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Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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Investing in precious metals like gold and silver has been a go-to strategy for those looking to hedge against inflation. But where do you buy your metals from?

The online market for this is vast. Two big names in this field are Gainesville Coins and APMEX. Both are leading online dealers, but they differ in several key areas.

In this article, we’ll compare them head-to-head so you can make an informed decision.

Gainesville Coins is Better for:APMEX is Better for:
Ideal for those looking for low premiums over spot prices.Best for investors looking for a wide selection of products.
A good option for fans of unique silver pieces.Perfect for those who want access to products from government mints.
Offers exposure to silver through a variety of silver products.Ideal for people looking for both gold and silver investment options.
Suited for those who prioritize strong customer support.

Introducing the Platforms

Gainesville Coins

Gainesville Coins specializes in providing a unique array of silver products, making it a go-to choice for those looking to invest specifically in silver. With competitive prices that often offer low premiums over the spot price, Gainesville Coins caters to cost-conscious investors.

However, while they have a reasonable selection, they may not be as expansive in terms of product range as some investors might desire. You can explore more about their silver-focused portfolio and pricing structure at their website.


APMEX distinguishes itself with an impressively wide selection of products that cater to both gold and silver investors. As an authorized purchaser from multiple government mints, APMEX brings an additional layer of authenticity to your investments.

Their customer support also offers various channels, including chat support, which is an added bonus for those who might have pressing questions. For a comprehensive look at what makes APMEX a leader in this space – be sure to read our detailed review.

Gainesville Coins APMEX Logo
Type of Service Online Bullion Dealer Online Bullion Dealer
Best Use Silver Investments Diverse Investments
Customer Support Email, Phone Email, Phone, Chat
Shipping Rate Variable Free over $199
Payment Option Paper Checks, Wire Cards, Checks, Wire
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Factor 1: Selection of Products

APMEX is a more expansive offering that includes gold, silver, and other precious metals

  • Gainesville Coins is limited to mainly silver and some copper products.
  • APMEX is the winner due to its wider selection of products.

Gainesville Coins focuses predominantly on silver products such as silver bars, silver rounds, and some unique silver pieces. They do offer a respectable range of these products, but the selection can seem narrow if you’re looking for other types of precious metals. If you’re a silver investor, Gainesville could be a good option, but be aware that it lacks diversity in its offerings.

APMEX outshines Gainesville Coins with its far broader array of investment options. They offer a plethora of products ranging from gold bars and coins to various forms of silver, including American Silver Eagle coins. Their affiliation with multiple government mints also ensures that the products are authentic and high-quality. For investors looking for diverse precious metal options, APMEX stands out as the clear choice.

Factor 2: Price and Premiums

Gainesville Coins is known for offering lower premiums over spot prices

  • APMEX is competitive but generally has higher premiums over spot.
  • Gainesville Coins wins in terms of lowest premiums over spot.

When it comes to price, Gainesville Coins has an edge in offering some of the lowest premiums over the spot price of silver. This is a crucial factor for very cost-conscious investors. The lower premiums make it easier to get more ounces of silver for your money, making it a sensible option for those focused solely on silver investment.

While APMEX might not win on the lowest premiums, their pricing is still quite competitive. However, the slight premium could be justified given their extensive range, additional features, and excellent customer service. Essentially, what you might pay extra in premiums, you often gain back in service quality and product diversity.

Factor 3: Customer Support

APMEX offers multiple customer service channels, including chat support

  • Gainesville Coins has limited customer service options.
  • APMEX takes the lead with more comprehensive customer service.

While Gainesville Coins does offer customer support, it’s not as diverse or as readily available as some might wish. They generally rely on email and phone support, which can lead to longer waiting times for resolutions. If you’re not in a hurry, this may not be a significant drawback, but it’s something to consider if you need instant help.

APMEX distinguishes itself with more robust customer service options. In addition to phone and email, they offer chat support for those looking to get instant responses to their queries. This multi-channel approach gives APMEX a distinct edge, especially for those who may be new to investing in precious metals and may have many questions.

Factor 4: Payment Methods

APMEX offers a wider variety of payment methods

  • Gainesville Coins has limited payment options, mostly paper checks.
  • APMEX wins for its flexibility in payment options.

The payment options at Gainesville Coins are somewhat limited. They primarily accept paper checks, which can be inconvenient for those who prefer quicker, digital payment methods. While this traditional approach may appeal to some, it does limit the platform’s flexibility.

On the other hand, APMEX offers a plethora of payment methods, catering to a broader audience. Whether you prefer to pay via credit card, wire transfer, or even Bitcoin, APMEX provides flexibility that can make the investment process smoother and more convenient.

Factor 5: Shipping and Delivery

APMEX provides faster shipping and often includes insurance

  • Gainesville Coins is slower with shipping times and has higher rates.
  • APMEX offers a more reliable and faster shipping service.

One of the drawbacks of Gainesville Coins is the slower shipping times, often extending up to several business days. Additionally, their shipping rates can be somewhat higher, adding to the overall investment cost.

In contrast, APMEX excels in offering faster and more reliable shipping. They often include insurance on their shipments, giving you peace of mind that your investment is secure during transit. The prompt shipping service complements their overall superior user experience.

The Verdict

In the ever-evolving world of precious metal investments, choosing the right platform can make a significant difference in your financial success. Our comprehensive comparison indicates that APMEX outshines Gainesville Coins in multiple aspects. Whether we’re talking about the diverse selection of products, user-friendly interfaces, or the multitude of payment options, APMEX continually proves to be the superior platform.

That said, Gainesville Coins does hold its own in terms of offering lower premiums over spot prices. For investors who are primarily price-conscious and are looking for the lowest premium, Gainesville may be the better choice. However, if you consider the overall user experience, including customer service, payment flexibility, and shipping reliability, APMEX emerges as the more well-rounded option.

Ready to start your investment journey in precious metals? Click here to explore APMEX’s wide selection and benefit from its superior services.

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