of profits to various charities. All these aspects combine to provide traders with a comprehensive and socially impactful trading experience.

Service TypeFees Promotion
Prop Trading Firm£147- £577(Refundable)Save 5% on FundYourFX with Coupon Code JRM5

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Pros & Cons
  • Boosted Capital Access
  • Effective Risk Management
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Limited Flexibility
  • Stringent Rules

FundYourFX Overview website

Initial Capital$6,000-30,000
Price Range£147 – £577
Profit Split70%
Daily Loss
Max Drawdown5% – 10%
Profit Target10%
Tradable ProductsForex, Indices, Metals, Oils, Commodities

Become a Funded Prop Trader

In the vibrant world of finance, prop trading firms like FundYourFX offer profitable traders a chance to turn real money into growth. They engage their trading experience and abilities through a Trading Program. This program, a test set by prop firms, allows traders to utilize the firm’s money, reaching a profit target within a set timeframe. It’s a challenging yet rewarding process, facilitating an increase in trading profits.

Imagine being a daring trader, participating in the 15K Stellar 2-Step challenge or the even Stellar 1-step challenge. In this energetic realm of prop trading, traders with superior trading abilities can flip losses into gains. The drawdown and daily drawdown requirements act as safety nets, protecting traders from excessive losses and ensuring their trading journey is as smooth as possible.

FundYourFX, a UK-based proprietary trading firm, offers an appealing mix for funded traders. Their distinct trading conditions foster skilled professional traders, preparing them for a successful trading career. With a profit share model of up to 70%, transparent service fees, and no Minimum Trading Days, FundYourFX stands as an attractive choice.

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Firsthand User Experience with FundYourFX

Here are some reviews from traders who have experienced the platform firsthand:

“Great customer service and very well explained when it came to understanding everything they offer.”
“Support has been fantastic! Responses are prompt and detailed to my questions which is what I’m looking for as well as helpfully providing useful links where necessary. I have spoken to various people so far from the FundYourFX support over 6 months so far and Ika S. stood out for me among all. Thank you all at FundYourFX for your help and support.”
“The support is amazing! Everything I needed help with I had support thoroughly. There was pure transparency. I enjoy working with fund your FX and will continue to do so in the long term! Thanks to the team for helping me trade efficiently I am forever grateful to be part of this family.”
“I have been with Fundyourfx for almost 6 months and what I can say is they are one of the best. They make it easy to get an account and they always answer questions in a short period of time. Most importantly I got paid every time within a couple of days. I will recommend it anyone who want to start trading with a prop firm.”

A Deeper Look into FundYourFX

  • FundYourFX, a leading player in the prop trading market, provides a comprehensive trading experience for all types of traders, dealing with everything from cross-currency pairs to commodities.
  • The super-raw spreads and competitively tight commission rates allow traders to maximize their returns, while the reasonable fees on commissions provide additional financial benefits.
  • This platform offers a robust evaluation process, thoroughly explaining the evaluation stages and evaluation criteria, and helping traders navigate their way through the complexities of prop trading.
  • The time limit adds a layer of excitement, turning each trading session into an adrenaline-fueled race against time.

Financial Asset Classes


Forex traders can tap into over 40 major and minor cross-currency pairs through Eightcap’s platform, providing flexibility and promising profit opportunities in the ever-changing forex market.


Enter the digital asset arena with tight spreads and a broad selection of over 300 cryptocurrencies and crypto indices, offering immense profit possibilities in this evolving space.


Get involved in CFD trading with Brent Crude Oil (UKOUSD) and West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil (USOUSD). The world of trading unfolds further opportunities with CFDs on Gold (XAUUSD) and Silver (XAGUSD).


Trade popular indices worldwide, embodying various economies and sectors. Take your pick from an array of indices, including US30, FRA40, GER30, UK100, AUS200, EUSTX50, JPN225, SPX500, NDX100, and HK50.

Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms FundYourFX capitalizes on the top-tier trading platform technology provided by Eightcap. Traders have the luxury of selecting their preferred platform from the choices available.


With a 1:100 leverage, FundYourFX offers the opportunity to boost your trading potential while effectively managing your risk.

News Trading

Experience Freedom with No Restrictions on News Trading at FundYourFX. While it demands trading skills and adaptability, news trading unlocks avenues to notable volatility and endless opportunities for professional traders.

Pricing Plans

Starter Plan

Cost: £147 (Refundable)

  • Embark on your trading journey with a funded account boasting an initial balance of $6,000 USD.
  • Seize the chance to expand your account up to a significant $500,000.

Standard Plan

  • Cost: £297 (Refundable)
  • Initiate your trading experience with a funded account holding an initial balance of $15,000 USD.
  • Unlock the opportunity to elevate your account up to a remarkable $1,000,000.

Professional Plan

  • Cost: £577 (Refundable)
  • Commence your professional trading journey with a funded account carrying an initial balance of $30,000 USD.
  • Aim for the stars as your account has the potential to skyrocket to an impressive $1,750,000.

Comparison with Peers in the 2023 Forex Funding Scene

Stacked against other trader programs, FundYourFX distinguishes itself in multiple ways. Its 70% profit split percentage surpasses most competitors, guaranteeing profitable traders pocket a substantial part of their trading profits. The diverse trading options, ranging from forex to commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, provide traders with a unique mix of opportunities. With no Minimum Trading Days requirement and immediate account access, FundYourFX places convenience at its core. The robust community focus, coupled with educational resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, underlines a truly thorough and rewarding trading experience.

Community-Fueled Trading Success

The FundYourFX trader community serves as an invaluable resource for prospective traders to experienced ones. FundYourFX offers:

  • an interactive forum for trading Q&As and sharing trading experiences and trading styles;
  • a relaxed chat room for market discussions and idea sharing;
  • a mentorship program for trading skills enhancement through experienced trader guidance for realistic profit targets;
  • a variety of educational resources, like webinars, articles, and videos for continued learning.”

Trading Profits Meet Big Hearts

Not just about profits, FundYourFX is also about social responsibility. The firm is the first prop trading platform to donate 10% of its profits to various charities, allowing successful traders to contribute to a good cause while making money.

Opening a Trading account

  • Opening an account with FundYourFX is straightforward and simple. Traders just need to go through a few steps and pay a refundable challenge fee.
  • The service fee provides traders access to a multitude of trading opportunities and features.


  • FundYourFX is more than just a prop trading firm; it’s a comprehensive trading experience that provides traders with the opportunity to enhance their trading strategies, make profits, learn, and contribute to a good cause.
  • The platform offers competitive spreads, robust evaluation processes, time-limited challenges, and a supportive trading community.
  • Furthermore, it’s a pioneer in social responsibility within the trading industry, setting a precedent for other firms to follow.

In conclusion, the world of prop trading with FundYourFX promises a chance to earn profits and contribute to making the world a better place. It’s all about having a wonderful time trading while making a difference!

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