Get Justice If You’ve Been Financially Wronged

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A few years ago I was involved in a hit and run car chase. I was the one chasing! I was innocently driving to work one morning in my small Ford, taking a short cut through a built up residential area rather than using the main roads in a bid to cut out some traffic. All of a sudden, I noticed a large black Subaru closing in behind me. This Subaru was literally trying to get into the boot of my car, it was driving so close.

Because I was in a built up area, there were a lot of speed bumps on the road put in place to slow down cars on these roads. As I drove over a speed bump, the “Subaru Guy” tried a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre which resulted in hitting my car from behind, slamming it into the kerb.

Before I could register what had happened, the Subaru Guy screeched away and left me in his dust! Already annoyed by the tailgating beforehand, adrenaline and injustice surged through me and before I knew what I was doing, I was speeding after him.

I drove over more speed bumps with one hand on the wheel and the other dialling the number of my husband on my mobile. I tossed the phone on the passenger seat and yelled, “Get a pen and write down this number!” when I heard the faint sound of my husband answering the phone.

My husband, who sensed the urgency in my voice, did exactly what I asked as I shouted out the Subaru Guy’s vehicle registration number which I managed to get a glimpse of after chasing him down six more streets in my severely damaged little car.

I pulled over to the kerb shaking with anger and it was only then when I realised the extent of the damage to my car. When the Subaru Guy hit me, he completely buckled the rear right wheel of my car and the tyre had blown. The boot was also smashed in.

I really shouldn’t have driven my car in the state it was in but nothing would have stopped me from getting the Subaru Guy’s registration plate so that that the police could deal with someone who was obviously a very dangerous driver with no scruples whatsoever.

I reported the Subaru Guy to the police and when they went to check out the alleged crime (five days later!) there was no damage to his car. Funny that. But luckily for me, my car insurance company was on my side and they found other ways of proving that the Subaru Guy was indeed the person behind the wheel of the Subaru and that he was the perpetrator of a hit and run crime that day.

I didn’t want revenge, I just wanted justice. Around a year later, I was awarded around $5000 in compensation and although no police action was taken, this incident was marked down on the Subaru Guy’s driver record.

What’s this got to do with personal finance?

If I hadn’t plucked up the courage to chase the Subaru Guy when I was being treated unfairly, I wouldn’t have got the result that I did and I would have had to shell out a lot of money to get my car fixed at my own expense. I could have been severely wronged here financially.

The fact of the matter is, sometimes we are treated unfairly when it comes to personal finance in general. Maybe not as extreme as a hit and run crime but insurance companies and banks sometimes charge fees unnecessarily or put their prices up too much even though we’ve been a loyal customer for a long time. It’s even possible to be wrongly accused about debt that you don’t even have by debt collectors.

We might face financial injustice when we book an electrician to carry out a seemingly simple electrical repair only to find that the fee has tripled at the end of the job. Or when our cars need fixing and the garage bill comes in way above the quote and at a price which makes us cringe. Even when we buy something from eBay or similar only to find that the product we receive is poor quality or fake and the seller won’t offer a refund.

In everything that we do, we should make sure we’re getting justice for ourselves and we’re not getting taken advantage of financially. If we’re not being treated fairly, we should do our own ‘chasing’ to get the result that we need.

Have you experienced financial injustice?

Author Bio: Hayley is a freelance writer who blogs about debt and money matters over at her website Disease Called Debt. Hayley’s eBook “Achieving Debt Freedom” addresses the emotional challenges that being in debt brings and provides practical advice for anyone looking to tackle their own debt. You can connect with Hayley on Twitter and Facebook.

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