Getting a Job in the 21st Century: Apps to Get You There

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The days of scanning the classified ads for a job are long gone. Today, you have to reach out to companies to find that dream job, but that takes time. Using a smartphone can give you an edge on finding that next step for your career. Here are a few ways to utilize your phone to make sure that the job search isn’t as daunting as it can feel.

Get Linked In to a New Career

Networking is the most important part of any job search. It connects you to professionals who can get your resumé to the right people in the companies that you want to work for. Download LinkedIn’s app for your smartphone.

The app is home to a sea of professional contacts, each with their own specialities, from marketing to corporate accounting to Blackberry enterprise mobility management. Just create your profile, list your talents, and start networking anywhere. It’s that simple. Who knows, you might discover you already have links to people in your industry that are willing to give you a job.

Search Company Job Listings While You Sleep

LinkUp is a job seeker’s dream. It constantly scans job listings posted on thousands of company websites so you don’t have to. Instead of surfing through hundreds of company websites looking for job postings, let the Internet do the work. You’ll find a tidy list of fresh job openings in your inbox each day. Set aside some dedicated time to review these. This makes filling out the right job applications or responding to interested emails a breeze.

Find a Job, Indeed has grown to become the place to find a job. The website scrapes the Internet, gathering job postings from a plethora of company websites, job boards (such as Monster and CareerBuilder), and even freelance sites like It’s basically a one-stop shop for jobs.

The app includes all the job listings on the main website. Scan the listings while you ride the subway to your present job, or surf through potential job opportunities while you sip a latte at your favorite coffee shop. You can even apply to jobs with one click right from your phone, after you upload a resumé to your profile on the main site.

Build a Better Resume

If you need help creating a clear, concise, complete and easy-to-digest resume, download Pocket Resume. It helps build the perfect resume and sends it to hiring managers. No more fussing with a resume, and spending hours sending it out into the ether. Keep the latest version of your resume synced up with all of your devices, including your smartphone.

You can do this by getting Dropbox from one of the various app stores or from their website and making sure you always have a recent version of your resume and references in the cloud.

Manage Your Contacts Online

Tired of losing emails or forgetting who you sent which resume to? If so, Jibber Jobber wants a spot on your phone. This app will track all of your contacts, so you can remember who you sent your resumé to, as well as who wants to interview you. This app is indispensable if you are forgetful and have trouble remembering names.

These apps can’t guarantee a job, but it’s difficult to get one without them. Put them on your phone today and you’ll have a better chance at getting that job tomorrow.

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