Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
July 31, 2023

Glow Node Review 2024

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
July 31, 2023


Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
Glow Node Review 2023


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In a Nutshell: Glow Node is a reputable prop trading firm and trading tool provider that has gained popularity among traders seeking opportunities in various financial markets. Offering a funded trading program, indicators on TradingView, and comprehensive forex training, Glow Node empowers traders with the resources they need to succeed in their trading endeavors. With a commitment to helping traders achieve profitability, Glow Node stands out as a valuable platform for both aspiring and experienced traders.

The funded trading program offered by Glow Node presents a unique opportunity for traders to access capital and trade across forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, and metals. Operating on a performance-based model, traders can earn a funded account by meeting specific profit targets, enabling them to overcome financial barriers and kickstart their trading careers.

In this Glow Node review, we will thoroughly explore the proprietary firm, offering traders essential insights to determine if it aligns with their trading requirements.

Service TypeFees Promotion
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Pros & Cons
  • No Time Limits: The evaluation and funding process have no time constraints, allowing traders to trade with confidence at their own pace.
  • Large Community: Glow Node boasts a thriving community of traders, promoting shared knowledge and support.
  • High-Profit Splits: The platform's profit split model ensures traders receive a significant share of their profits, providing attractive incentives.
  • Back Testing Tools: Traders can use backtesting tools to refine their strategies and improve their trading performance.
  • Glow Node offers traders the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency, which remains open 24/7.
  • News trading allowed
  • Availability of diverse trading assets
  • The firm retains the challenge fee refund until a 15% profit is withdrawn.
  • Some traders may find the funding fee to be on the higher side.

Glow Node Overview

Initial Capital$5,000 – $200,000
Price Range$50 – $4,500
Profit SplitUpto 90%
Daily Loss5% – 10%
Max Drawdown5% – 10%
Profit Target5% – 10%
Tradable ProductsForex, Crypto, Indices and Metals

What is Glow Node? website

Glow Node is a renowned prop trading firm and trading tool provider, established in April 2021 by Sam Bradbury and Ryan Beasley. Distinguished for its multi-faceted approach, Glow Node not only offers traders a chance to participate in its funded trading program but also provides powerful indicators compatible with the TradingView platform.

Furthermore, it places a strong emphasis on education, offering comprehensive forex training for those looking to enhance their knowledge. By creating a holistic environment, Glow Node is poised to assist traders in their journey, from novice to seasoned professional.

This platform’s commitment to fostering growth and success in the trading world underscores its value in the financial community.

Glow Node Overview

Glow Node, founded in April 2021 by Sam Bradbury and Ryan Beasley, is a prominent prop trading firm with a mission to support traders on their path to success. The platform started with the release of its first TradingView Indicator and has since evolved to offer a comprehensive range of services, including funded trading, trading education, and premium trading tools.

Glow Node Funded Trading Program

One of Glow Node’s standout features is its funded trading program, which presents a unique opportunity for traders to access capital and trade in various financial markets, including forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, and metals. The program operates on a performance-based model, where traders can earn a funded account by meeting specific profit targets.

Glow Node offers multiple account sizes with different profit targets and risk parameters, ensuring that traders of all skill levels can find an account size that suits their trading style and goals. Moreover, the platform provides extensive risk management guidelines and support to help traders manage larger capital effectively.

Glow Node Indicators and TradingView Platform

Glow Node caters to traders by offering a selection of indicators on the widely-used TradingView platform. These indicators provide valuable insights and analysis to inform traders’ decision-making processes. With a subscription-based model, traders can access a variety of premium indicators that cater to different trading strategies and markets, adding flexibility to their trading approaches.

The advantage of Glow Node’s indicators lies in their seamless compatibility with the TradingView platform. This compatibility allows traders to integrate the indicators effortlessly into their existing trading setups, streamlining their trading experience.

Glow Node Forex Training

Understanding the significance of education in trading success, Glow Node offers comprehensive forex training programs. These programs are designed to equip traders with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the complexities of the forex market successfully.

Through a combination of educational resources like video tutorials, webinars, and interactive workshops, Glow Node delivers well-structured, beginner-friendly content that caters to traders of all experience levels. In addition, the platform provides ongoing mentorship and support to ensure traders have access to guidance throughout their learning journey.

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External Glow Node Reviews & Ratings

Scam Advisor4.6 from 81 reviews
Forex Prop Reviews4.3
Trustpilotglow-node trustpilot review

Here are some reviews from traders who have experienced the platform firsthand:

“Glow Node have been fast to communicate and super quick to provide positive support throughout my journey. Set-up was simple and I would highly recommend this funded account provider with a 100% satisfaction score.”
“I am happy I took the step to join GlowNode because ever since they have met all my expectations. From the excellent support service, to the capacity building through the live sessions, friendly environment and chat room to relate with other traders I can say this firm is exceptional. Moreso, thé humility and friendliness displayed by the CEOs is amazing. I know I will be here for a very long time.”
“I have only an excellent experience with them so far! Fast support, transparency, prices. Was happy to try them with a small account and hopefully will increase my funding size soon!”
“Glow node is one of the best firm so far, support staff are extremely cooperative and always try to deliver best service to there customers and members, community is very active. Glow node is the future. ❣️”

Understanding Glow Node Funded Trading Program

Glow Node’s funded trading program stands as the backbone of their services, offering a unique and rewarding opportunity for traders. The program operates on a performance-based model, allowing traders to access capital and trade in forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, and metals markets based on their trading performance.

With Glow Node’s funded trading program, traders are presented with a pathway to prove their skills and unlock the potential to receive funding for their trading endeavors. It caters to both aspiring traders seeking a starting point and experienced traders looking to access additional capital to scale their strategies.

The program offers multiple account sizes, each with specific profit targets and risk parameters, providing flexibility to cater to traders of diverse skill levels and trading styles. Be it a novice trader or a seasoned, successful trader, Glow Node’s funded trading program welcomes traders to participate and thrive.

Glow Node Evaluation Type

Glow Node offers different types of account evaluations to suit traders’ preferences and trading styles. These evaluation options include the 2-Phase Evaluation, 1-Phase Evaluation, and Instant Funding.

The 2-Phase Evaluation

The 2 Phase Evaluation is a funded account split into two phases.

Phase One: In Phase One, traders need to achieve an 8% profit target based on their initial account balance. The daily relative drawdown is limited to 5% of the high watermark at the start of the trading day, and the absolute drawdown limit is set at 10% of the account balance, ensuring risk is kept in check. As traders progress by increasing the size of their accounts, the drawdown limit adjusts accordingly.

Phase Two: Phase Two requires a 5% profit target and maintains the same drawdown limits as in Phase One.

1 Phase Evaluation

For traders seeking a faster evaluation process, the 1-Phase Evaluation is an option. It involves a single profit target of 10%, with a 4% daily relative drawdown limit and an 8% maximum drawdown limit. As traders demonstrate their ability to achieve a 10% profit with good risk management, they become Funded Traders after passing Phase One.

Instant Funding

Experienced traders looking to trade with the firm’s funds instantly can opt for Instant Funding. By purchasing an instant account, traders skip the evaluation process and move straight to trading with the provided capital. The account comes with no profit targets, giving traders the freedom to maximize their earnings while adhering to good risk management practices. The daily drawdown limit is set at 5%, with the Max Drawdown being at 10%, and the trading hours have no restrictions, allowing trades to be open overnight, over the weekend, or at any time during the week, which gives a comfortable trading opportunity.

Notably, there is no time limit for reaching your profit target. You have the flexibility to achieve your goals at your own pace without any constraints on time, making it a suitable choice for traders of various skill levels.

However, Glow Node’s evaluation process places emphasis on risk management, ensuring traders avoid significant drawdowns and slippage in the market.

Glow Node Account Sizes and Prices

Glow Node offers traders a range of account sizes and prices tailored to suit their trading goals and preferences. Here is an overview of the account sizes and corresponding prices for each evaluation type:

2 Phase Evaluation:

  • $5,000 account size for $50
  • $10,000 account size for $99
  • $25,000 account size for $199
  • $50,000 account size for $349
  • $100,000 account size for $499
  • $200,000 account size for $999

1 Phase Evaluation:

  • $5,000 account size for $75
  • $10,000 account size for $149
  • $25,000 account size for $249
  • $50,000 account size for $399
  • $100,000 account size for $599

Instant Funding:

  • $10,000 account size for $450
  • $25,000 account size for $1125
  • $50,000 account size for $2250
  • $100,000 account size for $4500

With this flexible pricing structure, traders can select the account size that best aligns with their trading experience, goals, and risk appetite. Whether choosing the 2 Phase Evaluation, 1 Phase Evaluation, or Instant Funding, Glow Node provides traders with the tools and opportunities they need to excel in the financial markets.

Glow Node Scaling

Glow Node offers a scaling feature that allows traders to enhance their funded accounts progressively. To qualify for scaling, traders must maintain a minimum trading period of 3 months. During this time, they can withdraw 10% of their profits earned within the period. For Instant Funded accounts, a 15% profit is required to maintain the absolute drawdown limit.

To be eligible for scaling, traders’ account balances must be above their initial balance. Once the scaling criteria are met, traders can scale up to 30% of their initial balance, resulting in a profit split ratio of 90:10.

The scaling opportunity is not limited to just one instance. Traders can repeat the scaling process multiple times, with the maximum scaling limit set at $1,000,000. This feature provides traders with the potential to significantly increase their funded accounts and enjoy higher profit splits as they achieve consistent success in their trading endeavors with Glow Node.

Glow Node Financial Markets and Leverages

At Glow Node, traders gain access to a diverse range of financial markets, each offering unique opportunities for profit. The platform caters to traders seeking exposure to forex pairs, indices, and cryptocurrencies, providing a comprehensive trading experience.

When it comes to leveraging, Glow Node follows a carefully tailored approach to ensure traders can manage their risk effectively. For forex pairs, the maximum account leverage offered is 1:30, while for indices, it stands at 1:10. Additionally, for cryptocurrencies, traders can utilize a leverage ratio of 1:3.

By implementing different leverage ratios for each asset class, Glow Node emphasizes the importance of risk management and aligning leverage with the inherent volatility of the markets. This thoughtful approach empowers traders to make well-informed decisions while maximizing their trading potential across the various financial instruments available on the platform.

Glow Node Withdrawals

Traders can request a withdrawal at any time through their dashboard. Once a withdrawal request is submitted, they will receive a confirmation response, and the funds will be transferred within 7 days. Traders can initiate their first withdrawal request after 14 calendar days on their funded account. Glow Node now permits withdrawals of any size over $50! However, once a withdrawal is made, another withdrawal cannot be requested for the next 14 days.

Profits can be withdrawn in full, but it’s important to note that this will result in a readjustment of the drawdown limit to 5% of the account balance. Upon reaching 5% profit again after a withdrawal, the drawdown limit will revert to the break-even point or the account’s starting balance.

Before requesting a withdrawal, traders must ensure that all trades are closed, and they should refrain from further trading until their withdrawal request has been confirmed to ensure a smooth and efficient withdrawal process.

It’s important to note that payments to traders are made exclusively through Deel, ensuring a secure and streamlined process for receiving their earnings.

Broker Glow Node Uses

Glow Node has established a strong partnership with the reputable brokerage firm, Eightcap. This strategic collaboration allows Glow Node traders to access a reliable and efficient trading environment. Eightcap is known for its advanced trading technology, competitive spreads, and excellent customer support, making it an ideal choice for traders seeking a seamless trading experience.

With Eightcap as their chosen broker, Glow Node traders can trade with confidence, knowing that their orders are executed swiftly and accurately. The brokerage’s robust infrastructure ensures that traders can access various financial markets, including forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, and metals, providing them with a diverse range of trading opportunities.

Who Can Benefit From Taking a Glow Node Challenge?

The Glow Node challenge is designed to be inclusive, allowing a wide range of traders to benefit from its offerings. Regardless of your trading style or experience level, Glow Node provides opportunities for growth and success. Here are the key groups that can benefit from this unique opportunity:

1. Short-term swing traders: Traders who prefer holding positions for 1-4 days can capitalize on the flexible trading conditions of Glow Node.

2. Day traders: Whether you trade around news events or prefer regular intraday trading, Glow Node accommodates various day trading strategies.

3. Scalpers: Scalpers can find a supportive environment at Glow Node, especially those who avoid trading during news events.

4. Growth-focused traders: If you consistently achieve 1-5% monthly profits but find higher targets challenging, Glow Node’s reasonable profit targets offer an excellent opportunity to grow your trading account.

5. Traders seeking flexibility: With no time limits in the challenge, traders can take their time and trade at their own pace, eliminating unnecessary pressure.

6. Aspiring traders looking for funding: If you’re an aspiring trader seeking capital to kickstart your trading journey, Glow Node’s funded trading program can be a game-changer.

7. Traders seeking educational support: Glow Node offers comprehensive forex training and ongoing mentorship, making it an ideal choice for those who value continuous learning and support from a prop firm.

No matter your trading background or goals, Glow Node aims to empower traders and provide a supportive platform for your trading endeavors.

Customer Reviews

Glow Node boasts a remarkable 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot from over 81 users, earning high praise for its outstanding customer service, seamless funding process, trader-friendly conditions without time limits, and a thriving Discord community. The platform takes user feedback seriously, addressing concerns promptly, particularly regarding deposits, ensuring a positive and supportive trading environment for all.

Glow Node Review – Final Thoughts

Glow Node is a reputable prop trading firm and trading tool provider that equips traders with the resources they need to succeed in various financial markets. With its funded trading program, TradingView indicators, and comprehensive forex training, the platform caters to traders of diverse skill levels and trading styles.

The evaluation process is flexible, allowing traders to trade at their own pace without time limits, creating a supportive trading environment. The scaling feature enables progressive growth and increased profit splits, offering traders opportunities for continuous success.

Glow Node has earned high praise from its users, boasting an impressive 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot. The platform’s outstanding customer support team, smooth funding process, comfortable trading conditions, and thriving Discord community have all contributed to its positive reputation.

Whether you’re a short-term swing trader, day trader, scalper, or aspiring trader seeking funding and educational support, Glow Node provides the tools and opportunities to enhance your trading journey.

You can unlock your trading potential with Glow Node and experience the benefits firsthand. Join Glow Node now to elevate your trading experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Glow Node is indeed a reputable and commendable prop trading company. With its well-rounded offerings, including a funded trading program, TradingView indicators, comprehensive forex training, and a supportive community, Glow Node provides traders with the essential resources they need to excel in various financial markets.

To get funded on Glow Node, simply sign up on their platform. Once you’ve registered, you can explore their funded trading program and take the necessary steps to start your trading journey with access to capital and support.

Glow Node allows traders to have up to 3 active accounts simultaneously, each with a maximum total starting balance of $300,000.

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